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Enjoy saying things that are not true,
do not respect everyone,
reluctant to unite,
ignorant of history,
afraid of relationships
unmixed pure cliff-like selfishness
cannot help but so serious
in vain, in vain, without result
self-centered with no personality!
to the extreme of subjectivity
paying too much attention
to money and status on the inside
different from the outside
tormented by political indifference or propaganda
bluffing with the hypocrisy
of a prophet
only seek happiness,
unhappy you who cannot
feel what happiness is
adorned with all kinds of adj.
invisible to the original
you, the humbug leader
a writer who cannot write,
(serious) serious will be a poet.
Yonah Jeong Oct 9
day after day
the world is noisy
Daniel, meet in a noisy world
after meeting one day
soon as i put my bag on the shoulder
Daniel, make a gesture, goodbye
like cleaning the world
the moment, open the door
puts down toys
are holding in his hands
see off with a small dimple smile
1.5 years old grandson: Daniel
this daybreak
i already miss
--To whom did i laugh like this?--
people tied to the past
who have never forgiven
my distant families,
my friends,
my neighbors,
my colleagues,
even myself,
thinking about them
does not make me hate them.
Yonah Jeong Oct 9
Into the station
a train is coming
sharp ringing
in a beautiful voice
you come in
organize the shared
time and history and lives
you are coming to me
--If money hadn't slipped through us
love would not have faded
or tarnished
put one foot on the train stairs,
grabbed the handle with
one hand and bowed head
like words with tears
following a slow-moving train, i,
your one point remains
full stop.
frozen snows on the place
left and staying
coat that fell over it
Yonah Jeong Oct 6
A forest
like New Yorker colors
flowing through
the sea of clouds
i see
the disappearing road,
deer footprints,
rattan run,
wildflowers last dancing,
early morning
october, wind
stroking the grass
dog barking from afar
shaking traffic lights,
most beautiful city,
Vorona stretches out.
Yonah Jeong Oct 5
fight once
fight for real

the more you fight, the farther away
you are not to love

the more you fight, the closer
you are to love

confess once
love shall start a fight

without a fight, there is no love
you in love

do not be afraid
fight cannot win love.
Yonah Jeong Oct 4
The first step:
two different streams of water
meet in a field,
to wet the earth,
bear fruits.
Yonah Jeong Sep 30
Downhill road
from Broad ave.
to the T-shape,
on the left, osier
other side, over 100 years old
people, poor people
broken red brick apartment
uphill road
from Grand avenue
to the T-shape
on the right, dogwood
new duplex houses
slip in between
paint peeling off traffic signs
roadside trees
outworn wooden fences
growing number of splendor cars
it has been over 10 years
since I moved
neighborhood, friend too
nothing happened safely
forgotten like a mitten
in childhood
my Henry avenue.
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