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 Oct 2015 Pidge
Wendell A Brown
Think about the brightest star
Ever to grace the midnight sky
Think about the softest glow
That can bring a smile alive

Think about the tranquil bliss
That each morning fills our hearts
Think about the softest touch
Which you never want to depart

Think about the tightest embrace
The one which takes breath away
Think about the most beautiful kiss
Which you found ever to grace your day

Then you will always be reminded of
The treasured glow which lives inside
Whenever I feel the magical touch
Which embraces me daily from your eyes.
Written for my wife
 Oct 2015 Pidge
Wendell A Brown
I touched your hand and never knew
I would suddenly fall in love with you
I never realized in a single moment
My dream would finally come true

I did not anticipate the serenity
Which falling in love would bring
Yet when I embrace you in my arms
I felt the joy that makes one sing

Every moment when you are next to me
My heart feels it has found heaven  
I never thought I would feel this way
As many amazing feelings would begin

I never knew after kissing your lips
My heart would come to know such pain
I never thought I would be sad and happy
When my heart would speak your name

When I find myself waiting for you
So anxious are the times embracing me
But all is made to become much better
By the joy in your smile I always see

I never imagined when I embraced you
My heart would be quickly swept away
Yet I found that magic moment to happen
As I received your gift of love today.
 Oct 2015 Pidge
Noah Ducane
And the dark of dismay knock no more.
For the wider world's haunting,
Higher than the sky
My love in kingdoms hang.

For the sounds of thought call
out screaming
Not to be heard by wiser ears.
The fortune of our wrists will write our freedoms on the dividing wall.

And the dark of dismay knock no more.
For stronger tides have pulled back evil
That in our own dreams was imagined
And ought not be given shape.

For the worker, deadly at his plow
Bows to no one
And the money-god will not laugh.

And the dark of dismay knock no more.
When all is at the driver's wheel,
All in peace be sought out wanting
Nothing but his love's true deed.
His love's funeral,
His book of sins
And all is sought in the lover's knot;
A field of bones played by the flute.

For the signal of our strength is an untrimmed smile
Higher than the stars,
My love in legacy hang.

For the great war
From within and without
Our holy seed shone through
To bide time until chaos swam,
Free as the shade and the lights of our eyes;
Together look on into the end of all,
And the dark of dismay knock no more.
 Oct 2015 Pidge
Noah Ducane
 Oct 2015 Pidge
Noah Ducane
"I love you"
I wrote.
It read.
 Oct 2015 Pidge
The Lover
 Oct 2015 Pidge
Tell me how to keep you
Here by my side
Tell me what I have to do
To never say goodbye

So stay with me
I'll hold you tight
I'll tangle my arms
For you in the night

Because if you stay,
I'll love you so
Even through the rain
And through the snow.

So stay because I love you,
Stay because I care,
You're everything to me,
And this I forever swear.
Lets all write poems
Let's write mostly above love
And how much our heart hurts
And how sensitive we are

Let's all write poems
Let's write about somebody from the past
Let's cling on to sad memories and complain

Let's all write poems
That all sound the same
We should all be anonymous
But **** that

I seek fame
 Oct 2015 Pidge
 Oct 2015 Pidge
I wonder if you miss me tonight,
When all stars seem to be out of sight
I wonder if you ever think of me,
When our memory together is all I see.
I wonder if you sometimes reminisce,
When I always remember our very first kiss.

I wonder if you still care,
When calling you, I do not dare.
I wonder if it is me you love,
When I realized, it is only you that I have.

It has been 9months and 11days,
I wonder if you still remember our Monthsaries and Anniversaries.

When I decide to come back to you,
I wonder if you'd welcome me and say,
"What took you so long? I've been waiting for you, my Boo."
Old bloke
got through the night
must smoke
anyone got a light?
nothing fell off, I don't have smoker's cough
and the coffee is hot in the ***,
She's humming a tune in the other bedroom
anyone got a light?
I'm stretching a bit because arthritis has hit
but it's not so bad, could be worse,
coffee is done and she's calling me 'come'
has anyone got a light?
 Oct 2015 Pidge
Alice: "How long is forever?"
White Rabbit: "Sometimes, just one second."
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