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28.6k · Aug 2018
A recipe for disaster
sara Aug 2018
I'll see what I can make
out of the leftovers I have.
Although, it's never too long
until the milk turns bad,

until a love turns sour
in an online second;
since, an online minute
wastes a real-life hour.

But in a snap-shot moment,
I can find life for weeks
on my stash of sugar truths,
until I forget to eat;

forget to breathe;
'til I don't even need to sleep
because the lovehearts on my photos
sing such soft melodies.

And despite the fact
that often I can't sit at ease,
somehow this perfect madness
always tastes so bittersweet.
a poem about the addictive nature of social media
20.8k · Jul 2018
sara Jul 2018
My heart is whole
but it has sharp edges.
It got wet on my sleeve;
now, it hangs from my necklace

-round like a pendant; hurt hangs
round my neck with a vengeance:
like a lighthouse on a dark night,
blinding sailors- offensive.

It draws them in like a siren's call,
but the sky bleeds red at the first sign of morning.
The captain is certain he'll lock land at dawn,
but does any type of siren sing its song without a warning?
Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight.
12.3k · Jun 2018
sara Jun 2018
I'm transparent like a window
but I'm prone to keeping curtains closed
to cover up my youthful,
aching, ***** soul.

I used to be promiscuous;
my essence on my sleeve.
a charming laugh; a crystal glass
from which many a fool drew drink.

A chalice of life;
warm like cinnamon wine,
soft like angel's delight.
Beheld by every eye.

But it never felt right;
I was smoke off a fire,
yet still smouldering coal.
Just a young, beautiful

byproduct of desire.
There's no smoke without fire.
Although, I tried to fan it cool;
the flames ran only wilder.

But as the old wind blows, it seems
a withered tree still grows new leaves.
A dandelion spreads its seeds
but they lie far away from me.

Now, I move transcluently-
ultraviolet invisible ink-
I speak in soothing whispers;
they travel further than you'd think.
Iridescence is things seemingly changing colour on their own- I think we all have the power to grow and move away from our pasts.

I love how fire is a destructive yet cleansing force.
11.4k · Jul 2018
eyes shut
sara Jul 2018
I saw a glimpse of heaven on an old park bench
but you said the location didn't make much sense
and struggled to see the wonder amongst all the falling leaves,
so I sighed, and got up, asking if we should leave.
reflection helps me learn not to let other people **** on your wonder x
sara Jul 2018
Beyond the sea, a white rose stands
outside a vase, away from hands.
Too pretty for a picture frame,
a large bouquet, or window pane.

Still growing, life is hers to gain:
the warmth of sun, the cooling rain,
the water droplets, oxygen;
beauty will flourish best with space.

A trademark warmth she wears so well
like sun rays on a daffodil.
She laughs like shamrock by the well,
as infectious as a breeze among bluebells.

I see the child inside your cries of joy, behind your smiles at boys.
Beneath the skies, above the noise.
You breathe in life, and it's all yours.
infectious laughter is like the breeze in a field of bluebells haha   
Birthdays are a time to celebrate life
10.5k · Jul 2018
sara Jul 2018
I wipe marker off the board, and
I have a painful tendency of quickly growing bored.
I can't erase the ink-spots lingering
in high-up corners;
to spare the self-defeat, I teach myself how to ignore them.

Ignore the marks, and stains, and pains
pretend I'm wiped clean, all the same
with little left to lose or gain:
I leave them; growth is self-restraint.

Perfection is a non-existent notion,
so they say;
yet, unobtainability is all I can create.
For in my mind, these false ideals make tame desires stray,
and self-destructive pleasure is my antidote to pain.

I think I'm like a little plant
of stunted growth, just seeds to start,
my plantpot made from breaking hearts:
before I grow, I say I can't.
Before we accept something we must first wholeheartedly reject it.
like England winning the world cup lol

Joking, I just use humor to mask my emotions x
sara Jul 2018
Since it was me who started it,
I must then beg your pardon; it
made sense to let my heartstrings
play the tune of your sweet laughter.

But use my heart as your ink-***
and I'll cry tears blue like ink blots,
asking "why?", I'd ask you "why?"
each time you say that we should stop.

