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Oct 28 · 29
Rabbit On The Shelf
How long have I been on this shelf
I hope my little girl has not forgotten me
Has she went on a trip all by herself
Will she be back to play with me
I miss her hugs and kisses so sweet
She will be back you wait and see
Because my little girl still loves me.

I found my daughters bunny in the attic and she is 45 now
Oct 14 · 55
Muhammad Ali is such a pretty boy
Is it hard for him to read?
but it is easy for him to lead
is it hard for him to write?
but easy for him to fight

Is Muhammad Ali not too bright?
keep thinking that
while he dances around so light
who else could please the crowd?
not bright? He made his mama proud.

In our hearts, he is still
as Ali said,
floatin like a butterfly
and stingin like a bee.
we miss you, Muhammad Ali
Rest In Peace.

Oct 13 · 894
Popsicle Sticks
Popsicle sticks once covered with ice
all colors and flavors
they tasted so nice

Then you have those sticks
Those sticks were so straight and flat
then why did my creations
look like they had seen combat

A craft one practiced with grandmother.
Oct 6 · 54
Old Pictures
Dusty boxes with dusty books
That holds the memories we took
I wish we could go back
To do it all again
There is not one thing
I wouldn't do again

From the first time, we became one
I knew we would become
The pair, the couple, the lovers who stayed
The ones who made it all the way

Whatever the future is
We will be together
Whichever one goes first
The other will come along soon

Then who will remember
Those dusty boxes and dusty books
That holds all the memories we took.

Connie Hopkins
Because I looked at my husband of 48 yrs and still felt that same feeling.
Oct 6 · 188
Don't you love me anymore
Your eyes don't look the same as before
I stand in front of you close as before
But your eyes look right through me
Just like I am a vapor that will soon dissipate

Will you be happier will you even cheer
As you see the back of my heart
Moving away in tears

Connie Hopkins
Just read a sad poem.
Oct 1 · 51
Check It Out
Did they check out your mind?
I hope they returned it on time,
I can't find my mind,
I have checked everywhere,
Maybe it was checked back in,
I hope the stamp date is correct,
So I can remember where I am,
If anyone lost some pages,
I will be lost for the ages.

By Connie Hopkins
Sep 18 · 94
Sisco Nabisco
Sisco Nabisco you so sweet
Running around on your
Stinky little feet.

By C.H.
Sep 18 · 182
Little bitty Sisco you are so cute
just running around in your
Birthday suit.

By Connie H.
This is about my 3 3/4lb Chihuahua had him for 19 1/2 years
Now you may think this is about a little girl
But, you would be wrong
You might think it is about a spoiled adult princess
But, you would be wrong
Princess Rottened-A-Lot is about a
She has huge

She has four tiny*
She has a square patch on her *

Have you guessed what she is yet?

Princess Rottened-A-Lot is about a Fur Person
She has huge brown eyes
She has four tiny feet
She also has a square patch                                                                                   Right where her tail meets
Princess Rottened-A-Lot is a little Chihuahua.
She is in terrible trouble when I tell her
If only you weren't so little and cute.

By Connie Hopkins/Lisa Hopkins Ferrell
Her name is DeeDee Ann
Sep 18 · 39
A bug is a bug
But this one is a ****
With all his mushroom soldiers
They smother the grass
They run off all the ants
Butterflies fly away to keep their wings
They sewed on them during their cacoon time
To make them strong and beautiful
This big bully bug will take those wings
Then feed them to his soldiers
He smiles and looks so sweetly
When all the time in his mind
He just wanted to eat your feet
His best friend is the Dandelion
A pretty flower that sends out it's
Dancer's that fly in the breeze
Now they will destroy your garden.

By Connie Hopkins
This was just a silly thing that popped into my head today
Aug 29 · 75
Feelings For Mother
Growing up having to hide
your tears and fears
from the one person who should
help you, not hurt you more
you do things, that you hope
will make her proud of you
or at least happy with you
but nothing works

Mom asked if it would be alright
if the man that molested me
spent Christmas Eve Night

I was asked would it be ok
if I did not get anything
for Christmas but a used
a camera that belonged to her
because there was no money

Then Christmas morning arrives
there are presents everywhere
but none for me

I had 1 dad and 3 stepdads
only one was a keeper
I thank the Lord for him
this man I knew as Joe.

                          By Connie Hopkins
Aug 22 · 160
Is Today The Day
Is today the day
that Mylee
is gonna say
Jul 22 · 233
I Wonder
I was just a baby
Born unto you
Why did you hate me?
What did I do?
                  Connie Hopkins
From daughter to mother
Jul 22 · 46
Lost My Mind
I have lost my mind
with all these piles
where did it land?
how with all these
piles will I find it?
I will say it bounced
then I will pounce on it
or it will roll
then I will use the
hole in my head
and just let it roll right on in.

