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soft touch --
cool air --
a breeze is flowing
through us
as we
sit and talk about nothing.
do you feel it?
that familiar twist?
the same thought
i had
when we met.
i saw violet shades
and holy hands.
you told me
too many people
want to be happy.
i just want
to be.
All through the years
I’ve traveled and paid dues
Searching for adventure
That I never found.
Truth be told, I miss it
And you. And the lilies,
The roaring rapids,
And how it felt to be free.
Victor Bilgin Feb 24
I whispered to the Beast:
Drought stood at the ready —
We swam on sand to flee.
Roaming dogs could smell
Fear, or was it fight
That we had within us
As we fled into the night.

In darkness we sat,
Our numbers light.
Cold, Queen of Ice, with us.

She spoke:
"Should it find you,
Scream my name
And tell it this:
O Beast! O tortured soul!
You are free.
Go as you please
Unto the world
That bore you.
I say it
and it is so."

— The End —