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I'm a divine leaf fallen from an evergreen tree, driven away down a foggy river
Like a raindrop who thinks he is mud, I roam from one mud to another like a restless bee searching for pollen on every flower
I'm here, wherever here is, it had been so long I knew where I was or where I belonged
But I'm steadily waking from my slumber, the Absolute Truth pierces sharply through these curtains of ignorance
I've been counting my sins more than my blessings
Because I am the perfection of imperfections
I hail from a place of limitations
A reflection of many endings and many beginnings
I am eternal
I am spirit
For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.
[Bg 2.20]
Am I climbing up the mountain
or tumbling down like an avalanche
crashing down hopes and fantasies that keep me sane?

I pace through forests where echoes are bleak
harnessing warmth in this fire that burns
steadily through storms falling from the peak

Am I pursuing the light
or am I just chasing a shadow?
Dark clouds are due, I seem to have lost sight

O whistle me a tune of comfort for my despair
let me hear your soothing whispers
so I may rest knowing that you are there.
"Your silence weakens me."
Spark seeker sitting anxiously in the dark
Counting every second to the sunrise
Blood, sweat and tears flowing down a stream of skin grinded by an infinite hour glass
Grasping for air to rise and mine once more for an everlasting bliss
Shattered by critics, cussed by ignorance and spat on by arrogance
A spark seeker rises like a phoenix above heights no eye can ever see
Persistence is key. Persistence shines light into the essence of mortality
While a spark seeker seeks light in the dark
Captivated by the fruit of blissful infinity.
Spark Seeker (n) One who never gives up. A hopeful person
Like buds turn into roses and cocoons into butterflies, it's time to spread out your wings, fly high and roam the skies.

Welcome to the New Year
12 new chapters, 362 new chances, make them count.
This is stupid but if you reading this I'd like you to contribute an eight word line in the comments, the challenge is to make one poem from different people, the line you type in will have to correspond with the previous one.
Remember, the poem is about "life", share anything related to it. Lets have fun.
I'll start the party with...

*Life is so unpredictable and yet wonderful...
Your contribution would be greatly appreciated
No one understands why I cry
   myself to sleep everyday
Soaking the pillow while I try
   to mend the mistakes of each day,
The mistakes of the past
   and the mistakes of the future
For all my relationships may never last
   as hurting people seems to be my nature.
"Everything is going to be alright."
From the sounds echoed behind juvenile play-figures
To the vocal vibrations that reflect nothing but wonders,
Her voice deepens with every height she reach’
Sharpened in the spine of every speech.

Her voice gets louder as the vocal cords grow wider,
Penetrating through dimensions like a path finder,
Echoing through space and times
Compelled by ignorant minds.

Her voice awakens the deaf with larger ears
And puts to sleep loud mouths with smaller ears.
Hear her voice as she’s about to speak
And don’t let her silence say that she is weak.

Let her voice out this acquired volume of integrity,
Let her voice pierce through generations with simplicity.
Let her tone be comprehensive
And the melody as impressive.

Your voice has ripened through the ages
You can now soothe pains of all stages
Use your voice to change a nation
And watch as it rejoices from liberation.

Break the silence.
Put what you feel inside into verbal words.
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