Apr 2017 · 242
New year!

Eating a bowl of noodles
Slurping the squiggly lines to extinction.

Gulping down the boiling hot broth
Coughing a bit, breathing a lot.

Wishing everyone a happy new year.

Apr 2017 · 648

her existence is the reason for my daily anxiety
each step, i drown in the deep blue ocean.
the path of innocence & contrite,  i take
i throw them all in a casket,
then get to bed.

Mar 2017 · 509

Climbing the hills to nowhere
Enjoying each step,
With sweat and exhaustion
Still with smile and joy on our faces;
Rose blooming on everyone's cheek
Top of the mountain, I see
Time comes to an end but with wondérful memories engraved in our brain.

Mar 2017 · 155

Put your head down
Don’t let her in
nor out;
Close your eyes
Twist your neck
Hear the crackle
Read but can’t
Think,only think
Ooops it’s already 6 am
I guess it’s time to wake up

— The End —