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1h · 3
Flowers bloom
following the soft wind
wherever stay on foot
spring flowers
the violets
bring the news of spring
not blooming alone
hide and bloom together
fit invisibly
barberry flower, flower that bloom freely
steady butterfly flower
hiding self, revealing only friends
flower, violet
leaning on the root without a stem
scattered all over
the world in many varieties
even if don't take care
as long as there is sunlight
not losing vitality
flower of humility.
15h · 22
A fool's advice
Woke up

It is because
it doesn't fit in with the difference
in perspective
the deepest night
i've experienced in a long time
the sound of clock hands
rolling round and round. tick tock tick tock.......
words of a pencil walking slowly
with me the sound of crashing
the fluctuating song
of the swaying street lamp lights
a time when all beings
are revealed with sound
shallow dawn. Wash heavy eyelids
with light water and look in the mirror
adapting to differences,
first step to fall, Orthodox: being different people
our way to live, Unorthodox: being the same person
in the strong bond of will and consistency
after taking a bath,
i fell asleep with
listening to the sound of time
love "?", even in a dream
"?" lifts head and looks up to the sky
until it becomes "!"
hard, live passionately.
                                         for Debora Feldmann
3d · 28
What is a story?
30 years ago
i found
a yellow card. Obsolete
books, Books out of time
a yellow card envelope
i found while flipping
through the pages to know
away the remaining thoughts

The coolest and
most atmospheric
teacher in the philosophy department
                  Jian likes teacher
                  so so so much

Open the envelope
inside is empty
i tried to think about it
the story didn't come up
it was a very precious days

i didn't forget
a smile that suddenly
disappeared. One day,
when it was full of
passion like an affair.
3d · 404
Heart shape
if you split it in half
different question marks

Loving heart
different question marks
meet to complete

that's good
stepping stones of love

determines the destination

question you
you are my destiny.
Enjoy saying things that are not true,
do not respect everyone,
reluctant to unite,
ignorant of history,
afraid of relationships
unmixed pure cliff-like selfishness
cannot help but so serious
in vain, in vain, without result
self-centered with no personality!
to the extreme of subjectivity
paying too much attention
to money and status on the inside
different from the outside
tormented by political indifference or propaganda
bluffing with the hypocrisy
of a prophet
only seek happiness,
unhappy you who cannot
feel what happiness is
adorned with all kinds of adj.
invisible to the original
you, the humbug leader
a writer who cannot write,
(serious) serious will be a poet.
Oct 9 · 35
The eye of typhoon
Yonah Jeong Oct 9
day after day
the world is noisy
Daniel, meet in a noisy world
after meeting one day
soon as i put my bag on the shoulder
Daniel, make a gesture, goodbye
like cleaning the world
the moment, open the door
puts down toys
are holding in his hands
see off with a small dimple smile
1.5 years old grandson: Daniel
this daybreak
i already miss
--To whom did i laugh like this?--
people tied to the past
who have never forgiven
my distant families,
my friends,
my neighbors,
my colleagues,
even myself,
thinking about them
does not make me hate them.
Oct 9 · 139
Coat knows
Yonah Jeong Oct 9
Into the station
a train is coming
sharp ringing
in a beautiful voice
you come in
organize the shared
time and history and lives
you are coming to me
--If money hadn't slipped through us
love would not have faded
or tarnished
put one foot on the train stairs,
grabbed the handle with
one hand and bowed head
like words with tears
following a slow-moving train, i,
your one point remains
full stop.
frozen snows on the place
left and staying
coat that fell over it
Oct 6 · 99
Welcome autumn
Yonah Jeong Oct 6
A forest
like New Yorker colors
flowing through
the sea of clouds
i see
the disappearing road,
deer footprints,
rattan run,
wildflowers last dancing,
early morning
october, wind
stroking the grass
dog barking from afar
shaking traffic lights,
most beautiful city,
Vorona stretches out.
Yonah Jeong Oct 5
fight once
fight for real

the more you fight, the farther away
you are not to love

the more you fight, the closer
you are to love

confess once
love shall start a fight

without a fight, there is no love
you in love

do not be afraid
fight cannot win love.
Oct 4 · 52
A marriage
Yonah Jeong Oct 4
The first step:
two different streams of water
meet in a field,
to wet the earth,
bear fruits.
Sep 30 · 22
Ex-love, henry ave.
Yonah Jeong Sep 30
Downhill road
from Broad ave.
to the T-shape,
on the left, osier
other side, over 100 years old
people, poor people
broken red brick apartment
uphill road
from Grand avenue
to the T-shape
on the right, dogwood
new duplex houses
slip in between
paint peeling off traffic signs
roadside trees
outworn wooden fences
growing number of splendor cars
it has been over 10 years
since I moved
neighborhood, friend too
nothing happened safely
forgotten like a mitten
in childhood
my Henry avenue.
Yonah Jeong Sep 27
In the game
lost by two to four
we'd been winning
I put two goals
team did not win the game
I felt
my joy disappeared
the ability to fall

