Xaela San
117/F/imagiNation    Hello readers. Well I'm really not good at introducing myself.But let me be honest, I wrote this collection of words myself and I know I ...
olang phesto
21/M/Kisumu,Kenya.    Last born boy in the family of four boys and three girls, loves art so much .
Hisham Alshaikh
25/M/Earth    Just trying to write simple elegant poems.
23/F/United Kingdom    Passionate but nervous. A writer in heart and spirit. I'm someone who wants to find their way in the world, and try to do what ...
and in my mind I still need a place to go
20/F/Assam, India    If what I seek, waits for me in the shadow of darkness, I want no light, for If it someday wants to get in me, ...
Anne Scintilla
17/F/Philippines    there is so much more to poetry than love and what we already comprehend.
Edmund black
32/M/NJ    Not Everything I Write Is About Me , However I Only Write For Myself....... Remember Jesus Is The Way And The Light.
Craig Smith
20/M/Scotland    Words in order
18/M/Belgium    Short poems about my simpel life
MNL, PH    Let's not just survive. Let's live.
Keith Wilson
Windermere UK    Retired Gardener. Been published in many books. But find this site truly amazing. Thank you all..
21    Just here to enjoy writing and reading. I probably won't post too frequently as I'm pretty new to this. Thanks for reading any of my ...
Melting Butterflies
17/F/Inside My Mind    ❝Our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry.❞ Rupi Kaur | Milk and Honey. If you need someone to talk to: I'M ...
15/F/Philippines    Ill be okay not today but probably not tommorow
Rahama Abdulkadri
17/F    I am a skilled writer absolutely in love with putting words to paper and creating masterpieces based on my mood at a certain time. Poetry ...
Miguel Carmona
25/M/Atlanta    I’m a huge poetry and music fan. I have written poetry for over 6 years now but never did anything with it. So I want ...
Josef Wolff
26/M/USA    Poet. Singer/ Song writer. Song and Dance Man.
A Colorado native....born in Durango, living now in Colorado Springs. Retired from Air Force. Interested in non duality relating to spirituality, religion, and modern life.
Martin Dufresne
M/Montreal, Qc    Story scribbler in the galloping quarantine. I live in Quebec, halfway between a computer and scraps of paper.
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