                          Connie Hopkins
Jun 9 · 461
People say this
People say that
People do this
People do that
They try to predict
what's under my hat
They will never guess that
Be it good or bad
Only God and I know
So don't try to guess
It makes you look less

Connie Hopkins
Jun 1 · 170
Love is like an onion
you taste it with delight
and then later on
you wonder
whatever made you bite

By Unkown
I do not know who wrote this but it has been around as long as I can remember. Just thought it was cute wanted to pass it on.
May 29 · 45
What do you get
When you mix
An Oak Tree
And a house?
Give up?
A **** mess
that's what!

                           By Connie Hopkins
We are still fixing and cleaning. It has nearly been a year now, and it will never be the same again.
May 18 · 1.2k
With This String
With this string
I do tie
your world
to mine
With this ring
I promise you
will be mine
With this ring
I engage
your world
to mine
With this ring
I am marrying you
With my heart
I will always love you.
                     By Connie Hopkins
I Wrote this to my husband for our 48th anniversary. May 25, 1973
May 11 · 529
Well, Well, Well
Well, well, well, I would hear my grandson say
That was the first thing I would hear, each and every day
With his big blue eyes looking into mine
I just smiled and listened as if I were hearing
It for the very first time.
By Connie Hopkins
Jackson James Ferrell is his name he is 9 yrs old and what a sweet little clown he is too.
May 9 · 258
To My Heart
Please beat just a few more years
Please postpone their tears
I won't be here to see
But, my loved ones will be
May 9 · 87
Some People
The Lord said
I am handing out brains
Some thought he said
It looks like rain
So they ran and hid
My husband just told me this, I thought it was cute. Just like him
What has streets like in your neighborhood?
What has houses like in your neighborhood?
What has house numbers like in your neighborhood?
What has doors and windows similar to your neighborhood?

There are no mailboxes like in your neighborhoods,
Because these residents don't read,
That's because these neighborhoods consist of,
residents who are never home,
Cemeteries are full of empty houses.
                                                  By Connie Hopkins
May 5 · 83
Ice Storm
Beautiful blades of ice
hanging in the sun
sparkling with dripping colors

The trees bent over and white
as if the snow was scratching
their backs

It is so dark tonight
he lit the candles
and filled the huge cooler
with hot water from the  fireplace

Candles burning
with the fragrance of pine
hanging in the cold air
of our kitchen

The 200-year-old pine walls
and the large beams
showing where the axes
had struck so long- ago
complementing the
whole setting

Just enough light
from the candles
to make it romantic
with sweet music
playing so low.

This is the way
I remember that nite
of the Ice Storm
so long ago.
                              By Connie Hopkins
This is one of my sweetest memories.
May 5 · 70
Growing up having to hide
your tears and fears
from the one person who should
help you, not hurt you more
doing things the way she wants
and then you do things
that you hope will make her
proud of you
or at least happy with you
but nothing works

Being asked if it would be alright
if the man that molested you
spent Christmas Eve night

Would it be ok if you
did not get anything
for Christmas but a
used camera, that belonged
to her

Then Christmas morning arrives
and there are presents everywhere
but not for me.            
                        By Connie Hopkins
May 3 · 733
I feel I have done more
than just existed
in my life

Your outlook on life changes
when certain unexpected things happen
things that are out of one's control

When you know
nothing will be different
until the day you die

You tend to live
in the middle
wondering which
way to go

                                        By Connie Hopkins
May 3 · 48
In Days Gone By
Across the creek
in days gone by
when 8 tracks played

Across the Creek
through the woods
the air smelled sweeter
the rides were longer
the days were shorter

Talks were quietly spoken
words spoke slower
space was less
in between us

old wooden bridges
covered with a sky of trees
red dirt roads winding
with hollows on each side
deep, dark, and cool from the shade

Your future was in front
now it is behind
you feel lost
somewhere in between

When you venture out
you are not walking on dirt
just leaves that have fallen
in days gone by.