In the game
gained by four to two
we'd been defeating
my friend didn't put a goal
team did not defeat the game
I saw
her joy appeared
the ability to improve

if look at a mirror,
called the crowd
gaining or losing
is not equal to skill

-- Did you do your best? --
Sep 25 · 25
a little dream
Yonah Jeong Sep 25
i can't write poetry
to make money
if i could make a money
by writing poetry:
Sep 24 · 23
Yonah Jeong Sep 24
When I was very young,
the townspeople were chattering
"whose daughter,
has a baby?"
"oh, who's daddy?"
let the rumors go,
families ran away
in the middle of the night
without knowing
"then yes...
mom and dad did it
like it -
can give
that habbit to someone else?"
the town has regained its grace,
people also vitality
as the years go by
people forgot a name of daughter
the house was covered with weeds,
the roof went down,
the gate also fell
the flower bed became
a bed of wild animals
a rumor was heard from afar
"at the time,
daughter was very very sick."
"in the end,
they wandered around
several hospitals
she died."
                 was doubt.
Sep 23 · 30
Yonah Jeong Sep 23


singing: recording.
Sep 22 · 25
Yonah Jeong Sep 22
must be sincere

when you become
familiar with money
the honest fades away

Even if it is faithful
it is foolishness

More foolish than
snow that won't melt
on a spring day.

                            - To Georg Trakl
Sep 21 · 15
Yonah Jeong Sep 21
In public
                first: freedom
                                        In private
                                                         first: equality
                                                        ­                        In society
                                                                                                 my choice for you.
Sep 20 · 117
Yonah Jeong Sep 20
tells me
"You are my half."

Meeting incomplete two halves
fighting and becoming one
while living

Meeting complete ones
to live
as two
getting along well

The fisher of love.
Sep 17 · 27
What is my treasure?
Yonah Jeong Sep 17
Over an hour
i scoured inside home
a shoe rack soaked in moisture and sweat,
stinky kitchen,
covert scent: garret,
under the bed,
living room bookshelf,
on the study desk,
the piles of leaves around the house and
the old fence curling unendurable nose of sewerage  
i have not found
gave up with a deep sigh
lying on the wooden floor
looking at the sky
outside the window
i heard
from the left breast pocket to the floor
glasses fell off
--Daniel snoring sound
just after first birthday--
Sep 13 · 252
Med vs. Djo
Yonah Jeong Sep 13
Do your best to the end
the worst is coming

Go through the worst
become the best

The best was not in his hand.
"you Guys have touched  my soul." -Novak Djokovic
Sep 13 · 109
Yonah Jeong Sep 13
The human sing the nature.
The nature does not sing the human.

Can I not hear it?
like the sound of the earth.
Sep 12 · 16
Yonah Jeong Sep 12
when writing poetry
decided not to use
the computer copy function
even if the page turns
i decided
not to miss the good fortune
what i am able to meet
by writing
"the poetry i wrote is my work,
but the poetry i copied is a machine."
how free would a pencil be?
just think about
it makes me feel good
it is the first time
i have felt lighthearted
after making a decision

Should not write long poems.
Sep 7 · 27
Idiot poet
Yonah Jeong Sep 7
Crimson hot iron
to make it the shape
like the customer wants
all summer afternoon
hit down it with a old hammer
dozens of times
wiping the hot drops of sweat
turn and pour water
repeat again
be made a necessary shape
treasuring the hammer
after putting it in a conspicuous
cool place
go rest the shade of
a tree.
Sep 6 · 29
For Amanda
Yonah Jeong Sep 6
Winter has come
footsteps rattle
on the frozen road
busy clearing snow up
to the knees
for the people trapped at home
splits firewood
to spend the winter
also let's write a poem
with speed and precision
an ax blade runs
from top to bottom
let's read each other
for warm heart
like your touch
who doesn't get tired of repetition

Let's love until spring comes.
Sep 6 · 40
This morning
Yonah Jeong Sep 6
saw a petal
in the leaves

white ripples
on the red sea

the old man's smile
with eyes of a child

shone like

when you knock
on the door

tomorrow morning.
Sep 6 · 241
Watch's request
Yonah Jeong Sep 6
when fell asleep last night
forest outside the window
when the sun rises
this morning to shine
but above all else
there is something to not forget
to meet you in a little while
people on the street
to hear the voice calling
to see the face waiting
pining for you
as time goes by
you will be there
and there is one more thing
you must leave behind

