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v Jun 6
one day ill be living the dream
simply following my hearts pursuit
v Jun 6
my oh my what a beautiful sight

deep blue hues
the night is dark as the deep ocean sinking me in
soft as a silk pillow putting me straight to sleep

honestly im ready for bed
v May 14
envidia cochina
***** jealousy
the thoughts in my head
the nasty taste of the words coming out of my mouth
the immeasurable guilt i feel
you are so kind to me
but i want him
to be honest
i want them all
i dont know how to share
and i never been good at rejection
but they arent for me to have
and your beauty radiates
how can they not see what i see?
its only inevitable
ur light shines
and so does mine
Maybe unfinished
  Apr 28 v
My Dear Poet
A poets dream
is made up
of a million things
from fairies,
and angels
almost everything
with wings
as the poet sleeps
thoughts take flight
words like birds
are born
and caged
at night
to be set free
by morning
for the poems sake
that will awaken
the world
when the poet
v Apr 27
He called out to her
He sent her his cries
He'd one day escape after her
Bidding the world of his goodbyes
v Apr 27
She had the moonlight in in her eyes
She carried the sunlight in her words
She rose too bright
He would burn next to her
  Apr 27 v
My Dear Poet
a girl kissed a boy
and told him not to tell
he grew up to be a poet
with a promise kept so well
till he wrote one day a poem
that she’s found reading, but forgot
and wondered if it’s really him
and thinking that it’s not
but buried within these pages
and hidden within the rhyme
were words dripped from his lips
caressing every line
so she came in a little closer
and read it to the end
and found him in the poem
and kissed his lips again
Now it’s your turn not to tell
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