Words run wet right down the page;
'til ***** and *** taste the same;
'til black and blue blend just one shade.
I thought love was something that lived just next-door-but-one to hate.
exploring the theme of disrespect within a romantic context

Edited: not personal not personal not personal **
9.8k · Jun 2018
love is trust
sara Jun 2018
When did I stop trusting you?
I didn't even notice it.
When did I stop listening,
start thinking you were full of it?

Convinced I'd heard it all before,
read all the writing on the wall.
I'd smile, and nod, then close the door.
I won't believe you anymore.

Why did I stop trusting you?
I never even wanted to.
The sky, it just turned inside out
when I first lent my ear to doubt.
'Full of it' is an English phrase which means full of **** btw
8.1k · May 2014
sara May 2014
the words we softly whispered
in a language of our own
as we silently ruled our kingdom
from our pillow thrones

i'm cradled in your arms
and the room is dimly lit
as my soldiers lay down their arms
and i begin to let you in

novels of dreams and childhood years
tales of sleepless nights
reports of all my irrational fears
which i confessed by dim candlelight

thoughts that my mind had never before heard
tumbled from my mouth- i was choking
on the brutality of all my honest words
and the ideas which you were provoking

like birds in a cage,
my feelings trapped for too long
and the dust on this page
had been there all along

the first time i was hurt
i swore it was my last
but i begin to revert
with my red wine filled glass

as we slowly drift off into our peaceful slumber
both enveloped by the night
i did, in fact, begin to wonder
if i should confess love by dim candlelight
inspired by and loosely based on lamplight by bombay bicycle club
8.0k · Jun 2018
To be a poet
sara Jun 2018
Oh, to be a poet
one must be so emotional.
Well, no. Not necessarily.
We're only really capable
of understanding feeling,
investigating our emotions.
It doesn't mean we cry all day,
or pass nights in dark rooms moping.

We have lives; come home from work
or get in on a night bus back;
it's from all this experience
that we can draw out fact.
From mundane to extraordinary
we will become inspired.
Our strength is versatility
and life ignights our fires.

So, we do not all have to be
constricted to intensity
-to ponder oh-so seriously
on what it simply means 'to be'.
We can be strong, flirty, or mean
or to the brim with confidence.
For, what does 'to be a poet' mean,
if you cannot explore yourself?
'Our strength is versatility' is something I feel is very important and sometimes forgotten among stereotypes of what poetry should be about
7.3k · Jun 2018
Of lover's old
sara Jun 2018
Red wine stains your lips and teeth,
reciting Tolstoy; war and peace,
smoke leaves your lips  each word you speak
-as if it was, somehow, for me.

A dwindling old lover's flame;
we lay warm on a bed of coal.
Beneath the sheets, I've seen your face,
but every time your hands were cold.
5.5k · Aug 2018
time is m(ental health)
sara Aug 2018
I see tension in the air,
red and green clouds everywhere.
The same old, tried-and-worn affair.
I walk. I can't afford to care.
read it and walk
sara Jul 2014
the ***** tastes like
an untamed firework
which attacks my throat
but I like it

the ***** feels like
the reason behind
all the poems I wrote
but I need it

the ***** is like
glitter set in my veins
which helps me to float
and I love it

the ***** is you
and until you were gone
I just didn't know
we should not mix
5.3k · Jun 2018
fool's gold
sara Jun 2018
My inbox was always full
but I always made time for you.
Now, time tells me that I'm the fool:
you say you will, you never do.

You said you would, you never did.
Reclining, you could watch me sink
then toss an anchor down to say
you gave your all to keep me safe.

Don't get me wrong, we were both weights;
controlling, insecure, insane.
Like deep-sea diving in the rain,
not knowing it was all in vain.

Practice breathing, slow and steady;
in the ocean, hot and heavy and
screaming for a miracle
to help us find our way to shore.

