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Elizabeth Nov 9
We don’t talk like we use to
We don’t talk much at all
But whenever we do talk
You say you think of me often
I hope it’s happy thoughts
I want to lift your spirits
I don’t want to haunt you anymore
Elizabeth Nov 7
Your past isn’t who you are
It helped shape you
But it does not define you
Or your future
Elizabeth Nov 2
The truth is,
Beauty is in the details
Pay attention
You don’t want to miss it
Elizabeth Oct 29
Maybe I’m lost
Maybe my thoughts are irrational
At times delusional
Stuck in the past
I try to stay balanced the best I can
But I always seem to float away
Flying too high
I lose my grip on reality
When those tornado thoughts return
I just want to run
But I can’t run anymore
Elizabeth Oct 28
I couldn’t look you in the eyes
I wasn't strong enough to see
Wasn't strong enough to feel
It was too painful to bear
I couldn’t share my thoughts,
My feelings
With this tornado mind
They were impossible to grasp
I didn’t understand
I spiraled into darkness
Letting go of your hand
I heard the voices screaming
Telling me to stop
I wasn’t a safe person anymore
I had to leave and set you free
I needed to protect you from myself
Elizabeth Sep 26
I hope we made it out
Of this tornado mind of mine for the last time
This one went too far
Cut too deep
Violently swirling
Whipping my thoughts
Destruction I now can’t comprehend
Ripping the light from me
I’m at a loss for words with blood on my hands
Elizabeth Sep 15
When you step into the light
Feel the warmth on your skin
Let it fill your body and soul
Only then will you be truly happy
All you need is a little sunshine
To set yourself free
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