Time has stopped.
Sep 5 · 32
Mr. Bravoh and opera
Yonah Jeong Sep 5
Have never been to go
carneigie hall
New York
time square,
soho distance,
building forest decoration
always twenty blocks asphalt walked
for forty years
no window
red bricks, prison room door
turned the hand-stained handle
as get older
sweet home was shattered
good health was destroyed
Bravoh, who has nowhere to go
but then one day
had flowed in here
the cheapest world in the most expensive apartment
chased to the semi-underground haven
like Immigrants from all over the world
Mr. Bravoh
meets for the first time in his life,
opera Ida-h aria, "flooding",
swallowed his cry "Save me"
with the luxury car: H.L.F
dreamed of,
floating on the raging waves,
Mr. Bravoh
fell into eternal rest.
Yonah Jeong Sep 2
when it is quiet
more active
floating sleep
even if i push you away
even if i hug you
beat and twist and pinch
even if i put it down
with judo bout
digs into my chest
running the tunnel of stomach and intestines
from head to toe
greed and prejudice
another name for immortality
i never kicked
people say i kicked it out
you are the reason for my existence
i diagnose myself
who has never suffered
from insomnia
thrash all night with you
beautiful, healthy and friendly
a flower that blooms only at night
sleeplessness' sleep
if anyone has seen with opening eyes
i want to make a club.

                                      to precious  you
Yonah Jeong Sep 1
With all might
people running down the road
ask. Why do you live?
what is your dream?
infinite possession
infinite happiness
Infinite compete
infinite richness
infinite status
infinite victory
infinite ruling
infinite health
but remove these finite obstacles
and sing a song of sorrow
"infinite is in finite."
Aug 28 · 21
hate and love
Yonah Jeong Aug 28
in the earth

the result is one but
causes are
tens of thousand

work to find
on a single effect

they arise and appear
from them
to be active


there is no process
by judgment
there are various processes
with care.
Aug 27 · 74
Endless question
Yonah Jeong Aug 27
rides on the sunlight
throws at me.
Aug 26 · 243
5 needs
Yonah Jeong Aug 26
we know the five needs
the color
the sound
the scent
the taste
the touch
              we commit five sins
                                              by eye
                                              by ear
                                              by nose              
with tongue
                                              by skin
we live five lives
as we can see
    as we can hear
          as we can smell
              as we can taste
                    as we can feel
                                                            ­        i learned five worlds
and the utopia, also
                                                            ­the justice is well known

                          It has pacify me today.
Aug 24 · 46
at the end of January
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
January a bitter wind swept the winter fields. the snow that fell yesterday turned into an ice sheet and glistened in the morning sun. so we, my wife, two children, an elder in the neighborhood, and boys and girls got off the 41 and crossed the street. and two elementary students called "father!" while running. in the blink of an eye, the door closed and the car fled. we waved and followed the van, but we couldn't help but sigh. for a while, we shrugged our shoulders and waved our hands as we walked. after a while, another empty car came out and fled to the village. i thought of my childhood as i walked along the rice fields. bloomed and willow branches were drooping, forsythia and in the summer, after catching carp and catfish and playing in the waver, smoke the chimney, there are no children and no new fish, and only ***** filth is overflowing in the riverbank where the plastic pieces of pesticide bottles have collapsed. moreover, uncle Tom, who was reputed to be good, become a drunkard with rotting legs, which he couldn't live without drinking for a day. i was immersed in these thoughts, but when i was attending public school, Richard, whom i carried his backpack every day, motioned for me to get on. but through our faces, i could see the Mary's grandmother standing alone at the entrance of the village today. we passed by and greeted her with wet eyes. grandmother's third granddaughter went up to New York to earn money and wandered around the big factory. nowadays, going to a bar or coffee shop for few years. since then, even though it is a holiday, she has not been able to return to her hometown. the love of a grandmother waiting for her pretty granddaughter to cross the mountain road.
Aug 24 · 42
without you
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
every morning

raise the blind
rusty barbed wire fence
broken pieces of glasses
flower garden
nameless flowers sway

neighbor don't know
on the red brick wall
draw a picture
with the eye-light
through the dark
draw today

when open the window
i become a painter
fulfill my childhood dream

in the mega city
with you.
Aug 24 · 36
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
even if
we can break up