Now, I think it discpicable
that I would move sea, sand, and shoreline,
just to make sure you were mine
-a pretty, washed-up shell resigned.
when you don't know what you're looking for who knows what you might find
5.1k · Jun 2018
seul au soleil
sara Jun 2018
I can live without you.
In fact, I might be happy to
sit and eat ice-cream all alone,
whilst basking in a sunlit dawn-
a wonderland for one.
Short and sweet

5.0k · May 2014
Second Hand Smoke
sara May 2014
Down the back alley
on the cold winter evenings
your eyes stared only at me

I didn't smoke
as my father gave up
yet i didn't dare disagree

you parted your lips
you drew in a breath
and your body relaxed in turn

exhaling slowly,
you grin and you show me
how much your body did yearn

for the taste of a cigarette
the embers and ashes
matches and lighters, causing flickering flashes

you said I didn't have to
but I said I didn't mind
that the smoke in your mouth would soon be in mine

I did not draw back
my mouth- under attack
I just had to last the duration

because I didn't smoke
the taste scorched my throat
and gave off a burning sensation

It must have felt different
as just in an insant
You stub out the cigarette with a hiss

silently relieved
and now more at ease
oh, the things that you do for a kiss
4.9k · May 2014
a case of happiness
sara May 2014
it's cold and dark and calm outside
so you make sure that i'm tucked up tight
but i need fresh air so the window is open ajar
whilst there in the corner lays a battered guitar

i'm high as **** so you carried me home
and wrapped me up into a bed of your own
you throw a lumpy mattress by the guitar on your floor
and apologise in advance for the fact that you snore

because i can't even remember my name
may give the green light to most, to see me as 'fair game'
my hair is a mess and my clothes are askew
but that doesn't seem to matter to you

i'm taken aback as you toss me a shirt
you try to stifle your laugh but i catch you smirk
as i try to escape from the clutch of my dress
i hear a laugh which you fail to suppress

i wrestle your shirt with my limbs in a tangle
you yank it over my head, for which i am thankful
i wriggle free from the blanket and sit up cross legged
as you fling yourself down at the foot of your bed

you tell me you've just got a text from my mother
who says she trusts me with you and no other
and that you are under very strict instructions
to keep me away from all teenage destruction

it's 1.30am and my thoughts are cotton wool
but our bottle of ***** is still three quarters full
my eyes spy the battered guitar in the room
and i beg you to play me my favourite tune

an undeniably slow start as you mess up the chords
and ramble on about how i'm probably bored
but my eyes fix on yours with an encouraging grin
and as you continue to play, goosebumps rise on my skin

and as you place the battered guitar back down
you sarcastically ask whether i'm happy now
the buzz of my body and the smile on my face
shows that here, happiness is truly the case
2018 edit and I’m still finding guitarists cute um
4.4k · Jun 2014
like the back of my hand
sara Jun 2014
I swore that I knew you
just like the back of my hand
every blemish, every freckle,
every scar, was you

But now
My blemishes begin to even out
My freckles, rearranging themselves
And any old scars are fading.
4.4k · Jun 2018
brought by a morning
sara Jun 2018
She washes her hands in egg whites,
picking out stray shell pieces.
Sitting as still as the morning- quiet,
while the kettle sets itself a-steaming.
She hears that same Chinese flute
drifting down the hallway,
slipping universal truths
under each hotel room doorway.
She looks to the rain in the hills
like sorrowful sailor's wife;
a day could be time for a dream fulfiled
or the time that the rivers run dry.
I honestly have no idea why this took such a turn, I think I must be hungry
4.1k · Jun 2018
read the blurb
sara Jun 2018
I'm anti-attachment
and I cant help that
I'm a hardback book bound tight-
Always on the rewrite
every word placed right
because it's so important;
that you read me right;
that you see things right;
undress your mind for me
under the right light
God above
I don't want tears tonight
if I tell you it's not serious
or when I make you work or wait
it's obviously worth the work
and even more than worth your wait.
I don't like games
I play it straight;
you're either with it
or you ain't.
So if you do not like the blurb
don't bother reading my first page.
something other than love poetry for the lady in the back please
3.3k · Jul 2018
sinking ship
sara Jul 2018
Don't force my hand
'cause I'll turn off the tap;
stray droplets might drip
but the flow wont come back.

