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Vero Jouline Dec 2016
Between those things,

The things that used to mean a lot,
The things that formed the space and mind,
I float.

Forgotten sounds -
The dark sweet songs -
Bring back your voice,
Your world, erased and then restored,
With that one

All shifted, you escaped, I changed,
I managed to reimagine life,
My blindness gone, and
Healed the wound.

There's a new purpose.

Near me, in their perfection -
Those things that always are.

And there's a lot of ways to be, to build,
To progress or remain the same -

The one -
Or the one who's nothing.
Vero Jouline Sep 2016
The duck pond park,
Where as a kid
You used to swing,
Is still there.
But for some reason,
The new birds
Have shorter wings,
And the water
Has lost it's spark.

It's too hot.
It's too dark.
Without you.
Vero Jouline Aug 2016
So what to think about that sky?
It might be still the same.

The innocence of color grey-
So clear and so empty-
With no variety of light,
Reflections slowly die.

So what to feel and what to know?
Or doubt about this calmness?
The wind has failed,
The rain got bored,
The storms, at last, have ended.

The sky has stayed.
It's so indifferent.  
So pale. Unchanged,
Like an old stained sheet.

The lonely stars have lost
Their motives to inspire.
Why would they shine
Against their will?
Your will.
Why would they live?

I still don't know.
Vero Jouline Aug 2016
What a year it was,
What a life it's been,
Blinded from inside,
Guided by the sin,
Only names have taste -
Such unstable hopes,
Once invited in,
You will see them go,
You will hear them scream.

On the road all night,
They would walk by foot -
Such a maze of thoughts
To consume you whole,
To erase your soul,
And soon annihilate
The scorching memories
Of the past you burnt -

Merciless arsonist.
  Jul 2016 Vero Jouline

Drifting on a lonely stream
where lily pads and ripples direct my thoughts
to the promises of a new day

               I dream I am floating in your arms

as currents gently tug
playing solitaire in wishing hands
among glistening diamonds surfaces

               Searching for each desire’s shoreline

while my eyes wander to a place
long of sunrise sparkles
on soft summer murmurs

               Finding your fragrance on a cool wind’s whisper

my heart is drenched,
cleansed in an endless channel
of what your beauty brings to me

               A shady spot among watercolor shadows

writing poetry,
penning my affections in ink traced lines,
renderings of how wonderful my life is

               Since you have washed over me

leaving me breathless,
submerged far beneath drizzled kisses,
saturated in your love
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