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Yonah Jeong May 9

It was fun to see
people surprised
made wolf and
lied seventy seven times
'wolf is coming'
the whole town Panic
people paid attention to a shepherd boy
for a long time the boy enjoyed lying

Then one day
a real wolf appeared
the shepherd boy took a step
toward the town crossroads
falling and falling
no one paid attention
what happen
to a boy and sheep.
the answer
here and today.
Yonah Jeong Aug 26
we know the five needs
the color
the sound
the scent
the taste
the touch
              we commit five sins
                                              by eye
                                              by ear
                                              by nose              
with tongue
                                              by skin
we live five lives
as we can see
    as we can hear
          as we can smell
              as we can taste
                    as we can feel
                                                            ­        i learned five worlds
and the utopia, also
                                                            ­the justice is well known

                          It has pacify me today.
Yonah Jeong May 9
thought is over

No one is everywhere

No sound

No time-space

The shadow
only an echo

'Think enough'.
Yonah Jeong Jul 1
from the body

from the heart

Coming out

One who
smiles even in public meeting
for the first time.
Yonah Jeong May 9
There are no

There are only
Yonah Jeong May 26
will make something

will show dilemma

will bring accuser

will product confusion

will get back passage of time

will remove fogs in life

will write the answer

If not far away doubt
it will give confidence for life.
Yonah Jeong Aug 19
crocodile trainer
                                                         ­                                           for tourists
                                                        ­               fed on stage for many years
                                                           ­                            this moment today
                                                           ­      arm bitten in crocodile's mouth
                                                           ­                                  in the audience
                                                        ­                              a  human jumps up
                                                              ­            opened crocodile's mouth
                                                           ­                         between sharp teeth
                                                           ­                bleeding crocodile's food
                                                            ­              took the crocodile's friend
                                                          ­               skilled triner out of death
                                                           ­                               murmur...gossip
                             ­                                                                  "wild animals
                                                         ­                                     even if trained
                                                         ­                             just a wild animal."
                                                        ­                                              quiet stare
                                                           ­                                               "human
                                         ­                                           no matter how good
                                                            ­                                            social life
                                                            ­                                    only human."
in the swamp
where all are seen
as a prey
like the stage.
Yonah Jeong May 16
Yonah Jeong Jul 2
a fly came into the room

Had no energy
so sat on the laptop
and sat motionless

Trying to hit
with the palm of my hand
look pitiful
i don't care
try to be lazy
in front of desk

Flip the bookshelf
flipping through notes
searching online also hard
fell asleep with the tired body

Even in the morning
fly cannot fly
still struck to the wall
in the same position

In the morning
i had to go to the dentist
with my wife
all morning
leaving the room
it is launch time
came home

After launch
my wife and mother talk to each other
the heartfelt stories
trimming stems of the sweet potatoes
bring from an old woman
at a street vendor

As soon as
i sit down at my desk
fly is flying
reading a book
eating rice
talking about
to think
listening to music
even writing

flying in a curve
my head
my shoulders
my back
ruins today

To the fly
land on my belly
slapped with the palm
i hit me
fly disappears somewhere

In the end
my wife catches a betrayed fly
with the fly stick.
Woke up

It is because
it doesn't fit in with the difference
in perspective
the deepest night
i've experienced in a long time
the sound of clock hands
rolling round and round. tick tock tick tock.......
words of a pencil walking slowly
with me the sound of crashing
the fluctuating song
of the swaying street lamp lights
a time when all beings
are revealed with sound
shallow dawn. Wash heavy eyelids
with light water and look in the mirror
adapting to differences,
first step to fall, Orthodox: being different people
our way to live, Unorthodox: being the same person
in the strong bond of will and consistency
after taking a bath,
i fell asleep with
listening to the sound of time
love "?", even in a dream
"?" lifts head and looks up to the sky
until it becomes "!"
hard, live passionately.
                                         for Debora Feldmann
Yonah Jeong May 9
a birth place
a time of rest
a living room talk
a walking tour

a fading warm day
a neighbor's kindliness,

a care in  discomforts
a smile in tears

staying time and space in the mind
not in the museum

consideration in the memory

Even now
do not feel hurts
seek a prosper place

That is to say
Yonah Jeong Sep 2
when it is quiet
more active
floating sleep
even if i push you away
even if i hug you
beat and twist and pinch
even if i put it down
with judo bout
digs into my chest
running the tunnel of stomach and intestines
from head to toe
greed and prejudice
another name for immortality
i never kicked
people say i kicked it out
you are the reason for my existence
i diagnose myself
who has never suffered
from insomnia
thrash all night with you
beautiful, healthy and friendly
a flower that blooms only at night
sleeplessness' sleep
if anyone has seen with opening eyes
i want to make a club.