There's a weight on my heart
but I don't feel the same.
When friends fall out of love;
it is always a shame.
3.3k · Jul 2018
sara Jul 2018
I'm lost in translation,
by hallucinatory sensations,
between border and sea,
cold but free
like a continental breeze
that drifts lonely
to shore.
Still so unsure.
Then lost again, once more;
this time she's lost like never before.
3.2k · May 2014
No Strings Attached
sara May 2014
You cover yourself in a thousand tattoos
and then claim you're afraid of commitment
but they're there to stay, they're not going away
and you see the word 'love' as no different

once it's been said there's no taking it back
so you must be completely certain
that you'll feel the same way, the day after today
when you can't hide behind bedroom curtains

you ask to go slow
and say you'll let her know
when you're ready to for this to progress
you don't want any labels
just to someone to cradle
as you both quickly begin to undress

drinking and smoking to take off the edge
moaning and groaning whilst lost in the bed
your breathing is heavy, your back is all scratched
this is the life of *"no strings attached"
3.1k · Sep 2014
you hate me smoking
sara Sep 2014
sat on a cobbled street
concealed from the prying eyes
i take a guilty drag of my cigarette
though i know you hate me smoking

i talk to myself aloud
and pretend you're here with me
whilst the smoke flows from my mouth
though i know you hate me smoking

i haven't seen you
in a while, four days to be precise
and a tear falls from my eye
because i know you hate me smoking

i miss you
every day and i miss you with all i have
if you were here you'd say i shouldn't be so sad
though you really do hate me smoking

all the times when we were high
discussing travelling through time
and the defnition of comfort
and how much you hate me smoking

now you're far away
and i'd give just about anything
to hear you one more time
to say how you hate me smoking
((2018 edit: dont be slippin))
2.4k · Jun 2018
Life's too short
sara Jun 2018
I stopped waiting for letters which never arrived;
when it started costing me minute per mile;
per smile;
per song that I'd skip for a while.
Making it rain with my valuable time
-wearing a coat in the summer time.

Stopped avoiding my postbox,
to the relief of my landlord,
and happily paid the bills so long ignored.
Drank less, ate more,
much more- self-assured
with one less page in my passport.

I stopped "letting you know,"
popping up,
"just to say hello,"
and "wondering if you fancied coming
or going
to some place relatively unknown."

Cleaned out my head;
cleared out my lungs;
wrote once again, for myself, just for fun;
listened to every song on the album;
all whilst lying *****
underneath the summer sun.
About 10 months ago I moved to Thailand for my studies- had such a massive year this year and learned so much about self love and happiness  ^.^
This piece is from the second journal in my trip
2.3k · Jul 2018
sweet nothings
sara Jul 2018
It became a long
and drawn out mess.
You push me back, I'd pull you in
just to counteract the loneliness.

I don't really want you,
I'll confess.
I just want things that I'm not meant to;
the feel of forbidden sweetness.

I will wear a little less,
each time you say no more;
just as you feel like you forget,
you'll smell the smoke beneath your door.
Sorry if this offends anyone?
sara Dec 2018
I’ve never heard this song before
as flowers come out of the floorboards;
I forget what my heart had ever been sore for.
life is as light as you let it be- a difficult pill to swallow sometimes
2.1k · Jul 2018
rush and roulette
sara Jul 2018
I'll draw the line, it's too far gone,
predictable like dot to dot
to map these problems out again.
Our criminality self-made,

insufferable, ill-timed, insane;
all but an ounce of pride to gain.
Though, guaranteed to cut a loss,
we'll kid ourselves it's worth the cost

for half a gram of happiness,
with half of that stuck on the desk.
We've only got a quarter left:
it's all to play for, do your best.
Be warned x
2.0k · May 2014
sara May 2014
by a crackling fire
with an untuned guitar
as the sun makes its way to its bed

just a few friends
and a bottle of drink
as we discuss all the signs we misread

the uncertain future
regrets of the past
we ask how the world keeps on spinning

from friends to lovers
and lovers to strangers
we're desperate for our new beginnings

so we stop all the talking
and find a way out
you pick up a guitar and you strum

we sing and clap
and knock our drinks back
as our minds begin coming undone
had one of the best days with two of my favourite people yesterday and desperately needed to write something about it
2.0k · May 2014
just you
sara May 2014
i don't want to walk with you
or to pillow talk with you
i want just you

i don't want to die with you
or to get high with you
i want just you

i don't want to curl up with you
or to be love struck by you
i want just you

i don't want cute dates with you
or to wake next to you
i want just you

i don't want to get to know you
over dinner, then to owe you
i want just you

i don't want commitment
or to have to admit that
i want more than 'just you'

though it’s a shame love has hurt me before
it's getting much harder for me to ignore:
the fact that i don't really want 'just you'
it's all the little things that i don't want to want to
2018 edit I definitely just want to get high witchu x
1.9k · Aug 2018
sara Aug 2018
There's a bird caught in a cage somewhere
and she sings the sweetest song.
A natural beautiful sound;
the Man tells her she's singing it wrong.

