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stories always start at the end
a single point in time
divorced from the present
a scant reflection from within
the mind’s elasticity
stretched so thin
a tension held
whispery spider’s thread
strained to snap
a rudder
fighting for direction
of a great rusty hulking ship
sailing on the sea of futility
called Ridiculousness
I sit on the deck
no sextant to the stars
horizon never changing
why think the questions
the answers don’t matter
if what we do
is an answer
to living our lives
existing without a why
Scott Tizzard Dec 2021
there is a ghost in the room
I see you
from the corner of my eye
a flow of memories
a wafting scent in the air
some electric sense
as you draw near
of a touch upon my face
my hair
the radio plays our song
from your heart
enfolded into mine
my lips feel
the slow static of your kiss
your embrace of remembrance
this shared place
is our moment
created outside of time
a part of us continues
when I call to you
and close my eyes
Maybe some lyrics waiting for music?  I'm thinking an old jazz standard sung in the style of Billie Holiday
Scott Tizzard Dec 2021
Alice in the mirror
chews the red flesh of the pig
imbas forosnai
leaves blow from the tree
the wind carries her cloak away
her bones
fibonacci symmetry
Amergin’s song she hums
becoming wind on the sea
am tond trethan
am fúaim mara
her wings unfurl
as a hawk from a cliff
to plow the clouds
her light a tear-drop of the sun
although She stands here
the drum beats
to the Tuatha Dé Danann
She is a queen
who draws down the moon
the strength of woman
She bears
She becomes
for She is fair
the wisdom of the salmon
the knowledge of The Source
and She is the spear that wages battle
with Her heart
Ancient Irish story with a modern twist...
Scott Tizzard Dec 2021
once Sky and Earth were one
inseparable in their love
one day
Sky ascended from the earth
never to touch
to bond
Sky was so lonely
it sent its tears
for Sky longed
to kiss the Earth
Earth awoke from its dream
wet upon its face
flowing into streams
Scott Tizzard Dec 2021
a fearsome place
is the calm
below the surface storm
of wind and waves
letting go of Enbarr’s mane
over the currach gunwale
I go
to the deep below
from the skin of the boat
through the skin of the briny
where I can breathe
walk upon the Isle
of Apple Trees
say hello to Bran and Cormac
learn the ways
of the crane bag
aboard the Wave-sweeper
of the Son of the Sea
standing proud atop Binevenagh
in Co Derry
stolen for a time, He stands again
Scott Tizzard Nov 2021
hope rises each morning
the sun returns
warmth dispels loneliness
light dissolves shadows
and I find courage
to stand
to smile
to believe dreams are reborn
anger and fear being lesser beings
without weight
float away
a heaviness on my shoulders
finds no respite
the earth breathes
an inhale sound
as mist lifts from the ground
Scott Tizzard Nov 2021
may your water
find shape
and solace
from your mind
are the arias
and visions
built of sound
time imagined in
uncomfortable space
barriers to be
come find me
I am searching
I am waiting
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