                                      to precious  you
Yonah Jeong Sep 25
i can't write poetry
to make money
if i could make a money
by writing poetry:
Yonah Jeong Oct 4
The first step:
two different streams of water
meet in a field,
to wet the earth,
bear fruits.
Yonah Jeong Apr 19
An executing philosophy
In dead end
staring at the cat
with the eyes of mouse
resisting work against
suppression and inequality

An executing philosophy
Hope's bitter rod
in despair
in fear
feeling work
its taste.

An executing philosophy
Understand neighbors
across the river of dishonor
refusing to be sacrificed
to ideology
It is work.
Yonah Jeong Apr 19
In a glass


About evening
Beat fast heart
Move slow head
Doze temperately body

At a small window
A winter evening
Come closer

Snowing, Building, Scattering
Forest The wind blows
Between these things all

For few years of winter
The night gives the light
It is the sound of dropping water
From red handkerchief to white carpet
It is nor noisy quiet
Like breaking branches of a tree alone
Like Comfort, Rest, Peace
With deep thoughts

A change and seed raise heads
Without words
Not need sayings

This moment
Is a winter evening.
Yonah Jeong Aug 10
blunt knife
shar         p

di      p


and al              so
don't be tremble.
Yonah Jeong May 8
January heavy snows fall

Drive carefully
the slightly frozen way
cross the Hackensack river bridge
pass the neighborhood
run the factory road

See a looming traffic light
from a distance

At the moment
my thoughts go back to the old days

For nearly forty years
treated with smiling and looking for me
reconciled even in the fight so
i couldn't feel friend's pains
i believed that he didn't have
any suffering
even when body and soul are separated
i only made judgments
i did not understand
i was a friend like this

i can call a friend's name
i cannot see again
i engrave a friend's shape
in water drops

Like those scattering snowflakes
in storm winds
a friend's laughing
is washed by the wiper
the light of the traffic light changed
as i look up
by the cracking sound

there will not be only red light
on the path of life.
Yonah Jeong Apr 29
              not repeat
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
January a bitter wind swept the winter fields. the snow that fell yesterday turned into an ice sheet and glistened in the morning sun. so we, my wife, two children, an elder in the neighborhood, and boys and girls got off the 41 and crossed the street. and two elementary students called "father!" while running. in the blink of an eye, the door closed and the car fled. we waved and followed the van, but we couldn't help but sigh. for a while, we shrugged our shoulders and waved our hands as we walked. after a while, another empty car came out and fled to the village. i thought of my childhood as i walked along the rice fields. bloomed and willow branches were drooping, forsythia and in the summer, after catching carp and catfish and playing in the waver, smoke the chimney, there are no children and no new fish, and only ***** filth is overflowing in the riverbank where the plastic pieces of pesticide bottles have collapsed. moreover, uncle Tom, who was reputed to be good, become a drunkard with rotting legs, which he couldn't live without drinking for a day. i was immersed in these thoughts, but when i was attending public school, Richard, whom i carried his backpack every day, motioned for me to get on. but through our faces, i could see the Mary's grandmother standing alone at the entrance of the village today. we passed by and greeted her with wet eyes. grandmother's third granddaughter went up to New York to earn money and wandered around the big factory. nowadays, going to a bar or coffee shop for few years. since then, even though it is a holiday, she has not been able to return to her hometown. the love of a grandmother waiting for her pretty granddaughter to cross the mountain road.
Yonah Jeong Jun 26
If it is hard to live like these days
what do we do?
this has never happened in the past
stroking your white hairs

Have a lot of money and so even if it's easy to live
"people have to live with people"
and packed bags
she hurried hometown, Gisan

You got married and you were alone after two years
brought up us with the soil
“took care of us day and night
walking around the neighborhood banquet
when breastfed
it was when I was young”
in the pocket
you took out
the wrapped paper money
you hid and hid

You did not receive someone giving things
can’t get around because people are afraid each other
sung about how to live in this place
“yesterday was a dark haired girl
today is a gray haired old woman
do not despise me
what i have been living with
for ninety years
i can’t remember anything!"
you cried and laughed
bowed your head to sew

Giving the rice cake secretly
obtained from the party of Sunja next door
“the excellent person was born
in the Jeong family
got around
the neighborhood
said loudly
the neighborhood”
and you stroked my hair
your look

A few years ago
i took off my suit
i went to your home
you were in a dark kitchen like a pig cage
eating by rubbing cold rice with salt
and stopping and hugging me and patting my back
that smile you looked up at

stiff fingers
eyes that do not dry out tears
wrinkled cheeks
curved waist
snowy hair
pine cane
black rubber shoes with holes by poker
tied run out skirt with straw
were going to talk today

you felt sad
you cried
“can’t just talk to a woman”
who held both hands tightly

Under the lamplight
for a long winter night
you couldn’t read a letter
from your nephew in a faraway foreign country
you muttered
“I only want to see him” but
you didn’t know the difference between
a thatched house and a tiled house
in the middle of the night
i missed you
going to the thatched home
i just cried at the sound of the door
opening secretly

