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Unrequited Love Aug 2017
I've been good enough to do a lot of things for a lot of people.

I've never been good enough to be unconditionally Loved
Unrequited Love Mar 2017
Wow, this boy really ****** me up.
Just my thought every time you cross my mind.
Unrequited Love Feb 2017
I wanted him.

I wanted him more than anything.

Every fiber of my body was attracted to this boy.

And I believed every lie he told me, about him wanting me.

Long story short.

He didn't want me at all.
I'm just absolutely broken.
Unrequited Love Jun 2016
Today I told someone I loved them, and I ment to more than I could ever describe in words.

But there was a niggling thought in the back of my head.

"It's too soon," it whispered.

"You should have waited. It's too soon."

People will judge me. They will think I'm foolish.

But who is anyone else to tell me about how I love someone?

And since when does falling in love haveĀ a set rules?

Why should I let society decide that my love isn't real, because they don't belive someone can feel this strongly for somone so soon?

It took me eight months to say it to my X.

And I can honestly say that feeling was like a drop in the ocean, compared to how I feel now.

So yes you can say it's too soon.

Frankly I don't give a ****.
Unrequited Love May 2016
I think I could lie in bed with you forever,
And still lose myself in your eyes every time you smile.

I could kiss you all day,and still need a good bye kiss when you leave.


You're going to completely destroy me, aren't you?
I was so hell bent on being alone and you had to show up.
Unrequited Love Jan 2016
I feel a part of me slowly dying every moment we are apart.

I can't live without you.

This feeling can't even be classified as heart break. Because my entire body is falling apart.

I can't do this...
Unrequited Love Dec 2015
Ending a relationship is like breaking a glass.

If you stand up and calmly, pick up the pieces, and carefully clean up. All you'll have lost is some time and the glass.

If you rush and get angry, or act irrationally, you will get cut and end up unnecessarily hurt.
Just a thought I had today after dropping a glass. It's been 4 days since he left me.
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