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uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
Mitch McConnell could be the biggest ******* in American history.
Why don't you come oppress me, *****? I'm anti-fascism, you ******* *******! So, come on down and oppress me, big man. I dare you. Try to silence me, **** face!
I wish you would.
I personally DO NOT work retail. However *** breath , the people who do work retail and any non essential non-medical job deserve a holiday off with pay same as anyone else does just as president Lincoln declared in 1863
you unpatriotic ****** cattle ******* piece of uneducated ****.

If I posted what I actually wish for the ******* from Kentucky, I would hear a knock on my door and guys in blue suits with sun glasses.

He looks like a loaf of **** that is beginning to poke out of your *** prior to reaching a toilet.
That ***** can die in a well.
uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
We estimate a teen gets a ***** stuck up his or her **** every four seconds.
Vacuous air space remains in the ****** for some time afterwards.

Oh yeah. Up my ***. Up my ***. Up my ***. A lit candle–up my ***. A firecracker, a finger, a thumb–up my ***. An egg. A vibratin' egg. A scrambled egg.
Well, yeah, my *** may be big, but I don't recall a song ever being written about your flat one. Interesting!

It really does smell like something crawled up my *** and died.
It is even more disquieting to find mold growing, pink splotches – Are they from outerspace?

*** angel wings, like the kind they got in greeting cards and ****. float over to 'em, I'm floating, cause I'm dead.
I'm polluting HePo with filth.
uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
ur just a ignornat whtie ******* that needs to b bheaded wid a blunt knife.
White knight loser, Crawl back into the **** blossom that spawned u.

C'mere ya ******* piece of ****.
You love me for the fat on my chest why can't you love me for the fat on my stomach you *******.

**** suckin *******. I was right - take this: uuaah.

you've never been a bridesmaid is because people don't want a ***** as a friend
God's curse on *****'s *******.

Goodnight Moon, you albino m&m looking space-pebble garbage *******.
uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
like people dnt take me as i am they take mii like a joke

Ok first of all **** HURTS! Guess she did it b4 n maybe her experience was not very good, perhaps thats why she told u its gross n all.

Why did my crush open my snapchat and not reply?
My life is so huge I have to blog about it.

Why is there racism, ISIS, ****** slavery, massive killings, poverty? Why is life so hard?

its to krazii for people to understand ***
uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
I ******* hate it when such sensitive topics are tarnished by *****.
Oprah, I've been trying to talk her into an interspecies relationship for months now.
White males rule the world. EDIT:No i am not a white male
I'm just going to be honest for a second.

Yes, I do have ***** envy this morning; I wish I were a bloke writing this because I'd have a better chance of people taking me seriously.

like how a male **** star once said someone stuck a chilli up his *** to keep his ******* going.

I'm basically a "good girl"...always have been, but sometimes I wish I was a ****.
Sometimes I wish I was a bird so i could fly over certain people and **** on their heads.

I wish I could somehow lose the ability to speak so that people would give up and leave me alone.
I wish I was a little kid again skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts.
or an octopus so I could slap 8 people at once.

I look at people screaming in ecstasy over a ******* football game, and sometimes wish I cared that much about stupid, simple things like that.
People don't laugh at the same things. Does that mean they differ in smartness?
Once you swallow the red pill, there is no going back.
uhhhhhhh Nov 2017
green on a mood ring means *****, so I say it to everyone with green.
young salmon are called pink

Pizza Express: Bull ring party disaster
I am not stopping learning every day and that makes me happy and comfortable.
Everything you ever wanted to know
I'm also worried because his not-really-girlfriend seems... controlling

no reason..get frusterated and extremely emotional...and can be a huge *****..i feel horrible
You know, in the "Ugh, I feel so fat in these jeans" vein of griping

Pretend the Hello Kitty truck and sumo wrestlers are here just for you
Seems like you had fun when you were drunk~
No, but seriously, we're living in an actual dream
there are reasons people aren't reading your blog posts.

It's better to live in agonizing mystery
Because only then you are actually living your own life and showing your style without hiding
yeah, let us die slowly in peace, you vulture
Hey there, I haven't been on HePo for about four years but I know there is a good community on here and have been writing a little lately. I was kind of talking to myself on WattPad for a while but that has gotten tiresome. I'm trying to switch up my style so I'm experimenting some.

Thanks for readin', cheers
uhhhhhhh May 2013
If we could
Slow down the clocks,
Maybe then
I wouldn't have
Motion sickness
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