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untitled Sep 2019
You love me when I cannot love myself.
You bathe me in your love til my soul is cleansed with your purity.

I have not felt this love in a long time, baby.
But, this kind of love scares me more than anything.

Because one day, you will leave.
And my tears will wash away all hope of a lasting love.
untitled Sep 2019
You told me that I could aspire to and be anything,
Yet my heart aches for more than intellectual stimulus
and I aspire for a love I cannot achieve.

Are there some things we are meant to never attain?
I seek a fulfilling love, and finally when I have grasped in,
when the pads of my fingers have finally sunk in,
it is ripped from my possession.

Why do people leave me when I devote all my time and energy
into those that I love and cherish.
Maybe the root of my demise is that I love too deeply,
that it is all too much for one to bear the responsibility of.

Every time someone leaves,
I lose hope in the prospect of love.

While a reader may think I am speaking of a romantic love,
it is not exclusively that type of love-- I seek the love of friends.

I have none.
untitled Apr 2019
you linger in my head
like a fresh spritz of perfume,
wafting around my headspace
and pervading my senses,
I am utterly consumed by you.
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