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VDGM Feb 2020
i am writing again, what does this mean?
am i regressing back into the worst versions of myself, or am i entering a new revival?
i am writing.
i do not know what it means, i do not want to know.
if i know what it means, i will not write.
VDGM Feb 2020
i want to abandon everyone i have ever known in hopes that they will never think of me again.
i do not want friends.
friendship is nonexistent.
i want freedom, i want solitude.
i want self- love, self-indulgence,
no attachment, no duty.
i do not want friends.
VDGM Aug 2016
The woman with the tattoo of the bird told me that when I was afraid, all that I had to do was think of my favorite place, and all of my fears would diminish.
One day, I became conflicted.
I was in her arms, one day, you see,
and I tried thinking of my favorite place to escape her fingers which were as cold as Wichita's winters...
but I was already there.
As a surviving **** victim, this is the best way I could ever possibly explain what it is like to suffer from Stockholm's Syndrome.

— The End —