                                      By Connie Hopkins
Apr 28 · 53
When you are gone I' am sad
There is no energy to be had
I look at the spot where you lay in our bed
I pray God will deliver you home safe to me
Trying not to be scared
But I' am anyway

I'm scared when you're not here
How do I fight the fear?
It seems to get worse, with each passing year

Maybe because I love you more and more
Maybe because I was just fourteen
     when we went out the first time
Maybe because I never had a chance
     to be on my own
Maybe because I was never with anyone else
Maybe because I never grew up

So what will happen if you die before I do?
I will follow your path and die too.
Oh mighty and most merciful God
Here in our free country of the U.S.A.
Under your free air
We have tried to build a country of wisdom
Look favorably upon us dear Lord
Help us light a lamp of learning
Lord with your blessing it will shine
Let it shine now and through all the years to come.
                                             By Connie Hopkins
To my daughter, I wish for you
The happiest birthday that can come true
I love you dearly and always will
Like the first time I held you in my arms
It was such a thrill
I held and rocked you
You would smile so sweet
Sometimes you would frown
I loved holding you
It was hard to put you down
Today I love you so much more
Maybe because there's so much more
For me to adore.
                                        By Connie Hopkins
Apr 24 · 41
Tic Tock
Tick- Tock, Tick- Tock, listen to me I'm a clock
Watch my hands do they move?
It's hard to tell they seem to dwell
Every hour that passes by as if I say, be on your way
I will tick and I will tock
That's what I do because I'm a clock.
                                       By Connie Hopkins
Apr 23 · 61
Twinker Bell
Twinker Bell, Twinker Bell
Doing whatever it is a Twinker Bell does
Because she's so cute and she's so sweet
She got some big O'll eyes
And her little stinky feet
                                By Lisa Ferrel      
                                     Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 41
Happy At Last (DRAFT)
By her side, he was always there
What will become of his wife left here
She misses his presence that was always near
Sometimes his voice she will here
The memories of their life she will hold dear
Her family and friends will be close
But, they don't take the place of  the husband she lost
The house will seem empty, but time will soon pass
And she can be with him happy at last.
                                        By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 59
Christmas Thoughts
The fire is built, it's jumping and leaping
Christmas is near, do you feel that feeling?
Stockings are hanging in different sizes
Waiting to be filled with all sorts of surprises.

Tall and green the tree stands bare
The decorations placed with love and care
They shine, and sparkle, they twinkle like new
How proud it stands and dreams with you.

Look at the gifts all wrapped so bright
Secretly placed during the night
Colors of red, green, silver, and gold
All securely fastened with ribbons and bows.

Lights that twinkle, ***** that shine
All these things for yours and mine
You laugh and cry from stories of old
As you listen carefully while they are told.

You look and you listen and hope to see
That little old man in his flying machine
Up above in the sky so high
When he makes his pass morning is nigh.

So off to bed the children go
And under the blankets, they sink so low
When morning comes they'll rise with smiles
And all the gifts they will open in a little while.

Christmas has meaning this we all know
The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ here below
Our Lord and Savior who forgives our sins
Now and forever he shall always be our King.
                                                By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 30
Stars In Our Eyes
Up so high, we see stars with our eyes
Like sparkling blankets that cover our skies
This way and that they shoot so fast
We strain to watch each one go past

Don't you know there are stories to be told?
Of things that happened long ago
Under the same stars, we now behold.
                                        By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 33
My Father's Song
The playful memories I hold in my heart
Of my dear sweet father whose death tore at our hearts
I know daddy would want me to be strong
And go through life as he did with God's song in our hearts
Daddy's faith held strong all through the years
He sang it out till it rang in our ears
I pray it sinks in and stays with me
So one day I can sit high next to him.
                                         By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 42
Happy At Last
By her side, he was always there
What will become of his wife left here
She misses his presence that was always near
Sometimes his voice she will here
The memories of their life she will hold dear
Her family and friends will be close
But, they don't take the place of  the husband she lost
The house will seem empty, but time will soon pass
And she can be with him happy at last.
                                        By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 52
Father So Strong
Dad's hand I held, his shoulders so strong
A mind of wisdom, his memories unknown
Daddy's face so familiar, his voice I can hear
He's gone from this life my father so dear
We loved him so much this figure so strong
He touched our hearts and soul with his song
The end came fast almost without pain
I know his life was not lived in vain
He left behind the children he loved
And his wife so dear he's waiting for above.
                                 By Connie Hopkins
Dedicated to
Audie Lee Hopkins
Apr 22 · 30
When you love someone
And they don't do right
You have to stand by them
And help them fight
Be there to listen and talk
Then be ready to put your two cents in
It might take a lot of time
But, sooner or later things will shine
It seems so hopeless this talking you do
You know in your hearts
It will be just between you two
The tide will turn and roll your way
And, there will be a brighter day.
                                    By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 35
Eventually It Comes
Here on this earth, we are now
After our birth for a little while
For we do not know how long we can stay
Already numbered are our days
Compared to before and after one's birth
The time we have is very short on the earth
Death comes eventually to every man
We can't see the future
For it is not in our hands.
                              By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 27
This Man That Is Gone
The life he lived had to be admired
He was good and kind and all to be desired
We will remember his life with the utmost love
And, hope someday to meet him above
His garden once sewn by his own strong hands
Will lay empty and bare, a very lifeless land
The tractor that puttered along it rows
Now the tires won't move and the grass will grow
It's hopeless to wish for him to return
For he is gone, his bridges have burned
Only in our memory will he remain
And all this hurt I hope we can tame.
                                       By Connie Hopkins
Dedicated to
"Pete Hopkins"
"Paw Paw Hopkins"
Apr 22 · 46
Daddy Joe
Our family and friends have gathered
To be with each other, some with heads bowed
My tears are falling, and my pain is great
As we talk of your life, and talk of your fate

