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Didn't you hear that Jean Harlow had died?
Beauty is so temporary
And those horizons never seemed the same to me
All the water just keeps on going
On and on into the night

I saw her in those black and white films
But you could tell she had green eyes
The cold air kills

You stare into the dark
And I listen to the river below

You lay on your bed
And I sit on the floor
‘Don’t you remember loving me?’
She had changed so much with absence
She looked like a stranger
Choked on absinthe
‘I remember believing in love’
Her face soured
With my revelations
This is not spring, the past has not flowered
It died in November
That I remember

‘You were difficult to love’
‘I’m more difficult now’
‘Really, why?’
‘I’ve lost my way somehow’

You were that black river
That night in Aberdeen
I thought I was dying on the Don
I had already died on the Dee

‘You’ve loved other girls’
‘Not really’
‘Only me?’
‘No, I didn’t love you’
‘So you lied every time you said it?’

I was the pink sky
Overlooking the sea
I was just as empty as the water
And your reflection was a part of me
You said those kisses would bleed me dry
Running down your lips
Like rains from the sky
The only way
I know I'm alive
'Cause I'm so cold inside

Each passing second I feel alone
There's nothing here to see
The last bird has flown
And in this empty nest
This overwhelming emptiness
Seeps into my bone

The wind is blowing all night
Taking me from bar to bar like a lost kite
The string, flow-ing through the clouds
I never say my I love you's out loud
On the off chance, you ask me to dance
The music will be the only sound

And in this old ocean I begin to drown
Swaying with the waves across town
A drunken boat with a sail made from your night gown
And I know it's me she resents
The bitter redness of love ferments
But these lines I borrow
Are paid for in sorrow
And tears as time goes by
If say, I was ok but that would be a lie
Sorry Rimbaud.
I know it's been a while
And we don't talk anymore
I've been walking for miles
Down the roads we walked before
I couldn't help myself
I thought I'd see you again

Are you glad it's over?
Do I still exist?
Do I stand in the way
Of your eternal bliss?
I'm sorry for calling so late
But there's never a good time

I know I'm a fool
Still stuck in the past
You don't have to say it again
I'm not calling for that
I just wanted to hear your voice
I can't stop loving you
Even though you don't love me back

Anyway, I hope you're ok
And happy now
You seem to smile so much more
It suits you, you're beautiful

'Maybe we are just too ****** up
To be there for each other anymore'
She said
Oh, I do miss you but I don't know why
You do smile more
And it does suit you
I'm glad for you, don't get me wrong.
In her room
On her bed
She was the rising sun
Autumnal oranges with hints of red
Dancing on the walls
Psychedelic kisses
Nothing is as perfect as this is

Though the sun always sets
Evening regrets
A thousand shades of pink
Ultraviolent violets filling the sky
All painted black eventually
Apart from the speckled starlight

The cold of the deep night
As souls are sleeping
Breathing in 4/4 time
A common time signature for common people

Then there's the stragglers and delinquents
Bar room brawlers and disgruntled infants
I believe they call those bar room brawlers
Although I'm not so witty
And not pretty enough for anyone to care

She hangs pictures of her and her friends
On a board above the desk
Happier times with wild smiles
Dressed in Sunday best
I feel so sad and sickened
That I was all she had now
In this strange town

Her shoes of English leather
That matched my soul that matches the English Weather
An obvious blend of grey and petrichor
My reflection in inconvenient puddles on the floor
I suppose that was me before

I don't know if it means anything
Is it meant to mean anything?
Why does love seem like everything?
It's all just one big comedy
Or was it a tragedy?
Or are they both dancing in moonlight
And crying with laughter
As we pretend it's all alright?

I thought I had things to say
But I never want to say them
I don't know if they're true
I don't know what to do
I think I wanted to say them once
But every time I see you
Things feel different
But I thought we got on well
I wonder if you'll read this
Or if it will die in the back of a book
Left on the shelf

I know this is hard to read
Forgive me
I never kept a diary
I have no order
And I could never colour between the lines.
How many references? I don't know.
Lead me to the water
Watch me drown
Where I lost her
To that empty crown
This world is too big for us
And love seems too true
Don't lose yourself in the process
Wouldn't you rather be you?
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