Take a bite,
Of the world of bytes,
Mega and Meta,
Zeta and Terra,
Bits and bytes,
Now rule the day,
And everyday,
From now on.

The master and expert,
The master knows the secret,
The expert has yet to unlock,
The master sits atop the mountain,
waiting for the worthy man,
To trek up the side of the mountain,
To master the art,
Of being human.

The spawn of the soft drink,
During the simple times faded away,
Coca-Cola and soda water,
Enjoyed by all grandfathers,
A time of simplicity,
Passed into history,
A golden age,
Now tarnished by time,
And devalued by the present.

Man must watch himself,
Age away as he peers into the mirror,
The truth of his appearance,
Laid bare upon a silvery sheen,
All his flaws,
And stories,
Told by a ragged and haggard face,
That peers back at him,
A modern mummy,
Wishing just as much as he does,
That his youth would return to him,
If even for but a moment,
Yet even that,
Is too much to ask.

Java scripts,
And cups of coffee,
Caffeine flowing like scripts on pages,
Making the man in the cubical,
Capable of dragging through another day,
At the office.  
Just another day,
In the life of an American man.

The ancient knowledge,
Scribed in faded pages,
Writing hidden behind code,
As father time erodes the value,
Of the work of the past,
Of course,
Even man,
Is blind to the value of most things,
Until they are lost to the ocean of history.

Vexren4000 Jul 16

Spitting out tropes,
Expecting responses,
What a fickle thing,
Humanity is.

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