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unknown Jun 2015
I call you my hero because all you did was save me and left.
*Im aching to see you agian one day.
Maybe one day I'll see you agian.
unknown Jun 2015
We're all going to die at some point of our life's. We might as well start making it unforgettably adventurous, full of risks and memories. Instead of a life filled with regrets and "what if's."
unknown Jun 2015
I don't regret meeting you,
or having feelings for you at all.
Actually meeting you and everything else made me the happiest person alive.
I just want you to leave my mind already.
unknown Jun 2015
I remember when I would always see you,
my heart would skip beats.
Now another has that affect on me.
who knew I'd finally get over you.
unknown May 2015
Maybe it's true
Im a fool for you
I think about it everyday
But maybe there is a way
To go back
Change our path track
Will I ever forget?
I'm not sure yet.
Incase this doesn't last
I'll leave it in the past
losing my self over you was bad
but it's the best adventure I've ever had.
unknown May 2015
Nobody is the same, every body changes. Every year. That's what helps us grow.
maybe that's why you're a old friend inside
but a total stranger in the outside.
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