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Ave Mar 10
each victory
smaller than the last
We are told none is too small
but I can’t see them
they blend in
no longer victories, they are routine
nothing changed
Ave Feb 21
it’s not the rejection of the “cliche” you despise, that matters, it’s the respect you gain for it as you drift from each other
Ave Jan 18
sleeping more
eating less
seeing more
feeling less
hearing more
talking less
Ave Jan 18
i’m trying to be healthy
i’m eating more than one meal a day
i’m working out
i’m smoking to have a good time
i’m pushing through the bad times
Ave Dec 2020
a bucket list for the mind if you will
Ave Dec 2020
you think when someone writes, all the insecurities flow into the poetry and out of the person
you’d think it’s relieving and is viewed as an outlet
i find myself trying to be someone i’m not
for fear of being myself, who i despise
i find it hard to believe i think so cliche
Ave Dec 2020
i want to sit at the bottom of a pool
until the water flows through my lungs and restricts the oxygen from my muscles
leaving me unable to breathe.
gasping for air where there is none
reaching for a life i would rather not return to
warm water
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