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Unknown Aug 2015
You wake up everyday for school
feeling like your not as cool
there all calling you a fool
and their laying down the rules
they all call you so many names
you feel like your drowning in a pool
school isn't for learning anymore
its just becoming hell for some
just because they wanna be a ***
thinking its all fun?
nah its actually pretty dumb
people becoming numb
from all this hate
hoping someone could try and open a gate
try and get them out all this hate
... before its to late
why tho?
because she's not as rich
and you wanna be a *****
well listen here honey
how bout you go crawl in a ditch
everybody has there own story
not everybody can be wearing abercrombie and fitch
so listen here ***** you can hop off now
and give yourself a bow
I don't know how
but take a bow
congradulate how much hate you make
because they found the girl you were bullying
not only in depression but dead in a lake
when are you gonna wake up and realize
this **** isn't a joke
Ever need someone to talk to? I'm here for you. I understand everybody

— The End —