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Ultraloner Sep 2019
and here we stand,
so far away,
so apart.
The day is approaching,
and then
when we say it
there is no way back.
Ultraloner Sep 2019
Hey buddy,
where are you?
I came today,
and you were gone.
The last proof of my days.
The nights crawl into the mornings now
and you are gone.
Ultraloner Jul 2019
you said to call you
but I will need your number
Ultraloner Jul 2019
“Hey buddy,
it’s just me again,
she could not come with me today.......” is so strong today, do I overcome this, do I not
The words!.....The meaning!....The crystal on my chest! is there...and I feel it with every breath...

“So.... how are you doing every day? under the sky....hmm?
watching departing boats? Are you like me? Do you envy them the horizon they get to see?” a blue hope, like the ocean of hopes, like hearing ocean sounds and feeling my Sun every day, like living the truth, no fakes, for her and giving her open sky, just seeing her happy ......

“Those letters you have carved in you...”

...the sky is so blue today....

“you know I’m ready to loose everything for it, for her......and for you....and I will....”

...another day without her....

“one day you might be my only buddy you know”
love lock talks
  May 2019 Ultraloner
Midnight Rain
some realizations
sink to the bottom
of my stomach, rotting
like old, over-ripened fruits
with seeds of doubt growing
in tangles.

Tell me about the person who broke your heart.
Tell me about the color of their eyes.
How their hair felt in between your fingers.
Tell me about the rhythm of their heart.
Tell me about the last words they said to you and how they took every last breath out of you.
Tell me about all the places you used to go to with them, and how when you went for the first time without them all you saw was ghosts.
Tell me about the ache in your bones when you see them in your dreams and how it lasts years
For real tell me in my comments
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