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Mar 2021 · 442
Every marked date.
Crystal Mar 2021
Every marked date that comes around,
gives me more reason to frown and
make no sound.

Every year that passes by, gives me more
reason to hide away and cry.

For alone I shall now be, no Mother
to hold or comfort me.

To share happiness and special memories.
To be held and loved like things
used to be.

C.Holder 13.03.21
Personal Poem
Mar 2021 · 843
My Angel in the sky.
Crystal Mar 2021
God gave her wings and told her to fly,
but I could never understand why.

My Mum was brave and strong
but before I knew it, she was gone.

Her spirit took off into the sky,
before I could even get a chance to say
a proper goodbye.

But God looked down on me and whispered,
don't cry your Mum's wings were ready to fly.

C.Holder - 14.03.21
Personal Poem

— The End —