sara 4h
From down the hallway
I hear an old pianist play
a slow and tentative tune,
fitting for a grey day in late June.

The top half, just like chimes in the wind;
the bottom chords ask that rain will fall again;
the birds, in chorus, twittering:
all out of love for rain in the spring.
I really like grey days
  1d sara
David Boff
Today I witnessed a man jogging in Flip Flops
it was like watching my Granddad dance to Hip-Hop
pre hip-op
True Story. Sorry Granddad.
Indigo Feathers
Tucked in peony petals
Foretell lovely doom
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 49
sara 2d
I stopped waiting for letters which never arrived;
when it started costing me minute per mile;
per smile;
per song that I'd skip for a while.
Making it rain with my valuable time
-wearing a coat in the summer time.

Stopped avoiding my postbox,
to the relief of my landlord,
and happily paid the bills so long ignored.
Drank less, ate more,
much more- self-assured
with one less page in my passport.

I stopped "letting you know,"
popping up,
"just to say hello,"
and "wandering if you fancied coming
or going
to some place unknown."

Cleaned out my head;
cleared out my lungs;
wrote once again, for myself, just for fun;
listened to every song on the album;
all whilst lying naked
underneath the summer sun.
About 10 months ago I moved to Thailand for my studies- had such a massive year this year and learned so much about self love and happiness  ^.^
This piece is from the second journal in my trip
  2d sara
The flowers bloomed this morn
sun drenched, love permeated
a bright blue vision pierced my eye

the winds shifted ever slightly so
grabbing my attention and view
with her boundless and beautiful sky

brightness gripped then lingered
in the newness of dawn
greeting with a vigor and a song
that played softly in my heart

style gave way to form
grasses bent and lilacs swung
colour bursts grazed my cheek
as Monday up and swirled

the dew turned and kissed my being
a crisp chill concealed
and contained in every feel

thoughts hesitated then hushed
you entered and eased my mind
blooming with the flowers
ever pretty, you're just too kind
sara 3d
You were my sunshine,
my only sunshine;
since, you set behind the hills of time,
have finally seen the beauty in moonlight.
never be with people who don't encourage you to be your best self
Oh no you don't, website.

I want no part of this selection process.

Please remove this.
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