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You make me smile…

When I hear you
When I see you
When I'm with you
When I kiss you

When you kiss me
When you miss me
When you're with me
When you lift me

When we're texting
When we're talking
When we're biking
When we're walking

When we're going
When we're staying
When we're moving
When we're laying

When you smile
When we smile
That's when I smile

            …all the while.
If "disposable" is one of the words that come to mind when you think of me, even if it's intermingled with "beautiful" and "lovely"
I don't need you in my life
Although that doesn't mean I won't still want you in it. I never really do what's best for myself
 Dec 2014 undetermined
Devon Webb
I am in
with my own
 Dec 2014 undetermined
Devon Webb
We are critical.

We find flaws in
everything we see
because nobody
wants to write
about perfection,
even though sometimes
we wish we could just stay
staring into that
unblemished surface.

2. We are never satisfied.

We live our lives upon
mountains of
scrunched up
bits of refill and
ideas we gave up
trying to

3. We never forget.

We write words about
eye contact made
three months ago
that we replay over
and over in our minds
even though it
being relevant.

4. We are fickle.**

Our emotions flash
from one
to the other
like strobe lighting that
disorientates us
until we feel as if
the world
will never be still.

5. We are exposed.

We don't know how
to keep our feelings
to ourselves so
we'll write them
down for
you to find

6. We are vulnerable.

We wear our
hearts on our sleeves
and won't lift a
muscle to fight back
if somebody tries
to break it
because we thrive
from the pain.

7. We will never stop.

We will never stop
feeling and
we will never stop
we will never stop
breaking and
bleeding and
even though the cycle
is endless
and we know what's
coming next.

We are addicted
to agony,
but we agonise
for the art.
It's worth it though.
 Sep 2014 undetermined
I am so ******* sick of never being good enough
A list of other things I'm sick of feeling:
- confused
- depressed
- unwanted
We are the Creators creating creations through creativity...
I wake up in the morning, to a spew of propaganda, what has happened to America,
the land of the free and the home of the brave has become the land of the fee and the home of the slave,
But a preacher will rise, one from the many fallen out, he will use his voice, and with it he will shout, "I'm a God among men, my tongue preaches riches,
But the contented are coming, and there gonna preach stitches,
I will preach what the self satisfied fear, what the leaders resent, and what the outcast need to hear, for the outcast shall outlast, this waves coming on fast, I am just a face, it's the movement on blast,
As the outliers grow, we shall live forever, our stories will be etched in how we are remembered.
Will you be known for sitting when the leader told you to stay, or will you be the conqueror, that stands unafraid, for we remind those leaders exactly what they strayed from, and we make them cower when we show what we are made of. So join me brothers and sisters as I lead into the fight, we may die tomorrow, but we will change the world tonight."

The preacher came to teach, not of religion, but of acceptance, love, and working for a mission. He used his words for truth, where leaders used to lie. He used his words to free, while the leaders used to tie, he fought for the weak, when they couldn't take the strong, he did this and he's done it all along, he understood that a kind word could brighten a day, or that a drop could start a tidal wave. He helped up the fallen, and gave them freedom, on his onward march towards their kingdom. They still call him crazy, they say that he lost it, but listen as I tell you the story of the New Age Prophet.

They needed a leader, so they could take a stand, if one could do so much, imagine what a million can, he finally gave the people something better than gold, the leader gave them a chance to go and break the mold
From the first moment I saw her, I knew she was the one,
The one I want to give to, and never want to be from,
She said she's been hurt, and I could feel her pain,
But with her at my side, I'll never be the same.

She gave me a purpose, she let my eyes see,
And I just had to tell her what she meant to me,
So I told her
It has been for ever since I left this dark,
My life's not the same without you as a part,
I don't care where I am, with you is where I want to be.
The only thing that I want is your final kiss,
I don't know what love is but I pray its like this,
I want to be your one and only light,
As we dance into the night
she was so perfect, with this one I easily knew,
Our love was forever, and it forever and ever it grew,
We will stay together until one of us is put to rest,
But even then, our love will continue in the next,
one day she asked me How did I feel,
Was this made up, or was it for real
So I told her.
And as I going, half-way to dead,
The only thing I want is her at my bed.
Because she
made it forever since I had seen dark
I know my life was brighter with her as a part,
She went with me everywhere, but now she can't follow me,
As I am leaving, give me one last kiss,
All I ever wanted, you gave me this
I'm going now, but I'll see you in the next life,
When we dance into the night.
As we dance into the night.
 Apr 2014 undetermined
"I wish you well."

                                         ­                                     (but not too well without me)
I like 10 word poems because it forces you to summarize your thoughts  to the point where you're really only saying what you mean.
Maybe I should try using that same theory in my own life, haha.

— The End —