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Oct 2019 · 281
Mini suite and bitter sweet
Roshan Adhikari Oct 2019
Hazy light, sunken eyes
Raspberry lips and cozy night
You were with me, you were warm
But the night was cold and
I was down
Rasp wasn't mine, neither the lips
Bitter sweets and broken dreams
Oct 2019 · 312
Roshan Adhikari Oct 2019
I regret all that time I was so close to you yet never walked your way.
I regret not showing my love for you
But, mama you know, I loved you the most
I regret the blessings I didn't thank you for
Now you have gone but one day I will see you up there
Until then, wait a little more for me
I love you grandma.
Jun 2019 · 247
Roshan Adhikari Jun 2019
You deliberately **** the love you have in your hand.
Are you that afraid of falling in love again?
Apr 2019 · 360
Roshan Adhikari Apr 2019
I only wish I was the reason,
or I wish I was the only reason
for your happyness
but now I am dancing my cries away.
Feb 2019 · 259
Roshan Adhikari Feb 2019
When I am not with you
I am without myself too !!
Feb 2019 · 272
She has faded away.
Roshan Adhikari Feb 2019
She has always been beautiful
I used to pretend to not fall for her
and used to just  smile
because the words were never the right words to say
I couldn't speak up to her
all I could do was just wave her goodbye as she faded away.
Jan 2019 · 174
LOVE note.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
I long to see you in that fairy dress again
I long to be electrocuted by your touch
I long to be washed under your breath
I long to be touched by your lips
I long to hold you in my arms
and dance under the moon
I long to be loved by your heart
Jan 2019 · 211
Five words.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
your love is all I need.
Jan 2019 · 141
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
How come you are the music
that both soothes me from inside
and break me into pieces?
How come the same music takes me to the paradise
and makes me cry there?
Jan 2019 · 187
C'mon god.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
I am sick, tired and vexed
running from one corner to the next
c'mon god
let me go
break this wall
and let me explore the world
let me see the mountains, the lakes, the rivers
let me be who I want to be
do not engulf me inside this cage
let my dreams fly
let me fly
grant me freedom once and I will never cry.
Jan 2019 · 215
Anew, am I?
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
I am a new-born
with wings so immature, they may torn
but I want to fly, wander off
into the clouds in and out
in the sky so close to sun
that I might get a burn
But I don't really care
here I am ready to dare
to make a flight off the earth
far-away to go and freedom to search.
The above poem may sound so bad rhymed. I do not know the best rhyming yet, but I am learning it little by little.
Jan 2019 · 398
A treasure,
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
Love is knocking at his door
but the man, blinded, wanders off
to the unknowns
in search of worldly riches
a fool, unaware of what it really is
"go back home, love is knocking at your door"
Jan 2019 · 147
You are my queen.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
you may hear 'em say "you are my queen" to twenty
worry, you shouldn't be
cause you are the only dream I love to see.
Jan 2019 · 234
fairy tale.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
If I were to write a tale about you,
it would be called a fairy tale.
Jan 2019 · 144
waves and tides.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
you are an ocean
with depth of miles and miles
and in those depths a paradise resides
a lovely embroidery world
with waves and tides
washes me away every time.
Jan 2019 · 123
a perfect love
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
a perfect you and me has risen from
an imperfect you and an imperfect me
Maybe this is what they call love.
Jan 2019 · 174
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
She is a reminder
all my prayers could not be answered.
Jan 2019 · 186
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
girl, I am missing you
hadn't you taken my heart and with yours made it two?
but now why does it feel so alone and cold?
I am not that strong and bold, I break and cry
I can not be a distant star shining in my own light
I needed yours, but now I am a pitch black dark night
with no help to light me up
for no one to see,
an ocean of darkness I have become.
Jan 2019 · 163
And then I wake up.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
a lovely embroidery world, above the zenith
a world of smiles and laughter
all the fairies are singing songs of you
all the clouds are dancing in joy for you
Merry !!!
far away a rainbow is painting the sky
with your colors
it's beautiful
you and me in a world of love
you and me in love
you and me.
Jan 2019 · 115
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
cherry cheeks
glossy too,
make my heart
skip a beat or two.
Jan 2019 · 270
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
I fantasize my dreams
I imagine beautiful things
all happy and cheerful
I am scared
scared of what has gone
scared of what is here
scared of what's to come
Jan 2019 · 842
Good Morning.
Roshan Adhikari Jan 2019
I wake up with birds chirping,
Is it spring already?
NOOOOOO, I am freezing
The cold, it is still shivery.
Dec 2018 · 133
TITLE: Happy World
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
It had been days since I got out of my room.
and today
the world seemed so much beautiful.
I felt so much happiness.
Dec 2018 · 310
It's always been there.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
you must think I am insane
and blabbering just anything
but once listen to the silence as I do
you will know it's there
you will know that
The night is not really quiet
we only assume it's quiet
and go to sleep with our ears closed tight
under the blanket
indifference to the calling of
the silence of night.
Dec 2018 · 117
An analogy.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
when I snuggle deep inside the furry blanket
my feet do not get any warmer.
I keep them out.
They are better cold outside than
cold inside.
Dec 2018 · 116
I wish.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I wish
the one you wish to be there with you
be there with you
Holding you in his arms
warm and comfy night
it would be
you would sleep well
without any nightmares
a peaceful night in years

You would have a good night sleep.
I wish he be there.
Dec 2018 · 222
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I have not seen your face
I don't know your name
I don't know where you live
you have many unknowns
I feel like I know you
We are two strangers
we are like two people who have been friends for years.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
What does it mean?
You and me, cuddling together.
I want to experience it
I want to feel you
I want to hold you in my arms
see if its the nicest thing in the world.
Dec 2018 · 305
I am smiling so much.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
Jan 1 is not that far now
I have tons of works to do
I am indifference to
the tik tok tik tok of the clock on the wall.

