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Via Ricasoli Oct 2018
Take a piece of my heart with you
And crush it to dust
That way I’ll die a little
And you’ll scatter fragments of my heart
Around the earth
So that way I can see the world

My being is a little less of a person
Because some of my heart is missing
But I wouldn’t have it any other way
So that a small part of me can be free to wander
While my bones stays chained
To this same old place
Via Ricasoli Sep 2018
Poke at my iris
And I’ll go blind
But then I won’t have to see
Every **** thing in the world

Poke at the corners of my mind
There’s sadness and joy
But be careful of the darkness
The secrets and lies

Poke at my heart
And you’ll find the hurt
But with patience and kindness
You might also find love
Poke - Frightened Rabbit was the impetus for this poem
Via Ricasoli Sep 2018
Why do they run so **** deep
It runs through my veins
Oozing out of my pores
Bruising me black and blue

Once I felt safe and loved
In the arms of my family
Now they suffocate me
Closing in tighter and tighter

I get the blame and the shame
The words of hurt spat in my face
I’m marked with invisible scars
That leave me feeling rage

All I want is independence
To be free of these ties
Washed clean of who I was
All shiny and new
Via Ricasoli Aug 2018
Today, I slipped
In the morning hours
Discovering a new song
On our playlist

Today, I talked
Was asked for the first time
How I really felt
Now my defenses are down

Today, I realized
How broken I am
The rage I still harbor
Towards ones I love

Today, I thought
Maybe it was a mistake
That we’re no longer together
And that I miss you (again)

Today, I wept
Over freshly laundered linen
And at 2am, I mourned your scent
On my pillowcase
Via Ricasoli Aug 2018
Nestled between two ponds
Is a country road
It lies beneath the water level
The sign reads:
Impassable During High Water

The sun is setting as I drive on
Its reflection on the water leaves me
In awe peering into the perfect mirror
Weeds and dainty wildflowers grow high

A bonfire's smoke drifts upwards
As night settles in
Golden to red to deep blue, black
I look up above, past dark silhouettes

And what a sight to be seen!
All the stars in the galaxy
Shining above in the heavens
An astronomer's delight

I feel the warmth of the fire
Spreading throughout my being
Or it could be from memories suppressed
Of the one I looked at the night sky with, long ago

As the storm rolled in
I let down my guard
The torrential downpour flooded my body
Past the point of no return

There's no going back to the way it was
Before you, before me, before us
We've gone to far and can't undo the past
The sign on my heart reads:
Impassable During High Water
Found this one that I wrote a year ago.
Via Ricasoli Aug 2018
Finding happiness
Loving others, loving me
Let me be a light
I’ve been in some darker places in the past, but I’m resurfacing who I was and becoming a better version of that me.
Via Ricasoli Dec 2017
For every moment spent together
I feel our roots growing

                                  d                  a
 ­                                e                  n            i
                               e                d                  n
                             p                       m               t
                               e                         o      e
                                    r                       r
                                         T         t        e
                                       h    w  
                                 n   c       
                              e       k    
                           d           e  
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