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Valerie Feb 4
i could walk into his world
and forget about mine.
Valerie Feb 4
your eyes flick to me-
sapphires twinkling back
at mud brown ponds;
with a mouth like valentine
and heart pumping ichor,
you walk a rockerfeller pace.
your kiss is salt and summer beers,
mint with ice and wine coolers,
tipsy two-hour conversations over traded
war stories of nights we don't remember
leaving me walking up to my room
with grins so big they could fall off my face.
you adore leaving in the morning and
pages in your passport wearing thin,
you like cutting holes into safety nets
and being around you feels like
roaming a tranquil spring garden
planted with emotional landmines
or sitting on a train platform
with no destination in mind-
honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way
because you're my favourite waste of time.
for ross <3
Valerie Jan 17
learning to love yourself
when nobody
Valerie Jan 13
no one should ever need
to "complete" anyone;
you're already whole
on your own-
it's just sometimes
we need somebody
to shine the light
on the pieces we
thought were missing.
Valerie Jan 7
you're my tropical paradise,
my favourite way to lose control,
my most potent addiction and
the fluorescent spark inside my heart-

when i take a dive into your oceans,
your thoughts and words are coral reefs-
your touch is tender and your kiss
is as sweet as the nectarines you pluck.

i hear angels in your tangerine voice
remnants of you in every memory-
tokens of your pearly white incisors
biting down on my satin pillow skin.

i'll rearrange my insides to fit you-
carving space and toss the rotten flesh out
i treasure your bronzed, sinewy arms and
the way you give out smiles so easily.

your fresh-soil gaze cauterize me,
burning unsolicited marks on my soul
and i could spend the rest of the universe
kneading my hands into your sunflower silks.
five stanzas wowzaaaa
Valerie Jan 6
"do you believe there's a heaven?"

who needs heaven
when i can hold you?
short, sweet, effective? who knows!
Valerie Dec 2018
i keep trying to break up
with poetry
but he keeps calling me back.

this is the first time i've picked up.
poem sort of explains it all!
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