Valerie Jul 1
from when the sun rises
to the moon's transcendence,
it's always going to be you.
Valerie Jun 25
i remember the past
of how i once thought
your future was me.
Valerie Jun 19
once upon a time,
you painted my skies
and built my world.
you crafted a reality
of freckles spangled like
stars up your cheekbones
and the lights you lit in
my dark, hollow eyes.

once upon a time,
we were a collection
of chapped lips and bad breath,
lying on our backs on
country roads and suburban fields.
our bones were weary but still alive
with that frantic flame of

but once upon a time was then-
and we live in the now, which
is a journey I'm still going through.
and the thing about constructed realities
is they tend to fall apart (eventually)
and the thing about fires is that
they go out.

[nothing lasts forever].
it's been a while!
Valerie Jun 3
the devil has a name
and it was yours.
Valerie Jun 2
in the grand schemes of things,
we're just specks in a fraction
of a fraction of a second-
and while in the future,
we may cease to exist-
it is in the present
that we are immortal.
it's been a while, guys.
Valerie May 4
i broke my own heart
before you even could.
Valerie May 2
like a change of the seasons,
the faces in your life disappear,
and new one materializes-
some sunrays of the summer
linger to the autumn,
but by winter, they've faded
to a mere memory of
what it used to be
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