She's singing, it's sinning;
bird, stop. She's singing,
he's spinning, then stop...
and a *****...
his mind snaps in his hands.
Some will never understand
the strength in nature's one (wo)man band.
1.8k · May 2014
Anti-love poem
sara May 2014
And they call it puppy love
just like a trojan horse
a gift sent from above
only, in the end, to be torched

You long to be longed for
desire to be desired
it's the illness with no cure
a 'strength' to take you higher

Advertised by society
it promises you everything
abundant in variety
an agreement sealed with a ring

There's a reason they call it 'falling'
As what goes up must come down
so don't tell me you had no warning
when love leaves you dead on the ground
sara May 2014
you** are the sovereign tide
i- the feeble yacht you consume
i contort and conform to abide
by the rules from which you are excused

i am the pathetic attempt
the sun makes to escape from the clouds
whilst you are its radiant rays
that no darkness could ever beat down

i am the dust of the earth
and you are the Northern Lights
whilst I dwell on my lack of worth
you climb to unprecedented heights
feelin' kinda ******
sara Feb 2015
if your mind is a warzone let battle commence,
i will send in my soldiers to fight

if your mind is a warzone the army i lend
will chase the demons from your mind

your mind is a warzone and as soon as i enter
there's no sound to be heard but silence

your mind is a warzone; i stand at the centre
to offer my few words of guidance

your mind is a warzone but i fall to my knees
when i see that you're under attack

your mind is a warzone, from here i can see
a mirage of tears you held back

your mind is a warzone and there in the corner
lies a pile of broken words

when it's one in the same: chaos and order
there are only whispers to be heard

if your mind is a warzone do not try to say
that you must fight this battle alone

because if your mind is a warzone then please do explain
why when i'm in it i feel like i'm home?u
the sacrifices you make for the people you love
1.7k · Jun 2014
smoke the stars
sara Jun 2014
smoke the stars
put them into a laurel leaf
as you would tuck your precious child into bed
wrap them up tightly and protect them from the hostile darkness surrounding us

pluck an aeroplane from the sky
dismantle it's metal exterior to leave only the body
use it as a filter, keeping the stars safe
as you hold them between your delicate fingers

set your golden cigar on fire
using erupting volcanoes to light it
and as you breathe in the galaxies and the history of the world
you breath out the clouds, overwhelmed by relief

gently tapping the cold areoplane body
whilst you watch the ashes fall as shooting stars
which cut through the darkness
and scatter onto the Earth like glitter

and as you smoke the stars
your lungs are lined with golden dust
dust of the kings and emperors
dust of the stars
product of 15 minutes in a library
sara Jun 2014
this is not a poem about love
and I will not talk about how you taste of sour patch kids
or how your laugh illuminates my blackened soul

this is not a poem about love
and i will not mention the way you hold me like i am the answers
you discovered whilst exploring the depths of the universe

this is not a poem about love
and i will not speak of the way you ignite the dwindling fire in my heart
with a simple smile

this is not a poem about love
and i will not reference how you shade in the blanks of my mind
with vibrant hues of your perfect self

this is not a poem about love
but i will never make a good liar
and, my dear, you have captured me
denial is a funny thing
sara Jun 2014
i will watch as you walk away with pieces of my brittle heart lodged into your palms
and i hope they sting every time her hand slips into yours

i will watch empty promises tumble from your mouth as you exhale  
and i hope you choke on them

and as you breathe in every molecule of her perfume
i hope the scent stings your nose

i will watch you kiss her and kiss her and kiss her
and i hope it's the best experience of your life

so i watch you fall from grace as she discards you like a jumper she has outgrown
and i taste the same sweet satisfaction you did when she kissed you

i watch as a drunken mess
because the hangovers hurt much less than even a fleeting thought of you
once again:
whoever you think this is about, think again
1.4k · Dec 2018
God save the Queen
sara Dec 2018
I think the world is ending
and I really wish I didn’t.
There’s a rat under the floorboards
and a knife inside the kitchen,
and in the alley by the bins
a man there ******.

