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 Jan 13 solus
 Jan 13 solus
I wrote your name on a paper
One gloomy December
Old love, new letter
glowing ember
Hello, past lover.
 Aug 2021 solus
Eshwara Prasad
The silence he left behind mirrored his character....

Endured quite a while.
 Aug 2021 solus
 Aug 2021 solus
there'll come a day when we'd smile fondly at the hardships we're currently facing.

there'll come a day when we'd completely heal from whatever gave us pain.

there'll come a day when we don't have to feel like crying.

but 'til then, we just have to feel every single emotion and endure the pouring rain.

but 'til then, we just have to accept we're not okay.

because **** it, that coming day is not today.

why can't it be today?
to better days, whenever they may be.
 Aug 2021 solus
 Aug 2021 solus
You made me crave for more
and left me hanging
on the bridge
when I expected you
to cross the half
of what you asked from me.

Is it still intimacy
or was I mistaken
from the start?
 Aug 2021 solus
 Aug 2021 solus
No longer with the monster I once called my lover
But him being a monster doesn't seem right either
But I can't help it
He put me through hell and back
I can't forget that sometimes there were moments of pure bliss
they just didn't last
what is anyone supposed to do with that information?
All it tells you is that I'm broken
it feels like the trauma bond will never go away
I don't want to be tied to your soul anymore
so how do I let you go?
why am I still in love?
 Aug 2021 solus
Qualyxian Quest
This life and the next
Could it really be?

Do we disappear
Like a droplet in the sea?

Do we begin again
Even endlessly?

Do we sleep forever?
Do we dream our destiny?
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