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 Nov 8 unholy ghost
Rose K
i betray myself every night,
when i sneak off
and see you in my dreams.
Why am I always the one to apologise?
Even though you hurt me first...
Said you'd be there,
Then chuck me aside.
So when is it I retaliate,
Push you away so I won't get hurt,
Do you say I'm the one who's hurting you,
But not acknowledge what you did first?
Doesn't matter what we have
But what we become.
is far more important
 Mar 21 unholy ghost
Did you know I loved you
when you left, last fall?
I didn't tell you
but, I thought you saw.
Now, you're not that far
still you never call.

I'm happy now
well, I want to be.

Sometimes, I wonder
do you think of me?
The smell of your shirt
when you talked me down from the edge
the middle of winter
in an overcrowded pub
has been my sanity

The sound of your voice
on a crowded bus late Friday night
my escape from reality
from the moment we met
you've been the one
who saved me
Nostalgic and sad
 Feb 20 unholy ghost
I would gladly die a whisper
on the tip of your tongue.
 Nov 2019 unholy ghost
Sometimes, it is not about
rising to the challenge
because falling from grace

Just hurts.
It just hurts.

Teeth stained red-
This is not a smile
And this is not a success story,
it is just a story

about life

and it hurts.
 Sep 2019 unholy ghost
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Youllneverunderstand me
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