If i cross my legs
live in poverty
with the gentle hands
lowered my leg
a sincere hand

Are people useful these days?
cheat, steal, lied
“you do not do that”
worrying about people and rice plants
all day long
“a person is not living a five hundred years
stop it rice farming”

i am ashamed really
but i loved you
who didn’t have a name.
Yonah Jeong Apr 27
Songs of silence
variety indifference
in the streets
a window of the world
by sale
mirrors hybrid
by the people

Cravings of possession
milieu crash
in the roads
a window of the world
by circulation
mirrors independent
of the people

Moments of anger
overflowing hatred
in the highways
a window of the world
by publishing
mirrors hearing
for the people

Do not limit the future
in your book
go into the world
with us.
Yonah Jeong Apr 16
From NJ to NY coming and going
Meet G.W.B
On the way in
Often encounter person,
Mid 30s female
Can't holding a light paper
Fly away in the spring breeze
So drop it and picking it up again
Bow down
On back view
The afternoon sun is hot
Hurry. Wallet and lower
The window a little
And hand it over. She
Bless my future and never
Forget smile also. Immediately
Do that
Can't overcome sadness
My hands are  starts to shake.
Yonah Jeong May 9
There is
be or none
visitors who wait for
in the *****
with joy of meeting person
with sorrow of separating peoples,
if arrive at a terminal
the story which put down all
with listening
a crossing
meandering river
heaven and mountains
while run
a train think about
lover, a way station
the moment of entering
shake white handkerchief
a second
it is a leaving time
never again
cannot meet
a way station
leaving lover's *****
a train run.
Yonah Jeong Jun 28
Went hometown and came
because friend's mother died
Dad could not even walk
with mother
went to father's grave and
till the night is deep
a wife laughed
while watching entertainment shows
and mini-series
turns off the lights
closes eyes
starts crying
went to see father
didn't talk
didn't laugh
didn't get angry
it only gave her
more longing
blows her nose
weeps and whispers again
"even if only had four thousand dollars
could had a hope to live
why didn't give
eight hundred dollars?
children cannot fully love parents
a wife says
"suffered too much"
when she looked at the picture of family members
hanging on the wall

The time
when the sky dawn light
crosses the window
father's gift
with keep longing
a wife fell asleep.
Yonah Jeong Apr 18
As given
receiving only
look again
who don't see
what i gave

Who has no traces of my love
Who don't need my love
Who has gone away
with sad heart

One day
when we met
showed a new look
with my love
like bean sprouts

i wanna be
a kind of person.
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
to win a lifetime
live on
at the workplace
at the home
at the school
with anyone
under all circumstances
pole jump game
like a player
to jump the highest
a 100-meter run in finish line
at speed
with the struggle over the hurdles
to do not lose
run through. is that true?
if you make your opponent lose
be a winner?
Yonah Jeong May 3
Because of love

An aged boy
is wonder
wake up at dawn secretly
look through the house
neighborhood backstreets
market stores
Walk around and take a look
the light is invisible

Go up and down the back garden
Meet animals
smiling flowers
whispering streams
shiny pebbles
a rocking sea
dancing grass
the blowing wind
Cannot see the light

Dragging a tired body
with hopelessness
open the bedroom door in warehouse
sleep like dead
crying in the nightmare
open eyes slowly
The light come through gaps of the door
and touch the lips

The light was in the darkness.
Yonah Jeong May 9

i can to be the best
i can to do my best

i can to handle all situations
without getting angry
without crying
without suffering

when you say
let's go left
go right

That moment
power is brokenause peace is broken

Can't be
can't handle

are coming
like a tsunami.
Yonah Jeong Apr 20
Be foolish!
in front of Love
Love shall give you
victorious days
in the sight of
your enemies.
Yonah Jeong Jul 22
people live
like the rugby ball splash
an unimaginable future
like bungee jumping
jump off
with neighbors
collide and collide
knock down
nobody to anyone
can't reach out
unable to stand
shoulder to shoulder
like the old days
want to go the given path
with a song
from an LP needle of
a hard and sharp.
Yonah Jeong May 9
In the spring
green hand held with yellow
attempts to cover all colors
because it cannot be delete

In the summer
blue attempt to evaporate all colors
not a family
because it cannot be delete

In the autumn
red attempt to burn all colors
unburnt things
because it cannot be delete