I am wasting my time on you
I am loving it.
Dec 2018 · 158
Not True.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
When two people love
The whole world shall pause.

when one person love another
and the reciprocity is not true
he or she (me) is the only one who pauses
for another.
Dec 2018 · 130
Tale of my DEC 24.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I walked and walked and walked
And I call this 'my city walk'

I saw buildings
BIG ones touching the SKY
small ones small as my own height
I even saw the HOUSE where president lives.
Oh, I forgot
I saw hospitals too; they were so tiny, you could miss them easily

I saw people
walking their own walks of life
ahhh some were running too
They had their own LIVES
others' were no concern for them
And I was watching them unfold their LIVES
as if
I was concerned for them, but I was not
I had my own BIG LIFE to live

Today on DEC 24
I walked and walked and walked
I call this 'my city walk'.
Today, I was just walking on the streets of Maharajgunj, kathmandu with no destination in my mind. Its the tale of my day. Hope you like it.
Dec 2018 · 81
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
Words show hope.

Words show despair.

Words show love.

Words show hate.

Words show life.

Words even show death.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
May be I will drink a peg of whiskey
not remember you

May be I will drink a peg of whiskey
sleep instead
Dec 2018 · 220
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I am so sad that I can't even write something.

And the worst part:
I don't even know why I am sad.
Dec 2018 · 212
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I am a memory device,
this device does not accept any files
without an extension '.YOU'.
Dec 2018 · 415
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I remember,
you loved the rain.
I had thought you would still enjoy it.

But you were craving for
Spring and Sunshine,
I... I... I... never knew.
Dec 2018 · 111
Autumn Leaf.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
An autumn leaf falls from the tree only to be crushed.
Yes, right?

Here, I have become that autumn leaf.
And I am falling for you.
Isn't that so romantic and beautiful?

You are a gardener, dear.
And I am destined to be crushed and swept away.
Dec 2018 · 111
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I miss being young.
When I had everything I ever wanted.
Dec 2018 · 200
HE is ME.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I saw a stranger, today,
With the eyes same as mine.
Beaming rays of both Hope and Disparity.
One half of him believed,
The sun will rise and shine
brighter than yesterday.
Other half was skeptical.
It was dark.
As dark as the future it sees.

There was a war; a ferocious one between his two halves.
Which will continue for hundred years, I know.
He was same as me, troubled and fed-up.
Hope or Disparity,
He no longer cared about the victor that will emerge.

And, suddenly,
He was not the stranger I saw a minute ago.
He was me.
Dec 2018 · 341
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
Life is all about memories you make with people.

You have to be remembered to be alive.

If you are forgotten,
even when you are inhaling O2 and exhaling CO2,
You are gone.

The memories must live for you to live.
So, be alive.
Dec 2018 · 212
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
How can you be both ice and fire?
Is that even possible?
Dec 2018 · 644
Cherry Wine.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
"Her eyes and words are so icy."
Hozier's 'cherry wine' on loop,
and everything around me seems
so much beautiful.
Dec 2018 · 103
Yes, you are a mess.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
Yeah, may be.
we all are messes of our lives.
Always adding more and more of them
into a vessel called life.

Dear, creating and being a mess is living a life.
Life would be way too much
if it wasn't a mess.
Dec 2018 · 83
Someone stole you.
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
There was a world in my phone

but its gone.

Its where you lived

In many forms:

pictures, videos, boomerangs and many more
Never seen by anyone
not to be seen by anyone

You were a living soul inside an inanimate thing.

And you had a constant visitor.


Every other picture in the gallery envied you.

You always stole their visitor.



The phone is gone.

The gallery is gone.


You are gone.

and the ones who envied you are gone too.

I lost all of you,

when I lost my phone.

You left no remnants.

Not even a single trace

to find you now.

you are lost

and I am lost too.
Dec 2018 · 171
Why its always YOU?
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I perish or I thrive.

It is something I should decide.

But why are you the one deciding my fate?

My life: Its been folded, twisted

and coiled in circles and circles since I met you.

Its no longer under my control.

You are the one on the driver's seat.

You drive me through heaven

and sometimes, hell too.

You make me shine one day,

and another day

You pour rain and zap thunder clouds over my head.

One day,

its a paradise

and another day,

its all pain and sufferings.

Yet, I feel so drawn towards you.

I can not swerve away from you.

I pace up sometimes; its true

but only to move ahead and wait for you again.

And then,

The cycle repeats.

Once again,

I move in circles and circles around you.

It feels like eternities have passed, but

I don't feel like resting and catching a breath.

I want this cycle to continue forever.

If not forever, then a little longer.

Some more loops around you, and

Who knows?

I may be contented with YOU.

— The End —