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John Smith Mar 2015
You call me many names
Fascist, racist, bigot, monster
To you I am the face of evil
My presence, my very existence
Alarms you to the core of your being
My love for my people
To you is only hate for others
Being comfortable in my own skin
Is an intolerable crime
You hunt me
Chase me out of jobs
Threaten my ability to provide for my children
You target me, fill my inbox with threats
You are a terrorist
But you will never succeed in breaking my nerve
I fear nothing
For everything I do is out of love
And I know that I will either be victorious
Or join my ancestors beyond
And look on from high as my brothers bravely march on in my stead
No matter where you look
All you see is hate
If you want to understand your own twisted perspective
Perhaps you should turn your gaze inwards
This goes out to everyone whose voice has been gagged by politically correct thugs.

— The End —