my abode

even if
we can leave


my hometown.
Aug 24 · 38
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
work or pleasure?
work and pleasure?
work with pleasure.
Aug 24 · 28
beat yourself
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
to win a lifetime
live on
at the workplace
at the home
at the school
with anyone
under all circumstances
pole jump game
like a player
to jump the highest
a 100-meter run in finish line
at speed
with the struggle over the hurdles
to do not lose
run through. is that true?
if you make your opponent lose
be a winner?
Aug 22 · 284
sylvia's mother
Yonah Jeong Aug 22
early in the morning
as i went up the stairs
first seen
the strength of two eyes

not my relative
but a next-door

in our home
radish soup
when there was no soup
when money ran out
it became a bank

our nearest
better than
distant cousin.
Aug 21 · 31
switch positions
Yonah Jeong Aug 21
open the window
let's sit at the chair
a firefly
on the desk

trying to ****

when morning comes
disappearing somewhere
when evening comes
will fly

in another person's
Aug 20 · 36
everyone is crying
Yonah Jeong Aug 20
at "let's go" port
overflowing with people
handed over by the corruption
people who ran to the port
to lose favor with
discrimination and oppression
by the violent
throw and to pass over babies
over soaring waves
some children fall over
soaring waves
can't hear weeping
can't see faces
for the shouts of the living hell
the child who was scarcely
handed over
disappears in the arm of another soldier
another woman who was watching
from a distance
throws baby like a stone
with the power of
maternal love

let live
in freedom and equality.
Aug 19 · 31
about war
Yonah Jeong Aug 19
crocodile trainer
                                                         ­                                           for tourists
                                                        ­               fed on stage for many years
                                                           ­                            this moment today
                                                           ­      arm bitten in crocodile's mouth
                                                           ­                                  in the audience
                                                        ­                              a  human jumps up
                                                              ­            opened crocodile's mouth
                                                           ­                         between sharp teeth
                                                           ­                bleeding crocodile's food
                                                            ­              took the crocodile's friend
                                                          ­               skilled triner out of death
                                                           ­                               murmur...gossip
                             ­                                                                  "wild animals
                                                         ­                                     even if trained
                                                         ­                             just a wild animal."
                                                        ­                                              quiet stare
                                                           ­                                               "human
                                         ­                                           no matter how good
                                                            ­                                            social life
                                                            ­                                    only human."
in the swamp
where all are seen
as a prey
like the stage.
Aug 19 · 132
on the battlefield
Yonah Jeong Aug 19
There is no universe more
lonely than an advancing
toy soldier

There is no line more
longer than the procession of
displaced refugees.
Yonah Jeong Aug 16
sweet home
made a song
Sam sung
"No children, Only heirs."
Aug 15 · 168
two mirrors
Yonah Jeong Aug 15
in front of
the reflective glass
only see me
cannot see the sky

in front of
the windless sea
only see the sky
cannot see me.
Yonah Jeong Aug 14
40 years ago
i fell in love with a girl
living next door
between a wall
looking at the kitchen door
on the first floor
from the second floor window
her name, "jian"
looking up at me
gave a dimpled smile
so went by a day
                    a month
                    a year
                    ten years flowed
one of these days
she jumped over the impassable space
between the roof railings
came into my room
no time to say
kissed the lips
it was an expression of
love for my poems and philosophy
that night
the time of us
was wrapped us up in a bag
and disappeared
after then
she called me every night
i never went to
time and place of appointment
because i was already
in love with another woman
i used to believe
this was a reason
i broke up with her
just now think again
after forty years
i get to know what i didn't know at that time
when she put her nose to my nose
i smelled a scent stronger than
the scent of love
even in extreme poverty, 1st in the country
                                              be polite
                                              was exemplary
what i pushed the pretty “jian” away
from us
it was not another love
it was appendicitis rhinitis.
Aug 13 · 98
swing laundry line
Yonah Jeong Aug 13
to fall
wash with strong soap
beaten with a bat
water with water
rinse away finally
shake with both hands
weary and weary
tired families laundry
in the calm sunlight
take an afternoon nap
place to enjoy
wavering clothes line
by full of
mother's laughter.
Aug 13 · 38
spider and ants
Yonah Jeong Aug 13
for the ants........for the spider
have a warehouse.......webs
waiting for food.......looking for food
have eyes that can see front only
                                                   ­ have eyes to see sideways also.......
Aug 11 · 103
my heart
Yonah Jeong Aug 11
the light departs
the darkness departs
stars in the universe
blew galaxy also
existence value
begone from
no more on the ground
until cannot stay
with a heart that only looks
a flower that only leans,
out of reach
time that cannot be reached
at the speed of light
just thinking
Aug 11 · 34
from my adventures
Yonah Jeong Aug 11
love is
not an honest speech
but a listening work
a wrong claim.
Aug 11 · 43
What is literature?
Yonah Jeong Aug 11
early morning
open the window

with the wind
amid the noisy
car sounds

the birdsong.
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