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untitled Sep 16
You love me when I cannot love myself.
You bathe me in your love til my soul is cleansed with your purity.

I have not felt this love in a long time, baby.
But, this kind of love scares me more than anything.

Because one day, you will leave.
And my tears will wash away all hope of a lasting love.
untitled Sep 16
You told me that I could aspire to and be anything,
Yet my heart aches for more than intellectual stimulus
and I aspire for a love I cannot achieve.

Are there some things we are meant to never attain?
I seek a fulfilling love, and finally when I have grasped in,
when the pads of my fingers have finally sunk in,
it is ripped from my possession.

Why do people leave me when I devote all my time and energy
into those that I love and cherish.
Maybe the root of my demise is that I love too deeply,
that it is all too much for one to bear the responsibility of.

Every time someone leaves,
I lose hope in the prospect of love.

While a reader may think I am speaking of a romantic love,
it is not exclusively that type of love-- I seek the love of friends.

I have none.
untitled Apr 28
you linger in my head
like a fresh spritz of perfume,
wafting around my headspace
and pervading my senses,
I am utterly consumed by you.
  Apr 27 untitled
Carmen Jane
I only have energy to keep my eyes half opened,
All my words seem to be gathered in my throat, choken
You woke me up, this  morning,  early, as you begged me  for a hug,
I was happy to give it to you, I want to be your daily drug,
I'm really sorry that I was actually half asleep
Trust me when I tell you that my feelings for you are true and deep
My “I love you” that I said to you it's not just an old habit,
It's not either a fat wallet at your feet, that you should grab it,
My “I love you” is your “I love you” when you hold me,oh, so tight!
Is our laughter, we have together, after our so called “ fight”,
It's my first “I love you” that I told you, when our hearts just  seemed to lock,
When towards nowhere, we were walking and for hours, we would talk…
It's the same “I love you”, but  it did gained a little weight,
It is stronger, its got muscles, it's been raised by us and fate!
I love that when I hug you and I say it, 't has this effect,
It chases away your nightmares and it brings our love, respect.
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