The streets all smell of *****,
and ******* indecision
has us riddled
in the middle
of our end and our beginning.

In the town a politician
with a jet black tongue
licks the seal on our decisions
without every truly listening
to anyone.
well done, Britain x
1.2k · May 2014
The Exception
sara May 2014
Let me start by saying
I don't believe in love
But please let me explain
that it's just a rule of thumb

I say I hate the world
as I have a fear of rejection
I'm slightly socially awkward
especially when showing affection

However, beneath the surface
is another side to me
which i hide away from the world
for only a few to see:

I act like I'm the best
because I feel like I'm the worst
I shake my fringe and lower my head
when I'm uncomfortable or hurt

I have a tendency to overthink
and I get jealous easily
and I find it hard admit
as I'm afraid of people seeing all of me

I don't like to tell people these things
as it makes me feel vulnerable
just like I'll only sing to you
when I am feeling comfortable

I know you know I say 'shut up'
when what I really mean is 'yes'
there's a reason I'm telling you all these thing
that I probably should confess

I wanted to let you know me
but I was unsure how to do it
so I had to write a poem
or I'd be too awkward to get through it

So I have to tell you in a poem
how I really feel
before I change my mind
and the truth is never revealed

I say I'm really good with words
when actually, I'm just average
I'll say one thing but you'll know I mean another
if you watch my body language

I say that i don't give a ****
and that is sometimes true
but you can tell I'm lying
if I can't look at you

I've said I don't believe in love
yet I believe in fate
and I guess I like you quite a bit
so I'll tell it to you straight

i don't like expressing emotions
so forgive me if I'm blunt
but listen close to this
because I'll only say it once


I like the way you sing to me
though sometimes out of tune
I like the way when we lie down
you let me be the little spoon

I like how we don't have to talk
when we lay side by side
I love it when you tell me
that you miss me late at night

I hate your slow replies
but that's only because I'm needy
I like how we think we're really cute
when others think we're cheesy

I like the way you're patient
and how you hold my hand
i like the way you're respectful
and the way you understand

I like how we feel comfortable
when we're around each other
but i have to admit you're super annoying
when you steal all the covers

Your eyes, I've noticed, do this thing
where they go really soft
and i don't know if you knew
but you do it quite a lot

I like the way that sometimes
in your kitchen we'll slow dance
And normally I'm quite wary
but with you I took a chance

i hate the way you outsmart me
and how you're often right
I hate the way you cross my mind
every single night

I laugh at the face you make
when my hair falls in the way
I find it funny how we insult each other
at least five times a day

'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'
is what we both live by
but I know I won't feel worthy of you
however hard I may try

I've said I don't believe in love
as it's a common misconception
but maybe I'm starting to think
that every rule has an exception
1.1k · Jun 2014
Welcome to Wonderland
sara Jun 2014
a blonde waitress in a diner on minimum wage
located off route 66
reads a battered book with a missing last page
hoping to find a quick fix

with no family, friends, or cash to her name
she needed to find a way out
but a greying old man with a monocle came
and quickly sorted her out

he placed a tablet before her
and ran off in a terrible state
but he called back over his shoulder
"oh my goodness, how could i be late?"

she was puzzled and thought she had imagined it
as the night shifts had made Alice sleepy
but she peered down at the strange looking tablet
and made out the two words 'eat me'

'what harm could it do?' she inquired
as she carefully picked up the pill
as she swallowed, her throat was on fire
and she began to feel rather ill

her surroundings, they became hazy
and her the blood in her body ran cold
she convinced herself it was a daydream
as she felt herself fall down a hole

she fell with a thud, then looked around
and noticed that objects were massive
then she realised that she was 10 feet underground
stuck in a dark, ***** passage

a light in the distance lead her to a door
'what's behind it?' Alice then wondered
and as she was now incredibly small
she was able to just slip right under

peering around, she was taken aback
as Alice saw things she did not understand
in the midst of the night lay a large cheshire cat
which grinned and said 'Welcome to Wonderland'
i know the details aren't right and it's not really in chronological order but it's just my interpretation of alice and wonderland by lewis carroll because that dude was high as **** when he wrote it :)))))))))))))
1.0k · Apr 2018
Hard to handle
sara Apr 2018
Cover up the mirrors and I'll find somewhere to look,
rip me into pieces like the pages from your book,
smudge me into ink stains, stick a needle in my eye,
scribble over my mistakes and cross me out with lines.

