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  Apr 6 un-loved
Castles are only walls
made to look pretty.
Kingdoms can only fall
because they aren't that pretty.
You treasure decorations
over things that
do their job.
they are disposable
and beauty
is not.
un-loved Apr 6
i hung up my mirror this morning
and i realized
it wasn't my face i saw

not a "pretty girl" anymore
but a woman
the same woman that my mother was
the woman my sisters would be
the woman that i regrettably am.

i saw a person that would no doubt
run from every one of her problems
abandon her life
over and over
until she had nothing left

i saw a face that i had seen in my dreams
in my nightmares
and in life all the same

i took the mirror back down
and broke it
un-loved Apr 6
she's someone new
but she isn't

a lifelong friend
making me feel
the fluttery wings
of little pink butterflies inside
small and soft
billowing silk
holding me up

sort of like the curtains
in my old bedroom
pink and flying
in the ocean wind

i don't think i love her
but i really could
un-loved Apr 6
my words are who i am
and somewhere along they line
i stopped writing who i was
i wrote for you to read
but i won't do that anymore
i wont let myself
be only for you
my words are who i am
and i am not yours anymore
sorry not sorry
un-loved Apr 4
i wish i could help you
because i know how it hurts
i wish i could save you
because ive been there before
but i cant if you cant let me
and i cant help wondering
if you pushing me away
means you need me gone
or if its a cry for me to hold you closer

i am not going to get any better
i have struggled with my problems for my entire life
and i will continue to for the rest of it
but i can be better for you
you can come back from this
you have a chance
please dont waste it.

coming from a person that felt how you feel
when she was six
let someone help you
let people in
or you will lose your chance
this is not something you can do alone

if anything i have ever said
meant anything you
then listen to this.
let someone love you
get better
if nothing else
do it for me

let someone love you
i do love you. that isn't subject to change, but you have to get better.
un-loved Apr 2
stuck in a loop
of i love you
a repeat song
playing for an empty room

is it you
or is it just the gramophone
good ol' eddie was pretty legit
un-loved Apr 2
can you go inside yourself
see who's in there
understand that someone is in there
and ask yourself
is that someone
who you want them to be?

do you know who you are?
not just what you like
or who you know
but everything that makes you

you don't.
you can't.
nobody can.

so don't try to change him
you can't change him
and if you don't
if you don't love that someone
then please,
let somebody love that someone
or he will rot
and die
and so will you
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