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Tiina K Dyantyi Nov 2019
In our mother's Eyes we are innocent..
Known to know no evil ,
known to do no wrong.
Yet we go behind their backs and too pretend we are untainted roses,
Blossoming lilies
What are we  
we are growing lies
While the time too flies
We dont look back,
we take a wide step each day,
Knowing no one will know
Dragging ourselves in what the world gives.
Forgetting what it will take back.
My generation is departing ,
Perishing ,Drowning,slowly but surely digging graves to put an end to our existence
The original is so long I had to cut some things off ..dang want the rest?,inbox me ...Thank You
Tiina K Dyantyi Sep 2018
The river downhill,
Is where I let all my sorrows sleep.
His banks are with what I feel,
So much pain,but there it goes away
I kneel and weep and let it all go.

But this day it went dry,
I wondered whether it took my sorrows with
Or the wind blew them away

All the promises I made to my self
All gone away,
All those dark secrets gone astray

The guilt crept,
what if all I've said in secret before,
is plugged in everyone's ears once more.
No secrets lie in the dark forever...
Tiina K Dyantyi Aug 2018
Forever was I to wait
Tomorrow was I to see
A long run to my fate
With no intent to flee

But with these eyes I have seen
The act of unkindness
It makes my heart ache
I cannot bare with the tighteness

These walls whisper around me
I suffocate when none is looking
In my actions, none see my begging for freedom

I strive to flee,
For freedom calls me sweetly
Her voice so meek and tender.
How do I object?
When the only thing to unchain me
From these clanging chains
Is she, who calls me each night.

The word sounds so tender on my lips
  Aug 2018 Tiina K Dyantyi
Frank DeRose
I suffer from a self-inflicted affliction,
Indeed, the guilt of my benefaction
By the decree of my skin tone at birth,
At the expense of the bodies and souls of my darker brothers and sisters,
Gnaws at the rough edges of my soul.

I feel shame when I consider
The ease with which I move through the circles of society,
While others pause at every edge,
Eye their surroundings,
Look for exit points,
Gauge their safety.

And I double down on my guilt,
Knowing that it is more coping mechanism
Than it is agent of change.
“As bad as things are,
At least I feel bad that they’re bad,”
I reason.

As if that makes things better.

As if that’s oxygen in the black man’s lungs.

As if it helps him breathe.

Still, I do what I can.

I confront racism where I see it,
Voice my opposition to the systemic injustices from which I benefit.

I have made enemies,
Perhaps even of myself,
A price I’d gladly pay
Ten thousand times over, for 400 years and more.

Because it’s not about me.

Not any more.

It’s not about me.
Tiina K Dyantyi Aug 2018
You are like the never ending sea
Making those who hate you flea,
I want to open their eyes and make them see ,
That you mean no harm.
You comfort those who find comfort in you ,
Till then I' see you  as no threat
For I myself have found comfort in you .
As though each night I cry ,
Each night I stare up in the sky
Letting these tears flow and no one sees
When it's dark no one will see
Even when I fall no one can tell ,because In the dark ,that's where all my secrets are.

— The End —