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Arise Apr 13
Did your mom know the pain you'd bring,
When I caught you with that hickey on your neck?
Your lies echoed through the phone on that facetime ring,
And I felt my heart shatter like a fragile wreck.

I thought you were my love, my world, my all,
But now I see the cracks in our foundation.
How could you let our love so easily fall,
And leave me with nothing but devastation?

I trusted you with my heart and soul,
But now I'm left with a bitter taste of deceit.
The pain and betrayal have taken their toll,
And I'm left wondering if our love was just a deceitful treat.

So now I'm standing here, alone and broken,
Wondering how I could have been so blind.
The love we shared has been shattered and token,
And I'm left picking up the pieces of my shattered mind.

But through this pain and heartbreak, I'll find my way,
And I'll learn to love again, stronger and wiser than before.
I'll find a love that will never stray,
And leave behind the hurt and the heartache of yore.
Arise Jan 3
Ivy, you are the poison of my love
Wrapping around my heart like a glove
Your beauty is like a deadly sin
But still, I want you to be within

Your touch is like a venomous kiss
But I crave it, oh how I miss
The way you make me feel alive
Even though you are the love I can't thrive

I know I should stay away
But my desire for you won't sway
You are the poison I want to taste
My love for you, I can't replace

Ivy, you are the love I want bad
But I fear the consequences, oh so sad
Still, I'll risk it all for you
Because without you, my love is blue

Ivy, you are the poison I can't resist
But with you, my love I won't miss
I'll take the risk and hold on tight
Because with you, everything feels right
Arise Dec 2022
He was a man of quiet depth,
An INFJ with a heart of gold,
He loved her more than anything,
But fate had a story yet untold.

He had to leave, to disappear,
To go where she could not follow,
To fulfill a duty, a calling,
That he could not ignore or swallow.

He hoped that she would understand,
That his love for her would never fade,
But he knew that he would always miss her,
Every moment that they were apart, every single day.

He promised to return to her,
To hold her close and never let go,
To love her with all his heart,
To make her his, forevermore.

But until that day, he would wait,
Holding on to hope and love,
Hoping that she would stay true,
And that they would one day be reunited, above.
Arise Dec 2022
She liked the drunk poet writing
She hated me with the drink
I started to write since that day
Will she love me back,
I'm thinking
She broke her leg, lets meet,
she said NO, I'm stinking,
Her taste, her smell i still have,
that she keeps bringing.
I long to hold her close and tight,
To feel her breath upon my neck,
To taste the sweetness of her lips,
To drown in her love's ocean depths.
But she remains just out of reach,
A dream that fades with morning light,
A memory that haunts my days,
A love that I can't set right.
I'll keep on writing, night and day,
Hoping that someday she'll see,
That I'm the one who loves her true,
And that our love was meant to be.
Arise Aug 2022
you are my kite,
i put you high
i made you fly
but you were going too far, tiny
risking the it all
the wind might blow you
the thunder might catch you
i love the way i see you,
i never thought of what you've felt
how i tried to control you,
Arise Jul 2022
i am getting why
the people die
when they have a heart break,
the pain is so hard,
the chests starts to ach,
which they were not ready to take.

i am getting why
that one guy had suicide
hanging himself of a heart break,
he's dreams were crashed,
the truths and lies were flashed,
which he was not ready to take,
Arise Jul 2022
You are not good to see,
But good to bee
You’re the honey
The sun shine,
You swim like a his beams in the sea
You bloom like no one else to me.
I can take you as the jazz in the rain
Yes, you’ve brought me to the pain
The chaotic instrument in your noise
I fell for you not by the choice
you are not good to see
But you are good to be

You are not just a blue to the sea
You’ve become the distorted hue to me
The ugly face seems beautiful now when i read
The low quality
Piles of lies you’d thrown to me
I adored your warmth in this heat
My precious heart lullabies to your beat
At all, that night I couldn’t sleep
I found no tears to sob
I couldn’t weep

Yes the flowers are good to bee,
******* the nectar is what they seek,
I had to be one of the those bee,
I though this flower belongs only me.
Poor bee,
don’t expect them the loyalty,
of course, you are not good to see,
you were ,
good to be.

Yes, this is a one sided story,
the story where you'd wronged me,
showing my love was kept unseen,
one sided story it was always been

Flower allows the bees to ****
btches allows the dogs to fck
One flower one bee, imagine, you can’t
Here dogs are loyal but ******* ain’t
- Jijibisa Mero
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