In the winter
achromatic with white and black
attempts to bury all colors
colored beings
because it cannot be delete.
Yonah Jeong May 20
An unemployed good young man
holding the address found
in the weekly newsletter
went to the nursing home
with only grandmothers
grandma's painful place
searching this and that
the friendly stories
had fun together
the young man saying
take off the ring
blood circulation is good
about ring was given by someone
the grandma's pride grew
times go by
when grandma's heart
is relaxed
took off the ring
forgot the ring
the good man take bring rings
ran away.
Yonah Jeong Jun 6
The river to cross
is too
far and wide

i don't know
what to do

i am afraid
i will fall

There is One
my hand.
Yonah Jeong Aug 7
fall to the ground
not a seed
can not sprout
not rotten
trying to stay alive
blood sorrow
remember your mistakes
for my relentless
my sadness
pains of  the unscathed ego
as strong as
the diamond
crocodile tears.
Yonah Jeong Oct 9
Into the station
a train is coming
sharp ringing
in a beautiful voice
you come in
organize the shared
time and history and lives
you are coming to me
--If money hadn't slipped through us
love would not have faded
or tarnished
put one foot on the train stairs,
grabbed the handle with
one hand and bowed head
like words with tears
following a slow-moving train, i,
your one point remains
full stop.
frozen snows on the place
left and staying
coat that fell over it
Yonah Jeong Jul 7
It was not there
it was intervened

Everyone can learn

Hole through the wall
between two horses

A space
cannot be
reached by residents

Residents must give up
the desire to search for


No need to find a knife
to split a loaf of bread
in two.
both side of contradiction is the same and a knife is a tool of contradiction. divided breads are the same in essence...We can see the nature of the thing through the contradiction.
Yonah Jeong Aug 8
fall to the ground
be a seed
can sprout
be rotten
trying to stay alive
blood tears
not forget your quietness
for my sins
my joy
pains of the wounded ego
as weak as
the fertile soil
peter's fourth tears.
Yonah Jeong Apr 20
do not show

to show

curtain and window
a fight game happens

When window wins
spring and summer form

When curtain overcomes
autumn and winter occur

Win-Win a victory
make peaces

Four seasons appear.
Yonah Jeong Apr 26
Can't go anymore
gathering in the lowest place
becomes the sea

East, not the sea of Japan

All are not overflowing
there is no shortage

A sea embraces in the arms
Even if
rivers bother
without a face-to-face response
It makes the beach too

12 months Daniel
Slick Slick
like a sweet smile.
Yonah Jeong May 6
On the door of the room
On dartboard
threw an arrow
even if i threw it
dozens of times
couldn't hit the target
center perfect spot
so i
painted the face of
a hating person
right away
last remaining
shot an arrow
perfect score.
Yonah Jeong Sep 21
In public
                first: freedom
                                        In private
                                                         first: equality
                                                        ­                        In society
                                                                                                 my choice for you.
Yonah Jeong Sep 12
when writing poetry
decided not to use
the computer copy function
even if the page turns
i decided
not to miss the good fortune
what i am able to meet
by writing
"the poetry i wrote is my work,
but the poetry i copied is a machine."
how free would a pencil be?
just think about
it makes me feel good
it is the first time
i have felt lighthearted
after making a decision

Should not write long poems.
Yonah Jeong Aug 27
rides on the sunlight
throws at me.
Heart shape
if you split it in half
different question marks

Loving heart
different question marks
meet to complete

that's good
stepping stones of love

determines the destination

question you
you are my destiny.
Yonah Jeong Apr 28
Even if
you give a conceivable head

even if you
give two visible eyes

even if you give
two cuddly arms

you give two ambulant legs

even if
give an alive heart

you gave
a enjoyable world

i can only give you one gift.
Yonah Jeong Aug 20
at "let's go" port
overflowing with people
handed over by the corruption
people who ran to the port
to lose favor with
discrimination and oppression
by the violent
throw and to pass over babies
over soaring waves
some children fall over
soaring waves
can't hear weeping
can't see faces
for the shouts of the living hell
the child who was scarcely
handed over
disappears in the arm of another soldier
another woman who was watching
from a distance
throws baby like a stone
with the power of
maternal love

let live
in freedom and equality.
Yonah Jeong Sep 30
Downhill road
from Broad ave.
to the T-shape,
on the left, osier
other side, over 100 years old
people, poor people
broken red brick apartment
uphill road
from Grand avenue
to the T-shape
on the right, dogwood
new duplex houses
slip in between
paint peeling off traffic signs
roadside trees
outworn wooden fences
growing number of splendor cars
it has been over 10 years
since I moved
neighborhood, friend too
nothing happened safely
forgotten like a mitten
in childhood
my Henry avenue.
Yonah Jeong Jun 3
giving up meaning
to get a fame
struggling person
that stupidity makes fun of
as to cut the nail
has been stained.
Yonah Jeong Apr 18
do not exceed
a border line
between you and me
if you are possible.
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