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Yonah Jeong Sep 13
Do your best to the end
the worst is coming

Go through the worst
become the best

The best was not in his hand.
"you Guys have touched  my soul." -Novak Djokovic
Yonah Jeong Sep 13
The human sing the nature.
The nature does not sing the human.

Can I not hear it?
like the sound of the earth.
Yonah Jeong Sep 12
when writing poetry
decided not to use
the computer copy function
even if the page turns
i decided
not to miss the good fortune
what i am able to meet
by writing
"the poetry i wrote is my work,
but the poetry i copied is a machine."
how free would a pencil be?
just think about
it makes me feel good
it is the first time
i have felt lighthearted
after making a decision

Should not write long poems.
Yonah Jeong Sep 7
Crimson hot iron
to make it the shape
like the customer wants
all summer afternoon
hit down it with a old hammer
dozens of times
wiping the hot drops of sweat
turn and pour water
repeat again
be made a necessary shape
treasuring the hammer
after putting it in a conspicuous
cool place
go rest the shade of
a tree.
Yonah Jeong Sep 6
Winter has come
footsteps rattle
on the frozen road
busy clearing snow up
to the knees
for the people trapped at home
splits firewood
to spend the winter
also let's write a poem
with speed and precision
an ax blade runs
from top to bottom
let's read each other
for warm heart
like your touch
who doesn't get tired of repetition

Let's love until spring comes.
Yonah Jeong Sep 6
saw a petal
in the leaves

white ripples
on the red sea

the old man's smile
with eyes of a child

shone like

when you knock
on the door

tomorrow morning.
Yonah Jeong Sep 6
when fell asleep last night
forest outside the window
when the sun rises
this morning to shine
but above all else
there is something to not forget
to meet you in a little while
people on the street
to hear the voice calling
to see the face waiting
pining for you
as time goes by
you will be there
and there is one more thing
you must leave behind

Time has stopped.
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