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sometimes i call hello into the darkness
just to prove to myself that no one is there

sometimes people reply
you’ll never know //
i felt this way about you

you’ll never know //
i saw you in my dreams

you’ll never know //
all i ever wanted
was for you to be with me
crying over spilled milk is perfectly acceptable
and i hope
for all my birds beneath my yellow sky
for all my apocalypse boys with scratched up thighs
may the rings of saturn guide you
to somewhere nice and warm
and as the equinox bugs begin to gather in the dust, tension builds and minds erupt
i hope you have met your wellend, because this is the end.
when you don’t  reply //
i weigh my worth in your eyes
you might be busy //
but i know you just do this to drive me crazy
(i promise myself i won’t check again and again)
hopeless for messages that you will never send
but i always do // because i’m obsessed with you
i’m in love with the way you hurt me
i’m addicted to pain // and that might as well be your name (your love is like my razors)
over and over i type

i love you

but i never hit send
tell me you do // tell me it’s true
(and you know i’ll come running back to you)
i’ve got no sense of time
only white wine
and sinister boys who’s teeth shine

heading for the skyline
looking for apollo
in the sunshine

he tells me the night is just right
this isn’t right
i’m being a bad girl
but it feels just fine

i’m cheating
the daylight is fleeting
taking my chances
rolling the dice
my drink tastes funny
he’s  not very nice

touching walls with my fingertips
your love is like ice
skipping rope in the bedroom
i fall over twice
help get me out of here
help me get out of here

help me get out of my mind
I write poetry
for eveything else
has failed

My life has no bottom
It's **** down inside
my well

Do not feel like you are
Do not feel at all

Go write some kind of
It's better than digging wells
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