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Purple Haze Aug 2021
What is courage without a little sense of fear
What is comfort without a little sense of thrill
All these moments matter in this life we call gamble
After all, uncertainty is what fuels it all
Purple Haze Aug 2021
Another sleepless night
It gets bad, it gets so bad
These thoughts are overflowing
All I can do is stare at the ceiling

Then suddenly I can’t feel me
All the doubts are eating me alive
Panic swept through my body
As I sob a subtle cry of help

I hope someone could hear me.
Purple Haze Apr 2021
I hope one day, when you find this,
You'll laugh and shed some ugly tears
I want to tell you how wonderful life is,
With you in it.

You're one heck of a human being,
Your thoughts and words don't often end up well together,
Yet in between those moments,
I see your beautiful mind.

Each day with you feels the same,
The familiar warmth of a summer day
Or the nostalgic smell of coffee and cigarettes,
All those things remind me of home.

Like a Honne song would say, If only you knew.
I hope you would love yourself as much as  I love you
I'm always grateful for having your around
And I'd like to stick around with you as long as I can.
Purple Haze Mar 2021
Amidst the void in my life,
I found you.
And I hope I'll never lose you
Nor myself, ever again
letters from the past years
  Mar 2021 Purple Haze
Eleanor Sinclair
Do you ever wonder
if the painter
tires of his colors?
  Mar 2021 Purple Haze
To be loved is wild, dangerous, and carefree.
To love, it is soft and gentle.
To love from afar, it is bittersweet, lonely, and all the more enchanting.
Purple Haze Mar 2021
I'm so lost for words right now.
I kind of feel empty,
But somehow, I feel relieved.

I don't know,
Should I go back,
Or perhaps not?
Would this be a waste of time?
letters from the past years
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