Jul 2015 sara
Jack Kerouac

The low yellow
moon above the
Quiet lamplit house.

  Jul 2015 sara
Jack Kerouac

Birds singing
in the dark
—Rainy dawn.

  Jul 2015 sara
Sarah Spang

If I could barter time itself
And make the past today,
I'd hand away the future
For parts of yesterday.

If I could trade my happiness
And pluck it from tomorrow,
I'd binge on what you brought to me
To stave off all this sorrow

If I could turn my back away
From my own form of nature
I'd hold the hallowed night away
To have the Sun forever.

Once the day is done, it's gone;
No touching yesterday.
And only I can salvage smiles
From the wreck I've made.

  Jul 2015 sara
raine cooper

i don't know how to do anything other than love you
even when you're the storm
pushing away shelter
i will wait for you
when you bury yourself in sadness, i will bloody my fingers and dig you out
when you can't find your self belief
i will hold your hands and love you anyway
when your mind becomes a battlefield
i will bring a sword to fight your demons

i'll become silence when there is noise
i'll be an open palm when all you can do is close your fists
i will teach you how to speak when your heart has nothing to say
and one day,  
you will die with the knowledge,
that somebody loved you,
more than she loved herself

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