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 Feb 2015 Janine
Third Legacy
such a lovely time
to be my Valentine
if only our words
could ever rhyme

no, I won't give you flowers
or chocolates in a box
I'd rather give you a mixtape
and a case full of luck

I'd send you a letter
with words of my own
one so poetic
one so very grown~

out of love, out of sight
love as warm as the night
O' thine eyes shine so bright!
mirrors the elegant moonlight

**** me softly with your hug
send me off with your kiss
grant me heartily with your words
as I marvel at the bliss~

of how You say You love me
as I fall in it again
as the cold breeze tries and makes me
freeze in time,  asking when~

I'll be seeing you once more
in this Valentine time's dream
save the date, **** the luck
for when reality hits me clean
 Feb 2015 Janine
Cher Kiyuki,
 Feb 2015 Janine
You're worth more than a poem.
But for now,
I'll try my best to make this much more than just a poem:
but a message from me.

What you don't know is,
every time she feels down, she rereads all your kind words.
When she's bored, you're not on,
she rereads them.
She spends all her time thinking about you.
She cherishes you,
You're the best she ever had.

She takes everything about you,
devours them, slowly savoring all the good bits (which is everything),
and then keeps them tattooed all over me,
never to be removed.
Each and every letter, engrained onto me with a flourish,
a kiss,
trailing her hands behind, stroking the way the gorgeous letters look
all aligned together to make such beautiful sentences.

Her eyes trail every word,
her hands caress the wonder machine that brought her you,
her ears thrumming with the sounds of you,
the music notes floating into her ears,
the way water flows,
for you are better than just any ordinary ocean.

You may call her an ocean,
but you are more than that.
The ocean only takes up 75% of Earth.
You are much more.
You are her sky,
her universe.

You hold the stars in your heart,
twinkling like little rubies.
Just like the moon and the sun,
you see everything.
The clouds are your façade,
and the rain,
your tears.

And all she wants to be is the satellite,
to explore you and learn everything about you,
to always circle around and around,
to never leave.

I know you won't break me,
or her.
And for that,
I am forever in your debt.
So come to me when you need me,
I will do anything to serve my prince.

With Great Love,
The Creep's Heart
There's my valentines day gift for my boyfriend ^^ Je t'aime, et merci beaucoup pour ton attention et amour. Vous êtes beaux et tres sympa. :) happy valentines day, mr. Right!
(Sorry this ***** ^^")

Comeback when you hear this song
By 2PM
 Feb 2015 Janine
y i k e s
are you too shy to talk?


too shy to tell me to go away?
 Feb 2015 Janine
DC raw love
who are you
is the end near
you ******* freak
you darkened red angel
thrown down from the heavens
to bring nothing but temptation and ****
some say a commit will fall from the skies
with meteor showers and tidal ways
or will bombs fix it all soon
**** all your reasons
i pray for my way
a life away
 Feb 2015 Janine
 Feb 2015 Janine
My breath caught
the words abandoned me
my Heart collapsed
it shivered then crumbled,
in it’s shattered state
I stared at an empty sheet of paper
trying to fill the blank spaces
but all I see is scenes of the past
they flow over the page like water
taunting me
screaming soundlessly
writhing and twisting like monstrous nightmares
these shadows I tried to contain
these demons I tried to drown
the past I tried to suppress
but they refuse to be ignored
No they demand my attention like greedy beasts
they claw at my mind
Demanding I let them out of their cage
it’s tempting
but letting them out would break me
they bear the memories I wish I could burn
they carry the pain he left
the insecurities he loved to force upon my mind
all the tears I wasted on them
worst of all they throw my fear and guilt at me
these monstrous nightmarish demons
claw at my soul while they tear at my mind
they beg for my destruction
and I can feel them getting free
the tears race down my cheeks to stain my chest
my eyes finally see the fading scars on my skin
and my body once again learns to hate itself
my mind commits every imperfection to memory
and whispers
“you’ll never be good enough”
the tears come faster
my mind whispers
“you can not ignore these demons”
my body screams at me
my mind whispers
“there is no escape, no way to appease me”
my bones tremble in disgust
my mind whispers
“you will never be loved”
my soul cries out
my mind whispers
“you'll never be enough, only I can 'love' you”
my heart bleeds
my mind whispers
“only I truly know how ugly and scarred you are"
My breath caught
the words abandoned me
my Heart collapsed
it shivered then crumbled,
in it’s shattered state
I stared at an empty sheet of paper
trying to fill the blank spaces
only to find blood spattered pages
Took forever for me to decide whether or not to leave that last line in there. I just kinda said ***** it. Hope it's liked!
Just as the Osaka Sun must leave the sky from the Tokyo moon,
us who once were Lovers In Japan must depart,
no I shall not See You Soon,
for even the thought of seeing you breaks my heart…
For we were young and The World Turned Upside Down,
I sat, I crawled, and I walked…
Now I run from the thought of you I cannot turn around,
For soon I shall fly through this Rainy Day’s sky
and memories of U&I; shall past me by…
as we sink
into the chasm of despair
while the world around us
becomes ever more
cruel and unpredictable
we will remember poetry
that we lost
and this will be the last thing
to remember
 Feb 2015 Janine
Amber Bowen
 Feb 2015 Janine
Amber Bowen
Veracious verses of promise poured from your lips
Filling my lungs with pure intentions
My blood didn't feel so cold
Not a coherent thought in sight
Only the hum of the fan in the background
We didn't need the light to see
Guiding one another like the blind
Skin against skin, shivering throughout
Pleasure dancing across the surface
As we immerse ourselves in each other
Rugged heart and banished soul
Bound together as one entirely
In those moments, I felt whole and alive
I wasn't just yours, nor you only mine
But instead, we were woven together
Forgetting the world and making our own
Losing ourselves throughout the rest of the night
I'd give anything for another night like that.
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