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Yonah Jeong Sep 5
Have never been to go
carneigie hall
New York
time square,
soho distance,
building forest decoration
always twenty blocks asphalt walked
for forty years
no window
red bricks, prison room door
turned the hand-stained handle
as get older
sweet home was shattered
good health was destroyed
Bravoh, who has nowhere to go
but then one day
had flowed in here
the cheapest world in the most expensive apartment
chased to the semi-underground haven
like Immigrants from all over the world
Mr. Bravoh
meets for the first time in his life,
opera Ida-h aria, "flooding",
swallowed his cry "Save me"
with the luxury car: H.L.F
dreamed of,
floating on the raging waves,
Mr. Bravoh
fell into eternal rest.
Yonah Jeong Sep 2
when it is quiet
more active
floating sleep
even if i push you away
even if i hug you
beat and twist and pinch
even if i put it down
with judo bout
digs into my chest
running the tunnel of stomach and intestines
from head to toe
greed and prejudice
another name for immortality
i never kicked
people say i kicked it out
you are the reason for my existence
i diagnose myself
who has never suffered
from insomnia
thrash all night with you
beautiful, healthy and friendly
a flower that blooms only at night
sleeplessness' sleep
if anyone has seen with opening eyes
i want to make a club.

                                      to precious  you
Yonah Jeong Sep 1
With all might
people running down the road
ask. Why do you live?
what is your dream?
infinite possession
infinite happiness
Infinite compete
infinite richness
infinite status
infinite victory
infinite ruling
infinite health
but remove these finite obstacles
and sing a song of sorrow
"infinite is in finite."
Yonah Jeong Aug 28
in the earth

the result is one but
causes are
tens of thousand

work to find
on a single effect

they arise and appear
from them
to be active


there is no process
by judgment
there are various processes
with care.
Yonah Jeong Aug 27
rides on the sunlight
throws at me.
Yonah Jeong Aug 26
we know the five needs
the color
the sound
the scent
the taste
the touch
              we commit five sins
                                              by eye
                                              by ear
                                              by nose              
with tongue
                                              by skin
we live five lives
as we can see
    as we can hear
          as we can smell
              as we can taste
                    as we can feel
                                                            ­        i learned five worlds
and the utopia, also
                                                            ­the justice is well known

                          It has pacify me today.
Yonah Jeong Aug 24
January a bitter wind swept the winter fields. the snow that fell yesterday turned into an ice sheet and glistened in the morning sun. so we, my wife, two children, an elder in the neighborhood, and boys and girls got off the 41 and crossed the street. and two elementary students called "father!" while running. in the blink of an eye, the door closed and the car fled. we waved and followed the van, but we couldn't help but sigh. for a while, we shrugged our shoulders and waved our hands as we walked. after a while, another empty car came out and fled to the village. i thought of my childhood as i walked along the rice fields. bloomed and willow branches were drooping, forsythia and in the summer, after catching carp and catfish and playing in the waver, smoke the chimney, there are no children and no new fish, and only ***** filth is overflowing in the riverbank where the plastic pieces of pesticide bottles have collapsed. moreover, uncle Tom, who was reputed to be good, become a drunkard with rotting legs, which he couldn't live without drinking for a day. i was immersed in these thoughts, but when i was attending public school, Richard, whom i carried his backpack every day, motioned for me to get on. but through our faces, i could see the Mary's grandmother standing alone at the entrance of the village today. we passed by and greeted her with wet eyes. grandmother's third granddaughter went up to New York to earn money and wandered around the big factory. nowadays, going to a bar or coffee shop for few years. since then, even though it is a holiday, she has not been able to return to her hometown. the love of a grandmother waiting for her pretty granddaughter to cross the mountain road.
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