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i can't write poetry
to make money
if i could make a money
by writing poetry:
When I was very young,
the townspeople were chattering
"whose daughter,
has a baby?"
"oh, who's daddy?"
let the rumors go,
families ran away
in the middle of the night
without knowing
"then yes...
mom and dad did it
like it -
can give
that habbit to someone else?"
the town has regained its grace,
people also vitality
as the years go by
people forgot a name of daughter
the house was covered with weeds,
the roof went down,
the gate also fell
the flower bed became
a bed of wild animals
a rumor was heard from afar
"at the time,
daughter was very very sick."
"in the end,
they wandered around
several hospitals
she died."
                 was doubt.


singing: recording.
must be sincere

when you become
familiar with money
the honest fades away

Even if it is faithful
it is foolishness

More foolish than
snow that won't melt
on a spring day.

                            - To Georg Trakl
In public
                first: freedom
                                        In private
                                                         first: equality
                                                        ­                        In society
                                                                                                 my choice for you.
tells me
"You are my half."

Meeting incomplete two halves
fighting and becoming one
while living

Meeting complete ones
to live
as two
getting along well

The fisher of love.
Yonah Jeong Sep 17
Over an hour
i scoured inside home
a shoe rack soaked in moisture and sweat,
stinky kitchen,
covert scent: garret,
under the bed,
living room bookshelf,
on the study desk,
the piles of leaves around the house and
the old fence curling unendurable nose of sewerage  
i have not found
gave up with a deep sigh
lying on the wooden floor
looking at the sky
outside the window
i heard
from the left breast pocket to the floor
glasses fell off
--Daniel snoring sound
just after first birthday--
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