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Apr 2020 · 140
Cerebral Palsey My SOn
Victor Havel Apr 2020
"Ok let see what happen",
says cerebral palsy in the form of my son
he chants the names of his favorite characters

wiggle around the clock

he walks with scissor steps and looks at me with a puzzled expression
when I lose my temper.

he was born dead but was saved just before he could
learn how traumatizing life is
he sees ghosts
a poem about my son who has cerebral palsy
Apr 2020 · 229
Victor Havel Apr 2020
brain |||||||||||||
a- thing- one year at a time

the coffin >skull

one knows me
a reflection on how temporal the mind is and how dementia affects even the most intelligent...
Apr 2020 · 71
Poem 1
Victor Havel Apr 2020
My ankles transport me to work
Work on nothing

A moth directs itself to light

Who is this life for, anyway?
Some-thing or some thing?

Things someone thought about and it seemed right at the time

Nothing can beget nothing
No thing is possible without hope

The thing I want most is to be a wire.
I chose a generic title to avoid any predisposed ideas of what the poem is about...
Apr 2020 · 338
Bury Me In Jakarta
Victor Havel Apr 2020
i hate you
you concrete jungle
broken and jagged roads
that bear their rusted metal rods like ribs
the smells of sewerage always beneath your steps

smog and absurd dreams circulate through the veins
of infants who smoke clove cigarettes and ask with neutral stares
why are you afraid to die?
why can't you just live?
I will die asking why I love this city so much!!!
I will ask that my dead body be unceremoniously laid under the red Indonesian clay where countless unknowns were laid before me
bury me in Jakarta.
tell the single mom with the face I've always wanted to kiss
that I was only trying to feel loved for the very first time
a poem about my new home Jakarta
Apr 2020 · 58
Victor Havel Apr 2020
A virus that kills
Can die under soap
A species that kills
Can die under a virus
Ants and beetles could care less about whose corpse is under the plastic wrap

We will get through this because we do care even if through protective lenses and filmy disinfecting smiles
Apr 2020 · 146
Victor Havel Apr 2020
A tough
Life can become a
T R I A N G L E & 1 day
With you would mean a lot
A shape poem about loss influenced by ee Cummings..

— The End —