December Nov 14
During twilight
under the moon light
glared the stars
walked for endless hours
we held ourselves together
but our bodies never saw each other
though our undefined soul
took steps as whole
and we started to walk
and our souls continued to talk
December Apr 2
Thumping up heart
Holding your hand
Mentally *******
Waiting for my chance
Waving my hands up in the sky
I don't why I wasn't in your heart
It's not the first time for me
It's just like thali without panneer
I m used to it
And I can repeat it
Atlast I wanna say that
I m way too good at goodbyes.
December Apr 1
The first time
For the first time I m feeling like
I may explode
our lips had been soaked
whole room turned into a complete mess
we had done this before
but this moment when we are holding ourselves tight
and laughing like there's no one else in the neighborhood
it feels like our love is immortable
And no one else can own u
  with the passage of time changes
Years had passed
And now when I see u in front of me
Nothing has changed
Only my hands had replaced by an other guy
December Mar 16
for a moment if I stop
and if I think about us
it feels like time is furious
I m not getting the proper word for which I am looking for
the word which reflects my emotions
it's not love coz everyone loves one or other person
but our feelings for each other is more than love
we may see many lovers in our life
but I bet that our relation would be far beautiful than those

every songs that I wrote
is meant for u
there would be no singers
no music
no orchestra
but it has words to convey my emotions
and a beautiful audience
that's u

sometimes I feel that
problems just chases us only
today when we see our life itself
whole world is trying to apart us
but I don't know when they'll realize that
we r meant for each other
and we're never ever gonna be separated

u were there in my all ups and downs
and gave me courage enough to move on
we had fights, sleepless nights, late night talks, secret kisses, warm hugs and endless gossips
and really it feels like
our relation had only started yesterday
I want spent my rest of my life this itself
after 40-50 years
when we turn old and gray
I simply want to hold ur hand and tell u
we made it
December Mar 3
Dear Señorita
Words and time ain't be enough to express you
but it would take only seconds to think about you
you might be the worst one or
you might be the hated one
but for me
you are bestest one
I promise you that
you will be always immortal
as you will always
stay alive in my retrospects
and with my rhymes
she...her smile... her giggles ... her memories..and her warmth ... rejoice me...what about you?
December Mar 1
Everyone makes friends and
everyone must have one
and unfortunately i too had one.
The one whom I trusted the most or
the one whom I thought would stay forever.
I was indeed wrong in many turns
but thought that I will not in this
faith always chased me
and proved me that
I was once again wrong
I mistakenly trusted that
understandings would be there
but my selfishness spoiled everything
Those over talking, over giggling & over chatting
ruined my relation
and it took only a short period of time
which gave me a message from that friend
at 11:47
I can't be your friend like I was used to before
December Feb 27
i think it's gonna be a sleepless night for me
this happiness can't be measured.
Had told you many times,
has told you many times,
and will tell you that,
I love you.

I m just a random boy in this world
and never ever wanted to be spotted by anyone
I m still in surprise that
how did u got me
and loved me like we were just made for each other,

today when you're eyes welled up
I couldn't handle my tears too
when u held my hands
I couldn't handle my happiness
when you're with me
I just want to say that
this is my life

I want to hide myself in your arms
listen to your melodies everyday
hug u every second
kiss you every moment
and never wanted to be apart from u
cuz, I m afraid of this world without u
but if u r with me then
even if the whole world turns around us
I'll be there with u and protect you as ur father
and I'll love u forever
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