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There's someone who has to end the conversation
Someone who has to start
But who decided this order?
I will never know.
But it is confusing all the same.
They gather on my dress
Glistening like magical crystals

Which slowly vanish
With a single touch
A flashy facade
Words drive me to the steep edge
I breath a lie of relief
Please stay a little longer
Until the spring flowers bloom
I promise that by then
I'll be done forgetting you
A flattened piece of metal
Carved into an unruly circle

Freshly dipped in pale golden paint
Dropped into a glass of blue cocktail

.The paint slowly spreads into curves of the night.
Brittle kisses
A faint, soft touch
My senses crumble into fine dust
And nothing but the whiff of a past affection remains
A transparent give and take, a predictable farewell
Your songs, your words, merge together
And I see that I no longer remember
Those proud fantasies
Of childhood
I had thought
I was a person like no other
Felt that the storm in my veins
Roared only through this body I own.

But then I stepped out
Out of my room and into the world
And I met so many, and I saw so many
Who thought the same, who felt the same

And I had thought this would cause me pain
But surprisingly I
I felt happier than when
I had cooled my storm in silence
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