Beads of sweat roll down,
As worry overtakes,
A friend was taken away by reality.
The world losing someone of value,
That it may have not even knew existed.

Only statues,
Parts of faded fables,
Forgotten by humanity.
The statues of societies,
Decaying and folding to moss and mold,
Not yet gone,
with nature chipping away at it,
The water eroding it,
One of the humans few,
Worthwhile contributions.

Copied throughout time,
From simple bacterium,
To complex amalgamations of single cells,
To the humans and invasive species,
Scratching and crawling upon the scarred dirt,
Showing the earth,
The true power,
Of The secret of life, and the spawn of man.

The man, Trapped perpetually,
In a prison of his own design,
Toiling away time,
In place of family,
replacing childhood with detriment,
Disappointment, Whilst wading,
Through the swamp of senescence,
Man now a relic,
Of what he used to be.

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Monuments of long gone eras,
Pyramids, the sphinx, Egypt itself,
Its ivory grandeur ground away,
By desert dust,
The hanging gardens of Babylon
Whispered of in fables lost to the ages,
Its location muddied and forgotten,
Atlantis most likely swallowed by the sea,
Barbarians burned the Library of Alexandria,
To dominate and control,
Ancient wonders of the human race,
Of nature and of man,
Faded into the earth's crust,
Lost to the ages,
And to humanity.

Stoic abandoned complexes,
Where such work was done,
Men's lives worked away into dust,
Until they were shambling shells,
Scarcely resembling,
The proud human they used to be,
Driven into retirement,
A lone chair to decay into,
Passing time and days,
Spent losing youth and life.
Man the only animal,
To work himself to a grave.
To have his son he spawned,
Do the same.

What's left,
After right has dissipated,
What's left?
Without right?
We do not write only with right hands,
Or leave with our left ones.
Mayhaps a man,
With no hands,
could tell us if,
Life is still separated,
Into terms of left and right.

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