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Valiant Hurts Apr 2018
Its the emptiness
And where it takes you.
The small pieces of invisibility

That follow you around
Your living shroud
The screaming crowd.

Its hiking backwards up a Tibetian cliff
And finding yourself still firmly planted
at the bottom.

It can catch you in the throat
The way dust
Collects thickly in a storm

Of resolute beliefs
And philosophies
Of cinders afire.
Valiant Hurts May 2017
In my dream, we...

You and I, will always be in Some Eternal Territory, by which romance\kindness will cure our aching hearts.
Valiant Hurts Nov 2016
Ouuuuuuh look at you go
Look at you sliding
Sliding into home plate.

Watch as you destroy the darkness,
With the ease of the Pros
Look at you go.

It won't be long now
Sweetness will be overflowing like a waterfall
Of sadness.

Just keep going, keep fighting, keep winning.
Cause that's all that's left you.
Valiant Hurts Nov 2016
Swimming in a sea of souls
She captures eternity for a moment
Then moves on.

It's the bait that gets you
There transferring feelings for feelings
The negotiations of the soul.

Clinging to the chunks of refuse
For a second.
Then down and further down

You appear with contract in hand
The salt stinging the wounds
you have left her with.
Valiant Hurts Jun 2015
Have gone through many portals surfing on the bardos of indefinite universes listening to Sate having a triple bipass in the dark without the sleep of twilight upon him. The 3 girls are stars sailing in the night sky leaving the last one with me, feline and fragile an aging withering vessel, like me, her only mother. I have played in the desert with a mad man. I have climbed the mountain with ******. I have been gutted for the last time. The freedom is astounding to have made it this far, this far. Hearty laughter replaces tears, or rage. I know you think you are smarter than everyone else, a trickster, such a clever fellow. I have found you out, and think of you as a poor mans version of little blownapart...short, a little pawn on the board of life. The other psychopaths are so much smoother than you, and the *** is much better. You know, I can't even remember your name, of course you never remember the name of butcher paper when you throw it in the garbage now, do you?
Valiant Hurts May 2015
You are but an echo
Of past betrayals
And pain

You are an echo
Of my psychopathic mother
And the abortions swimming in my mind

You happened after all of the pain and joy and excitement.
Of a life well lived.
Choreographed by the masters.

I want you to know
You are an echo
And nothing more.
Valiant Hurts May 2015
To you who laugh under waterfalls
Of Vengeance
And irrigate with *****

Let me say, how even blindly
You are without joy.

To you who taste the sweetness of destruction
And pony up on your last bet.

You will only have wine glasses full of acid
Spiked by each other in the Cave of truth.
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