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Kyuti Antonio Oct 2018
When I first talked to you
I felt I had known you forever
Telling you my problems
And what I didn't want ever

You listened to me
I bet you thought I'd never end
Who would've thought
We would be the best of friends

Over a period of time
I got to know the real you
A guy so charming and gentle
With a heart so true

You've survived your life
With me by your side
I told you I'd never leave
Because of the feelings I have inside

There was a time
I wanted to explore
What would happen
If I would only open the door

I love the way we are together
You can always make me smile
Will it ever be forever?
I guess I have to wait a while

Time will reveal what lies ahead
But always remember what I said
Meeting you has changed my life
And I really love you so

The feelings I feel for you
I am never letting go
Remember me always and I will too
I will always think of me and you
Created on 061011
Dedicated to: I forgot who
Kyuti Antonio Oct 2018
The first time I saw you
I knew you were the one
There was no question in my mind
After having that much fun

There's just something about you
That I've never found before
And now that we're good friends,
I found myself wanting more

I never thought it's possible
To care for someone so much
But every day that pass
I long to feel your touch

To look into your eyes
Would make my day complete
'Coz everytime you look at me
My heart just skips a beat

Everything I wished for
And every dream I hope would come true
I never thought would happen
Until the day that I met you

Although it hurts to know
That you don' t feel the same as me
Hopefully one day you'll realize
One day you'll wake up and see.
A poem from 2011
  Dec 2016 Kyuti Antonio
"Keep your friends close,
and your enemies closer,"
Is what they say.

But nothing hurts more than
Keeping the ones you love close,
But the one you couldn't love, closer.
it's a friend zone poem i wrote for my friend, and i still think this needs polishing.
Kyuti Antonio Nov 2016
Feeling happy
Feeling inspired
No longer lonely
since it has expired
  Nov 2016 Kyuti Antonio
I wanted
To cry out
To you...
I can't be
That girl
That cries out
Only for
A morsel
Of your
I want to be
So much more
Than that.
I want to be
The girl
You hear
In the
and already
She's there.
I'm sorry for hurting you, like the way I do
I'm sorry for the hurtful things I always say to you
We know the fight will never last
but still the amount they do
I'd like to say I'm sorry for everything I put you through.
It kills me when we fight, and it scares me too
I always make you cry and it kills me when you do
As I write this now, I know this much is true
I love you with all my heart and will always be with you.
I did not mean to hurt you
But there wasn’t much I could do
I had no option but to lie
I know that made you cry
I know I broke your trust
Don’t let our relationship bite the dust
I beg you, I sincerely pray
Please forgive me for the that fateful day.
Second chance for us is all that I want.
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