Turn me inside out to wash and
hang me out to dry,
drown me in a dried up lake
and burn me out by fire,

spit me out like sour grapes,
leave me like an ageing wine,
just now, I've quite the bitter taste
but I still need a little time.
Catharsis in a poem- felt very grounded after spitting this out
958 · Apr 2018
A visit from the truth
sara Apr 2018
Deep down I know what I'm searching to find
I race through the trees but there's nowhere to hide
I follow the scent but it all smells like pine
I look hard for the truth, but then lock it outside.

I leave it shaking, shivering, cold
on a mountain top where the four winds blow
Until I start drinking; warm, inside, alone
then I'll unlock the door, invite truth to come over.

"You can't stay for long", but he takes a seat
and comfortably downs a large gulp of my drink.
My lips to his neck and his tongue to my mouth,
in the thick of it all, it all somehow comes out

What I want, what I need
Things that I couldn't see
Things I ran from, tripped up on so frequently
Labelled them nightmares, just too scared to dream;
I learned to stop running when truth came to me.
don't run I guess is the moral of the story
932 · Jul 2014
something in the way
sara Jul 2014
there's something in the way the waves ripple upon the shore
there's something in the loudness of whispers you can't ignore

there's something in the way my eyes don't sparkle anymore
and I think there's something about it, but i guess i can't be sure

there's something in the way that we leave this world, alone
and there was danger in the way that, in you, I felt at home

there was something in the way that words just glided from your lips
and there were undertones of poison the last time that we kissed

there's something in the way that tears leave tracks all down your face
and there's something in the way you were gone without a trace

there's something in the way a candle flickers in the dark
and there's a universal understanding that most goodbyes are hard

there's something in the way that words can break a heart
yet there's a gentle kind of beauty in the way we fell apart
coming out of block now, first poem in about a month

bitter isn't better, make peace with your past x
916 · Jul 2018
please, hold
sara Jul 2018
I don't have the time of day
to beg for pardon 'til you stay,
to get down on my knees and pray;
for it to rain, just all the same.

I don't have the trust in you.
You choose comfort, I choose new.
You'll hear it once, you swear it true:
the sky rains black; you're sure it's blue.

It's just like paint, a blood-red heart,
a colour sample on a chart;
I'll build an abstract sculpture, craft
it carefully and call it art.

Then, I'll sell all that I create
and save enough to walk away,
whilst you're left dripping wet with rain.
Whatever made you think I'd wait?
Sorry, but why do people leave then try to come back into your life as if time froze when they left ¿¿¿¿¿
912 · Mar 2018
No, thanks
sara Mar 2018
I've got too many books that I just don't read
and too many lines which I need not speak
and so many times I still forget to breathe
So darling, you're not what I need

I've so many thoughts running through my mind
and too many lines in queue for me to write them
and so many mates who could do with good advice
So darling, I've not got the time

I've seen too many films and I've seen this bit
I've had too many drugs and I know this trip
I can't play the guitar but I've played this riff
So darling, why don't we just leave it?

Sometimes I speak slightly at an angle,
or blow money out quick like a candle.
Sometimes I'll be too heavy to handle
so don't pick me up because I could be ******* fragile.

I've been to all the shows and I know this song
and I'll still get the key, tune, note, words wrong
and I've a long list of friends where it's been way too long
I'm sorry, you're not what I want
why do ppl need a justification when theyve already been turned down ??

half poem half song idek just a spitball

Sorry about the punctuation
794 · May 2014
natural high
sara May 2014
escape to my world
where all things are equal
and the sun chases the moon
across the vast night sky

as day turns to night
and love turns to fright
you'll see me struggling
through the turbulant winds of life

as the leaf hits the ground
and there is no one around
this command of nature is simply forgotten

but as the cigarette ashes blow
through the whistling winds
they disintegrate like the hopes
and dreams of many

the universe is vast and complex
too complex to comprehend
wrote this kinda high idk what this means
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