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marie Mar 6
i trust so many people
i trust so easily
i have expectations for ppl
but in the end
all i get is nothing
all i am always gonna get is nothing.
so why do i keep hurting myself?
why do i expect things for others
why do i trust?
i know trust has a price
but the more i pay, the less i get back.
marie Feb 9
mom look! im falling asleep
in his arms, travelling through his dreams
mom im falling asleep
please, please cant you see?

im happy mom, im happy.
dont cry, but smile for me
i dont like to see u like this
remember me just a bit

cause we ll meet again.
i promise. ill be waiting
but for now, just keep smiling
cause finally, my pain is fading
i dont even remember writing this but here we are ig
marie Feb 5
why is it so hard to find happiness?
Its like, they give you a gift, and they say "go on, open it".
but under its cover, it has another cover, and another one, and then another one.

for some people in this world, there are only
ten, or twenty covers,
for some others, there are are
hundreds, or even thousands.

and there is an amount of people,
that they just open all the boxes,
and get rid of all the covers,
and all they can find is nothing.

their last box is empty.
and thats when it hits us.
thats when you know there is
no freedom,
or happiness,
or happily ever after.

for some of
for some of
marie Feb 4
my heart is beating so fast
my bed seems so big
and yet im so small,
in relation to the feelings i have for you,
im nothing.
although i still manage to carry all these things you called emotions,and put in my head in one night.
marie Feb 4
Is it real really?
everything around me.
everything around us.
as loud as me dreaming,
my mind wont stop screaming.
yelling, while killing,
and lying to me.
you once told me: "this IS real"
but it wont let me believe.
I dont feel that youre here.
I cant touch, but I can see.
is this really you and me?
marie Feb 2
i wanted to write a poem about you.
about how you make me feel,
how your face wont let me sleep.
the red hair on your shoulders,
and the smoke in your pockets.

i wanted to make you feel special.
to make you feel what i felt
but is it even possible?
cause since i met you im not the same..

ive never thought id change for anyone
especially when it comes to love.
but when you came into my life
something felt so right, i wanted you ,        SO BAD.

i havent felt like this before
and ion even know anymore,
is this true? or am i dreaming?
how come i know youre not leaving?

and what if i wake up again?
staring at this ceiling,
cause i know you’re just in my head,
still every morning i watch you leaving

tho i dont want you to leave.
but do i want you do stay?
i dont know how to act
or even if you feel the same.

so im not going to bed tonight.
cause i dont wanna sleep again
without you by my side.
but if i do, -sleep in your bed-
id rather not wake up again.
marie Jan 31
ive never thought that i could change.
until i met you
ive never thought i have this rage,
until i met you.

i love u so much
but sometimes it doesnt feel right
i dont even know who i am
who is that person, in your bed that night.

everybodys saying leave,
run away before its too late
but i cant stand a day without u
without how u made me felt that day

u make me feel alive
but u also make me feel dead
ive been dead inside long ago
so why can i just forget?

why can i forget you?
youre not even here anymore
but i cant run away from you
youre part of me, of my truth.
a toxic relationship-one sided love, it either means everything, nothing, or both.

— The End —