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J Mar 2020
the clouds are rolling in
i hope i don’t get lost
in the storm again

trying to find the break
in the sky
but can feel the darkness
closing in

no warmth to defrost
the everlasting chill
hanging in the wind

fog encasing my vision
the path i tried to take
is something i can’t quite make out
i guess it’s time to stakeout

but the clouds keep coming
and i keep stumbling
i can’t continue crumbling

i can’t continue succumbing
into submission
or the fate laid out in front of me
as far as i can see

i can only hope for the sun
for some light
guide me to the right path

i can only fight nature’s wrath
for so long
and only wish the aftermath
was worth what i undergone
J Feb 2020
as months pass;
pain fades.
wounds get patched up along the way,
but my solemn spirit still remains.
hoping it won’t last any longer than it has,
but it always does.
we can’t ever go back to how it was.
J Jan 2020
i’m sorry for everything.

i’m sorry that you are afraid of your own thoughts.
i’m sorry you are afraid of your own feelings.
i’m sorry that you believe that you are destined to be alone.
i’m sorry that you can’t talk about your feelings without feeling guilty or selfish.
i’m sorry that you get too into your own head and can’t get out.
i’m sorry that you can’t get into relationships because you don’t think you’re good enough for anyone.
i’m sorry you think you only have friends because they pity you.

i’m sorry you can’t see yourself they way everyone else in your life says they do.
i think everyone has things that they need to work on; here are some of mine in the form of a personal apology letter.

— The End —