sara 4d
Deep down I know what I'm searching to find
I race through the trees but there's nowhere to hide
I follow the scent but it all smells like pine
I look hard for the truth but then lock it outside

I leave it shaking, shivering, cold
on a mountain top where the four winds blow
Until I start drinking; warm, inside, alone
then I'll unlock the door, invite truth to come over

"You can't stay for long", but he takes a seat
and comfortably takes a few gulps of my drink.
My lips to his neck and his tongue to my mouth,
in the thick of it all, it all somehow comes out

What I want, what I need
Things that I couldn't see
Things I ran from, tripped up on frequently
Labelled them nightmares, just too scared to dream
I learned to stop running when truth came to me
don't run I guess is the moral of the story
sara Apr 3
I want to watch it not mean anything
for, in a way, that's all it can ever mean
Same old doubts, the same old streets
same old conker on a new shoestring

I want to watch it not mean anything
if it means that I'll never have to think again.
In painful vain I attempt to ascertain;
I do wonder every now and then.

I want to watch it not mean anything
because in a way that is everything-all it can be
for all that the eye can see:
are ice caps that we don't even notice are melting
is everything basically the same as nothing?
  Mar 15 sara
mercy party
sorry i am not happiness, roses and sunshine
she lives one town over just down route 49
where the sun sets on the tracks
and the odds are pretty stacked
that if you go tonight
i'd bet my wife
that there's no coming back

chase the one it all seems real enough
take my car and turn right off the bluff
hang on there for your new flame
just know i will never be the same

for every lover there is an old lover and a scar
four hundred dollars might just buy you a running car
so hold your breath for eighteen hours through the Midwest
so you can walk in on what she's been doing best.

chase the one it all seems real you know
like you're the only one who has been to mexico
get on the plane its the hardest part
but you wont know pain until it all falls apart.

just down the dirt
there is just more dirt.
  Mar 9 sara
Ciel Noir
We are such            clever creatures to divide
Most everything             into its different sides
With chaos versus             order, dark and light
The stark duality of         wrong and right
We even split the very        world in two
With human versus human,       we and you
But still no matter how much      we divide
Each thing has infinitely many      sides
sara Mar 7
I've got too many books that I just don't read
and too many lines which I need not speak
and so many times I still forget to breathe
So darling, you're not what I need

I've so many thoughts running through my mind
and too many lines in queue for me to write them
and so many mates who could do with good advice
So darling, I've not got the time

I've seen too many films and I've seen this bit
I've had too many drugs and I know this trip
I can't play the guitar but I've played this riff
So darling, why don't we just leave it?

Sometimes I speak slightly at an angle,
or blow money out quick like a candle.
Sometimes I'll be too heavy to handle
so don't pick me up because I could be fucking fragile.

I've been to all the shows and I know this song
and I'll still get the key, tune, note, words wrong
and I've a long list of friends where it's been way too long
I'm sorry, you're not what I want
why do ppl need a justification when theyve already been turned down ??

half poem half song idek just a spitball

Sorry about the punctuation
sara Mar 3
It looks so cavalier
but it smells just like rebellion.
Alcohol cannot conceal
insincere intention.

I like it, though.
It suits you well.
But before you begin to boast;
remember that liquid confidence lasts for a night at most.
the effects of alcohol are varied yet somehow all the same ??
sara Mar 3
The thunder claps loudly
but the following silence is heavier.
Two sets of eyes search for comfort in darkness
-they're blinded when the sky blinks red again.
The clouds sigh green,
it's not deep- you're 16
but you sigh, when
you're asked
to repeat
what you said
found this poem in an old notebook
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