It is so hard to believe that you are gone
You were always there so caring and strong
My father, my friend I pray you can hear
How the memories of my life with you
I hold so dear.
                                     By Connie Hopkins
Dedicated to               Your Constance
"Daddy Joe"
"Paw Paw Strickland"  

You always said "You're gonna miss me when I am gone"
And, you were right I do,
More than you could have ever known.
Apr 22 · 22
To My Big Brother Lee
Big brothers are special when they are like you
You could never be replaced with anyone new
Please take care of yourself
Because I am counting on you.

You are the colors in my rainbow
The points to my stars
You lift my spirits, you make me laugh
Our five-hour shone calls I will never forget.

You are an item that there are so few of Lee
Oh what a void there would be
If some morning I should wake
To find you were taken from me
I just love you so much, Lee.

Some calls were sad, and some were happy
Some were so much fun
My face would ache from laughing

It does not seem possible, it is so hard to believe
That we are the only two left of our family
So please remember for this reason
And so many others, my dear sweet brother
Take care of yourself.
                                           From your Lil Sis
                                            By Connie Hopkins
Beautiful trees that blow with the breeze
Birds up high flying in the sky
Shells on the beach always out of reach
Bees that zoom when flowers are in bloom
Stars so high they light the sky
Clouds so white and fluffy
Bushes of green with limbs so lean
Ants that go running
Cats so cunning
Soft little puppies with
Noses black as guppies
All these things we see
We know from where they come
God sends them to you and me
But for our children will they always be?                                                  
                                                       By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 45
Mother's Day
To me mother you're special
Understanding true and fine
You always think of others
You leave your own wants behind
I can tell you that I love you
And still, it does not express
The way I really feel
To me mom, you're the best.
                                   By Connie Hopkins
Dedicated to Viola Hopkins
Apr 22 · 37
Because She Has To
The child she's lost
She can't put a cost
It tears inside
That can't be denied
She'll come through
Because she has to
For the other little tot's
Be without her they will not.
                          By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 41
Stay Close To Touch
He cries and weeps
His hurt is so deep
Stay close to love, to touch, and feel
This will help his hurt to heal.
                              By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 34
Just To You
Writing poems I love to do
Telling all my feelings just to you
To feel the feelings and think the thoughts
To give you things that can't be bought
From my heart come these lines
These are things on my mind
I hope you like them I really do
I enjoy them and I hope you do too.
                               By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 51
Tom Dement
You followed your own heart,
When you did you broke mine,
Now you are gone from this life,
Oh, how I prayed for you,
That you would not leave us,
Never the less, your pain was too great,
You could not stay here and wait.

When you were a little boy,
We went from house to house,
Never from home to home.
When you were growing up you,
You did not feel loved as you should,
Once you were asked to describe the meaning,
Of mother and Apple Pie,
You were 14 when you said you,
You did not believe in the mother and Apple Pie story.

On your third try, you got it just right,
You ended your life on that Labor Day of 2009,
I miss you and love you still, and forever will,
I wish I could have one more hug from you,
But, I know I never will.

                                            From your loving sister
                                            Connie L. Dement Hopkins
Apr 22 · 33
Through My Eyes
Crickets are singing, the trees are still
Weeping willows are weeping as evening is peeking
Water is like glass, and crystal clear
The moon is not shining for rain is near
The stars are all hiding behind darkening skies
All these things look nice though my eyes.
                                                           ­ By Connie Hopkins
Apr 22 · 30
Rooms Of Love
There's not a room in our house that you're not in
Without saying why you know what I mean
You have made life much easier for me
It's not just the rooms that mean so much
But the love within them is from us all.
                                      By Connie Hopkins
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