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velvetstunner Apr 15
strong hand on my neck
whispers of a long decadent night
heat on my ***
**** in your lungs
two addicts living.
velvetstunner Feb 22
pretty when you're choked
thighs crying the next morning
no complain, just bliss.
a haiku
velvetstunner Dec 2017
you said you're not into anything fake
but you ended up with a plastic
all along

velvetstunner Nov 2017
do you know that the bruises left on my flesh are nothing in compares to the ones that you left on my mind?

not heart
you didn't get passed that yet

thank ******* god.
velvetstunner Nov 2017
they said we are crazy
i got wicked only when i'm with you
my throat clogged
my bones chilled
at the beach
licking mangosteen juice off your skin.
velvetstunner Nov 2017
he finds you beautiful

"god, you're so beautiful!"

only when he's getting pleasured
something that makes your heart squeeze a little.
velvetstunner Nov 2017
i never liked it
when you called me babe
you know my name
creeping on me all the time
but i'm just a babe

i could be nothing
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