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Vexren4000 Jan 20
Once a proud father,
A builder, a family leader.
A spawner of a new generation.
Lost to the trials of aging,
A time faded away,
A mind still intact,
Never aged a day past 40
A body giving up,
Forced to standby and watch yourself,
Lose your abilities
To the reaper.
Vexren4000 Jan 3
Somewhere down the dividing line,
Souls get separated in due time,
Even when growing together on the vine,
It withered and died in winter's time,
A place not so special,
No different from another,
But special in it's own way,
Because it was our place to stay.

Vexren4000 Jan 3
Unfortunately we parted ways,
Somewhere down the line,
Life gives, and takes away.
Even the most precious of treasures,
Can fade away like sunsets.
Leaving nothing behind but an impression. An echo. A cry for help gone unheard. A day of suffering ended in the peace of death.

Vexren4000 Jan 3
A word whispered,
Upon a day of loss,
Will dreams carry on,
The will of a man long gone?
Will you fight?
Or will you die like a dog?

Vexren4000 Jan 3
A soul sent back,
To the kingdom of some god,
If a heart wishes for salvation,
Upon a bed of death,
Then mayhaps that heart will go,
To where the mind wishes it would.

Vexren4000 Jan 2
Is the destiny of mankind,
In the modern day,
To die glued to a hospital bed?
Bravery and honor dashed by father time,
Taken away by ageing reapers hands,
Time spent in final moments,
A normal day like any other,
Yet it is the last of days.
Spent with such brevity,
As if there would be more.
Maybe this is the fate of modern man.
To not be felled by blade or bullet,
Only felled by failure of organs.
Yet the mind stayed intact.
A young mans mind in an aging body.
Is it the fate that awaits us all?

Vexren4000 Dec 2018
To the depths they go,
Traversing trenches,
Making strides upon the tides,
Lovecraft's beasts, wandering the waters,
The feeling of mighty eyes watching you,
As if you were but a drop of flesh in an ocean of predators,
In most ways you are,
When one swims in the ocean.
Or dives for the secrets it holds,
In its mighty body.

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