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Lilac 2d
keeps me together
words gone out
are gone forever
and words held in
lives inside my head
nervously ever after
so I like to keep quite
no more scripted lines
or edited lies
when there is
nothing to be told
peace unfolds
silence makes it better
it keeps me together
Lilac 2d
So we fall for covers
and call ourselves lovers
some of velvet
some of leather
filled with chemicals
or delicate feathers
some are glittery
some with floral embroidery
decorated with pearls
or a thousand jewels
unzip them
and find their souls
they all look same
bright like sunshine
a cosmic mine
a fragile masterpiece
created with love
by a creator so divine
Lilac 4d
I stepped on my thoughts
and then slipped down
there wasn't water
but a floor to drown
I need a hand
but no ones around
I called them out
but they cant hear a sound
the world's blurry
from down here
time's got no hurry
it stops here
they say I'm lost
lost in my world
but I'm just everywhere
Lilac Apr 29
My head
Is a wind chime
It keeps on tinkling
No matter how bad is
the storm Inside
Lilac Apr 29
A mind full of hatered
So much emotionally invested
But still im getting up
Every morning
Like nothing of it ever existed
Because i know that
Even a sea full of sadness
cant make up for
the time I've wasted
Lilac Apr 27
I don't know what runs in my veins
is it blue like me too
is it grey like you
or is it colorless
like us
Lilac Apr 26
Heavy heart
I weigh it with my  regrets
but there are cheat days
in my plan
cant take back what I've said
I understand
so I fall all over again
on those teeny tiny cheat days
I swear I forget you all other days
if I could go back in time
"you are mine"
is what I would've said
but now I am helpless
all I have are these cheat days
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