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v Apr 23
Where do I come from?
Thats my prompt...

I come from Chicago,
only home I know
parked up on the North side
with Momma and Blue
Pops and sis were kinda there too
I come from a home full of anger
and sadness n blues.

Where each one of us was made a mess.
Spoiled or not, each one of us is just as lost.
Taking decisions from the people above, listening to society , not fully just choosing who the **** we want to be.
Yes maybe money held us back
But I come from a home that works, 2 jobs a day, 3 push for it, never hold back from it.

I come from a home full of music.
Loudness of
v Apr 13
One step after the other following each one attached by barb wire. Keys in hand, heavy weight weighing down my *******. One cold metal touch right in the cusp of my hand. The keys jingle jangle scraping the sheer layer of my skin. Hair viciously being pulled back by the wind... pulling and tugging never stopping when I say no . Truth be told he only stops until I fold. Hold my hand.
Memories collide.
v Feb 10
Does the line of comfortability change due to culture? Can you handle less because maybe you did not handle more? Are you over sensitizing because I overheard? Telling me to watch the words I learned at a young age because Susies mom taught her kids those terms?

Do you only laugh at the people you enjoy? Respect the same of your own? Can you respect me even if you don't agree, I don't want to come at you, I don't think Im right but I don't think Im wrong. Agree to disagree simple to say it .

You tell me.... "I AM" part of the queer community as if I don't love a good ***** in the face.
You tell me WHO you are and assume who I am not.
I don't want to take away your voice, I don't disagree, I just wanna say mine too and how I feel....
v Jul 2019
My lavender sweetheart
the way she look giving you that pout
soft green eyes brighter than leaves on the summer dills
she leaves ya mind in feels like you’re off cbd pills
Body all lucid , seeing colors in acid melting with the music
come and catch this vibe like tree trunks sweet apple pie
leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender sweetdreams
v Jun 2019
His eyes watching down his prey.
Stare so deep it reaches her insides.
Scoping through , searching to find the movies in her mind.
She blocks it , placing a wall , the light comes bouncing off the glass window and back to the wide eyes staring back. Shook.
“Nice to meet you.”
He caresses her hand with a sunflower kiss.
Leaving her with his musk scent lingering behind with another movie.
v Jun 2019
“slowly... be careful w me” she whispered
with the soft luscious voice
hazel nut eyes glistening like diamonds just mined
gripping her tighter shes moving in , tracing the spine with his scruffy tongue
“you’re safe with me” he mumbled, hot breathe lingering along her neck
lighting this fire within her, moving one step at a time
inch by inch he reaches deeper, pulling her into a new light
out of body experience, her souls flying high
base maining calm
she sees him
it’s crystal clear
she knows now
its a love she could never have
v Apr 2019
crying for love, its easy to see
the more i crave the less i receive
Treat YOUrself with roses and love
Dont you dare share em with nobody else

you save it all for you my dear
now is time to face the fears and climb the tree high till watching the birds fly over seas

you deserve the world my dear
its time for you to let go of the fear
hugs and touches calm you down
let the please cause the ease
ruthlessly gathered  always skilled  
use the fight of the mighty mice

i believe you can see
a future that is near
a future that is here
a future that can be

I know that you are there
I can hear you crystal clear
flipping through the pages of this novel
never forgetting a single vowel

you'll never fold
for something so little, and peeny, and small
you are grand, and big, and tall
don't listen to them all
they're tryna see you fall

take it in wipe it out
you will be the one whom shouts
you will be the one they talk about
you will be the one climbing freely
one for all

you and me
the love that was meant to be
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